Core Keeper Easy 2 Person Hive Mother Guide

For Core Keeper players, this is an easy 2 person Hive Mother guide ,which will show you how to defeat the Hive Mother step by step.

Items Required:
• Ranged weapon (preferably the musket but the sling shot will work too – just takes longer)
• Food
• Two shovels
• Iron pickaxe
• Salvage and Repair Station
• 15-20 Scrap Parts
• Torches
• 16 Spike Traps

Steps to defeating the Hive Mother

1. Mine out to the side until you notice that you can shovel up the ground below.
2. Once you see that you can shovel the ground below, create a 6X8 platform outwards of the boss.
3. On the side closest to the boss, before the platform, layer 2 rows of spike traps – this will help kill the mobs that spawn in so that your ranged player can continue to land shots on the boss.
4. After placing the spikes, dig up a perimeter around your platform – creating a 5X7 platform to stand on.
5. Place your S&R station towards the back middle.
6. Have your ranged player stand at the backside of the platform
7. Have your other player play closest to the boss – this will agro all of the acid shots to them and then they can quickly dig up any acid that lands on the platform.
8. Start hitting the boss at range and you will easily beat the Hive Mother.

Core Keeper Easy 2 Person Hive Mother Guide
That’s all we are sharing today in Core Keeper Easy 2 Person Hive Mother Guide, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author Keeno.

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