Comet Golf 100% Achievement Guide

For achievement hunters of Comet Golf, if you are collecting achievements in this game, this guide will listed them below and explain how to get them


The game is very simple, we just have to press the kite and shoot with the mouse in the opposite direction to the one we want it to go. It’s just testing until the shot reaches the black hole, and to make it easier, we keep a record of our previous shot to be able to correct the trajectory.
The only other control is the zoom, with the mouse wheel with this we can see more of the map, and it will serve us for several achievements.
The game is easy just trial and error and at most it will take a minute each level but not more than that


Comet Golf 100% Achievement Guide
These are very easy, you just have to make a hole in 1 in all the holes for both achievements, the first one will come out at level 1 and the last one after doing the 20th hole
It is recommended to do it in a second run, selecting levels and only doing again those that took more than one shot.Comet Golf 100% Achievement Guide
These achievements are something special, at the beginning of each level we will have to zoom in to see the full size of the map and after this the shot is correct, after doing this in the 5 levels of each zone the achievement will come out, if it does not come out you can that they forgot to zoom in on some level before hitting the shot, so it would be advisable to repeat the 5 levels of that area again, this time zooming in on all of them so as not to lose the achievement again
After finishing the 20 levels in this way we will have the achievementsTo clarify, the ideal is to do this in the first game and not think about making a hole in one and restarting the level if you fail, since we will surely lose sight of zooming when repeatingComet Golf 100% Achievement Guide
At level 5 there is a line of meteorites, we simply have to hit them until the achievement comes out, the ideal is to leave this achievement for last since we may hit some meteorites during the game and there is no point in wasting time doing it to the first.

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