Billionaire Elon Musk accused Apple on Nov. 28 of threatening to remove Twitter from the App Store, but gave no reason for the move.

Billionaire Elon Musk has raised the possibility of Twitter being banned from the App Store in a series of announcements on the social network. “Apple threatened to shut down Twitter on the App Store without giving us any explanation,” the Guardian quoted Twitter’s new boss as saying.

Mr. Musk has asserted that Twitter’s content censorship is a problem for Apple. Asked whether Apple had “threatened Twitter’s presence on the App Store or otherwise made requests for censorship,” the billionaire replied “yes.”

An hour earlier, Musk also said that Apple had all but stopped advertising on Twitter. “Are they disgusted with free speech in America?” he added, before tagging Apple CEO Tim Cook and asking, “What happened.”

According to Pathmatics, Apple spent about $131,600 on Twitter ads between Nov. 10 and 16, down from $220,800 between Oct. 16 and 22, the week before Musk finalized the deal. .Use Twitter.

Earlier this month, Apple App Store head Phil Schiller deleted his Twitter account. That has sparked speculation that Musk’s business relationships with major app distributors are straining.

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