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5 ways to extend the life of your phone

The average lifespan of a smartphone is 2-4 years. But if you handle your phone carefully, you can still get 5 years or more.

1) Charging the phone overnight is fine, but…

Overnight charging may be a concern for many due to the common misconception that overnight charging leads to overcharging, but recently, many experts have deemed this perception to be untrue. corpse. Because today’s smartphones are smart enough to know when the battery is full. remuneration.

However, it turns out that charging your phone to 100% drains your phone’s battery. That’s because when your battery hits 100%, it “trickle charges” to keep it at 100% while plugged in.

In other words, charging your phone to 100% won’t overload the battery, but it will drain the battery, possibly affecting its long-term lifespan.

2) Keep the phone battery between 20%-80%

Charging the phone at 80-100% will drain the phone’s battery, anything below 20% will drain the battery.

So it’s best to keep it between 20%-80%, and some even say 40%-70% is best, but in general, keeping it at this level will prolong battery life. Keeping it at 50%-60% would be the ideal solution, but for many of us it simply isn’t feasible.

3) Use a screen protector

A screen protector is an easy and effective way to protect your phone’s screen. According to some statistics, 5,761 mobile phone screens are broken every hour, and we better not worry about it.

4) Buy a durable phone case

There are plenty of sales cases that claim to be durable, and they may be true. Invest in a case that will protect your phone from impact damage.

5) Remove rarely used apps

We all have apps that we never use, or maybe only use once or twice a year. Leaving these apps running in the background may cause unnecessary battery usage. As a result, the battery is subject to stress and wear, which shortens battery life.

Another effect of having unused apps installed on your phone is that they also use your RAM and other components, which slows down other apps.

Therefore, experts recommend cleaning up your apps every few months to get rid of useless apps, even if you still have enough storage space.

The lifespan of your phone depends largely on how you treat and use it with care, so experts recommend taking good care of your phone. , but at the same time, don’t worry too much!

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