Battle Brothers Anatomists Results of Killing Monsters

For Battle Brothers players, this guide is simply done to help anyone who wishes to know what monster would drop with the Anatomists.

Beasts Drops


Direwolves / Potion of Blade Dancing
if the attack has missed you have 50% to refund Fatigue

From Webnechts / Venomblood Potion
– Rend one of your battle brother immune to poison from Webnechts and goblins.

From Nachzehrer / Potion of Flesh Knitting
– Reduce the time for injuries to heal by 1 day.

From Serpents / Quickfang Potion
– Gain + 3% chance to hit in melee for every allies adjacent to the target

From Hyenas / Bloodgate Brew
– Reduce the damage received from bleeding by 50%

Unhold / Fool’s treasure potion
– Regenerate 10hp per turn

Ifrit / Potion of Stoneskin
– Gain 20 armor (no fatigue loss from armor)

Alp / Nightking’s Draft
– Rend you Immune to Nighttime Penalties

Hexe / Potion of Malevolence
– Reflect 100% of hitpoint damage received back at the attacker

Lindwurm / Tincture of Emberblood
– Applies Acid to attackers in melee range whenever they deal Hitpoint damage (Identical to the Lindwurm effect)

Schrat / Draught of Godtree Roots
-Immune to being Grabbed or Knocked Back

Undead drops


Necromancer / Potion of The King in Chains
– Potion gives +20% experience gains

Wiederganger / Potion of Leather Skin
– Potion augments the threshold to sustain injuries on getting hit by 33%

Necrosavant / Potion of the nightstalker
-Heal 25% of damage inflicted on adjacent enemies that have blood

Geist / Deadman’s Drink
– Your melee weapons now ignore 5% of the target armor

Greenskins drops


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Orcs Young / Kineticists Draft
– you gain 10% effectiveness to damage against armor with attacks

Orcs Warriors /
– you receive 33% chance to resist Daze, Stun, distraction, stagger and withered effects

Orcs Berserkers / Rose Philter
– If you loose Hitpoints you gain 2 stacks of Rage

Orc Warlord /
– You no longer suffer from the penalty of using an orc weapon

Goblin / Potion of Fleetfoot
– Rotation and Footwork AP reduced to 2, Fatigue cost of Rotation and Footwork reduced by 50%

Mythical Creatures drops

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