Core Keeper Where to Find Ivy

For Core Keeper players, this is a guide to find Ivy in 0.3.2-3425 Early Access Version. Will update or delete guide if method of finding Ivy changes in a future update.

How to Find Ivy

Starting from The Core, there are circles around the map. This extends to the wilderness but it is only an arc as the two other biomes in the other 2/3s of the map are not in game at the moment. Azeos is at the 600 tile arc, and Ivy is at the 900 tile arc. To find Ivy, first find Azeos then go 300 tiles past him. Imagine that arc or circle around the map and follow that path. When you get close to Ivy he will stomp around just like the first boss. Good luck and bring a lot of bridges. Image shown is my map, the red line is the arc.

Core Keeper Where to Find Ivy
That’s all we are sharing today in Core Keeper Where to Find Ivy, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read

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