AMID EVIL Complet Cheat Codes

For AMID EVIL players, this is a list of all the cheat codes you can type in while playing. If you want to cheat in game, just enter the codes below.


Simply type in any code once a level has loaded to activate it, type a second time to deactivate. They are not case sensitive. Cheats will reset at the end of a level.
Cheats may disable achievements, so make a save before using if you care about that.


  • God Mode: AEOMG
  • God Mode, All Weapons, Infinite Ammo & Mana: AEOMEGA
  • All Keys: AEVAIN
  • All Weapons: AEWARLOCK
  • All the Weapons, Mana and Keys: AEWIZARD
  • All Powerups, Keys, Weapons, Mana, Health and Soul Points: AELPHA
  • Full Mana: AEMAGE
  • Toggle Soul Mode: AEEASY
  • Get Azure Orb: AEWEP2
  • Get Whispers Edge: AEWEP3
  • Get Voltride: AEWEP4
  • Get Celestial Claw: AEWEP5
  • Get Crystal Torment: AEWEP6
  • Get Aeturnum: AEWEP7
  • Fly Mode: AERO
  • Activate Soul Mode: AENIMA
  • Noclip: AETHER
  • Torch Mode: AESEE
  • Invisibility: AEYESORE
  • Fast Weapons: AEXTREME
  • Superspeed: AELIMPICS
  • Slowmo: AEON
  • Kill All Enemies: AEXTINCT
  • Kill Self: AESPLODE
  • Hurt Self: AEOUCH
  • Freeze enemies: AESTOP
  • Finish Level: AEHEH
  • Level Select: AELEON
  • Hide Weapon Sprites: AEHIDE
  • Screenshot Mode: AESHOT
  • Select Music: AENDREW
  • Quit Game: AEBORT
  • Burp: AEURP
  • Vapourwave Mode: AESTHETIC
  • Max Post Processing: AETHEORY
  • CGA Pallete 1: AE1981
  • CGA Pallete 2: AE1982
  • CGA Pallete 3: AE1983
  • EGA Pallete: AE1989
  • VGA Pallete: AE1990
  • Full Color Pallete: AE2000
That’s all we are sharing today in AMID EVIL Complet Cheat Codes, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, and we’ll see you soon.
Credit to Acheron

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