click to ten LEAK 2022 – All Found Data

Important Leaked Content: Click to Twenty

The developers wanted to make a sequel where you click to twenty instead of ten,and instead of crashing after 20 clicks it would display high quality mr bean rule 34.

Important Leaked Content: Story Mode

The game would have a story mode where you hunt down the person who stops you from clicking 10,So first you make your way to emerald city (MC Village) and buy a bowl of guacamoli then u gp to nick valentine and tell him about a fat dude who wont let u click to 10,u then get meatdog and hunt fat dude down and kill him,after that the brotherhood of E will come in,the thing after that was never finished.

Leaked Content: Characters

Fat Dude
The person who stops you from clicking to 10Nick Valentine
Synth detective from falloutDaniel “Damn Daniel”
The first person you meet in-game after you spawn,he will approach you and say “Deez Nuts”XxScamxX
He was going to be added but idk why

Puro “Brainless Latex Idiot”
You would find him after traveling to Loser Facility,ur order is to kill puro,if u dont kill him mr bean will come to ur house and do yo mama

Chris L “Strongfat” Walker
He would be a enemy after u enter Mount Massive Asylum and will attempt you rip your head off

You would have to shoot him

You would have to kill him

Kitler “Hitler’s Cat”
You would also have to kill him

Gordon Freeman
Would give you free supplies

Gordon Costman
Would give you paid supplies,dont use him,u shoulden only used Gordon Freeman.

Gordon Expensiveman
Would sell exclusive supplies,u woulden used him to buy better supplies than the free or cost one has.

I would be in the game (no cap)

Joe “Mama”
He would ask you if you seen joe,DO NOT AWNSER WITH WHOS JOE!!111!111

Leaked Content: Weapons

You would use it to kill striders
(Shoots energy balls)1911
Basic weapon you can find after waking up
(15 Ballistic Damage)RPD “Rocket Propelled Dildo”
The dildo is sharp and will cut the enemies (Bonus damage if shot in ass)
(30 Cut Damage.90 Cut Damage)Furry Remover
A damn flamethrower
(Burns enemies for 15 Damage)

Lost Coast Fisherman’s Harpoon
(60 Damage)

The W Airstrike
Would sum shoebil airstrike to fly down and attack enemies
(69420666 Cut Damage)

Leaked Content: Missions

Theres only mission that is currently found.

It is doing your mom.

Leaked Content: Items

T-69 Power Armor
Nice Power Armor (Needs fusion core and power armor exosuit)
(69420 damage protection)Penis Armor
Protects the balls
(50 damage protection to crotch)Cut off balls
A pair of testicles cut off from a man (Press f to pay respects for him)
(50 Food Points)Puro Snack
Worst food you can find
(Level 3 Poison for 2 minutes)

(69 Food Points)

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