6 abnormalities when you wake up in the morning that could be a sign of cancer

Early morning, just after waking up, is considered to be the time that best reflects the state of health. Especially if you have cancer, there are a lot of abnormalities in your body.

Cancer incidence and mortality have been increasing in recent years, especially as the rate of aging increases. Therefore, experts suggest that everyone should learn to take care of their bodies. Because the worry is that not all cancers have obvious symptoms in the early stages. By the time the condition is discovered, it has reached a serious stage, making you regret missing the opportunity for treatment.

Experts from the UK Cancer Research Center said that in addition to the evening, early morning is also the time when cancer symptoms appear the most. Pay special attention to 7 abnormal signs when you wake up, they are most likely to be the “distress signal” when the body is attacked by cancer:

1. Difficulty getting out of bed
Waking up early or being quick and decisive is not easy for everyone. But if you went to bed early and got enough sleep last night but often or always have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, cancer is on your radar.

Some cancers can also cause insomnia, trouble sleeping, pain, or poor sleep. Or bone marrow cancer causes hypercalcemia, making the body always sleepy. Therefore, after getting up in the morning, it is difficult for the body to adapt immediately, and it feels very tired, so it is difficult to get up.

2. Tired
Cancer Research UK says: “Fatigue is common in cancer patients and is probably the most worrying symptom. Cancer-related fatigue can affect your physical, emotional and mental health.

Cancer-related fatigue is often the result of cancer cells depleting the body of the nutrients it needs to grow. This “stealing” of nutrients means that the body no longer needs to replenish itself and becomes extremely fatigued.

3. Abnormal bad breath
Many people wake up with bad breath in the morning, but the smell goes away after drinking water or brushing their teeth. It can be caused by indigestion or poor oral health. But it can also be a sign of cancer. Especially bad breath has become severe and has not completely disappeared after brushing.

4. Abdominal pain or headache
Prolonged and recurring headaches and abdominal pain upon waking in the morning are thought to be linked to cancer. The most common are stomach cancer, liver cancer and brain tumors.

Likewise, liver and stomach cancers give clear signals in the morning. Therefore, the body has just awakened and has not yet been recharged. Pain in the upper right abdomen is a sign that the liver is “helping,” while pain in the middle of the abdomen can indicate a stomach problem.

5. Nausea and vomiting
Cancer Research UK emphasizes that morning sickness is a common symptom in cancer patients. Especially in severe stages or when receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Studies show that seven out of 10 cancer patients experience nausea at this time.

However, it should be noted that feeling unwell could also be a side effect of medication or a symptom of other conditions not related to cancer. But morning sickness is often interpreted as a sign that cancer is developing, especially in the case of breast cancer.

6. Abnormal toileting
The urge to pee when you wake up and the urge to pee in the morning can both be signs of cancer. Common bladder cancer, kidney cancer. In addition, Cancer Research UK also warns that it is a symptom of bone marrow cancer. Because the disease causes hypercalcemia, which builds up most often in the morning, the body tries to get rid of the excess calcium with rapid, frequent urination.

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