Barotrauma Crashing the Organ Donor Market

For Barotrauma players,  this is a guide to making as much money as possible to the surgeons of Europa with little to no care for their patients.


Here are some things I recommend you use before following this guide

To read the Neurotrauma guide and or know how Neurotrauma works (Intermediates or above recommended for my guide.)

The Neurotrauma guide can be found here: Neurotrauma guide


Here are some talents I recommend (Surgeon Talents only)

  • Propofol Professional
  • Rapid Extraction
  • Medical License

For Beginner Surgeons

So, you want to prove those show-off organ donors’ why they are a waste of space?
Well first, you need a mod, the mod contains everything this guide will talk about: NeurotraumaNow, this guide is not for COMPLETE beginners so do your homework and learn the in’s and out’s of the mod before looking at this guide.The Neurotrauma guide can be found here: Neurotrauma guide

Now, for the real deal


The list of equipment you will need goes as follows:

  • Propofol (No other sedative will do) (Get the Propofol Professional talent for best results.)
  • A Refrigerated Container (Briefcase or the 2 handed metal crate.)
  • A Surgery Toolbox

What you will need in the Surgery Toolbox:

  • Scalpel, Hemostat, Skin Retractors (As all sensible surgeons should know)
  • All Procurement Scalpels except for the brain scalpel.

Barotrauma Crashing the Organ Donor Market
Barotrauma Crashing the Organ Donor Market
Barotrauma Crashing the Organ Donor Market

What Now?

Now, I will explain what you will be doing, how to do it, and the most efficient way to do it.First, you will need to find an outpost, any outpost will do, at least one that isn’t overrun by cold blooded bandits or flesh hungry Crawlers. (I recommend a Military Outpost, I’ll explain why later.)

Once you have arrived at the outpost, grab your equipment, the Refrigerated container, Propofol, and the Surgery Toolbox

Now, find a victi- uh i mean a patient of your choosing, it doesn’t matter who they are, but it would be preferable if they are close to the docking hatch.

Next, shoot them with Propofol, it can be a stab, an insert through the medical hud of the patient, the syringe gun, doesn’t matter, as long as the patient has been injected with it

Now this is where i recommend you use the Rapid Extraction and Propofol Professional talent, when the patient is unconscious, drag their body to do the docking hatch where no one should be, if someone happens to be there, throw the patients body down the hatch into your submarine or in that room with the 2 doors on either side, don’t worry, if they get injured, it doesn’t matter.

Let’s Practice Medicine

Now that your patient is in a safe place, it’s time to start the operation…Also side note, the Propofol you injected into your patient earlier makes it so they don’t get traumatic shock, which they would get if they are not being operated on or near a Surgery Table.

Anyway, start the surgery by applying the surgery scalpel, hemostats, and skin retractors.

Then, apply the Procurement Scalpels on the patient and put the removed organs in your refrigerated container you are holding.

I recommend removing the organs in this order:

  1. Liver
  2. Kidneys (Both of them)
  3. Lungs
  4. Heart


This is where your violent impulses should be at its limit, because, your next step is to leave the patient to die.No one will know you are the cause of your patients death, which is good, so the guards wont be on you if they ever happen to find the patients organ-less body.

Now, with those new-found organs, go to the local shopkeeper, such as the medical doctor.

This is where I recommend you get the Medical License talent, so I think the rest of the guide says it for itself, sell all the organs you found, if the shopkeeper runs out of balance, sell to another shopkeeper if possible, or hang onto the organs for its actual use, in case of a transplant, or wait to sell it to another outpost

For the greedy:

Here’s why I suggest to dock at a Military Outpost:For the sneaky kleptomaniacs, try to obtain a security guard ID, you could probably use Propofol or some other sneaky manner, also, make sure to bring a big metal crate with you, or a lot of suitcases.

Next, use your newly found ID by opening the weapons locker in the prison area and jam everything in that locker into your inventory, and either sell or keep it.

That’s all we are sharing today in Barotrauma Crashing the Organ Donor Market, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author dr crentist

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