CROWZ Basic Guide For Beginners

For new players of CROWZ, this is a basic guide about leveling up, XP and more handy information, let’s check them out.

XP | Downing and finishing

  • You will get 50 XP by downing an enemy.
  • And if you finish him you will get 100 XP.
  • In total, for each kill you get 150 XP.

XP | Combo kills

  • You get 200 XP by making 2 kills without dying.
  • You get 500 XP for making 5 kills without dying.
  • You get 1500 XP for making 10 kills without dying.
  • You get 2200 XP for making 15 kills without dying.
    I do have to say that when I made 20 kills without dying, I got 2250 XP.
    Not entirely sure yet on how this system works above 20 kills without dying.

XP | Headshots

  • Headhotting an enemy, which is an instant kill for snipers. Is 150 XP.
    Using different weapons could take up to 2/3 shots.

XP | Squad Beacon

  • When you placed down a spawn beacon for your squad which costs 400$ you get 50XP by each respawn of a squad member. But keep in mind that after a while the beacon explodes and you and your squad mates are not able to use it anymore. Only if you buy a new one

XP | Capturing a point

  • Capturing a point gets you 300XP. The more points, the more XP. I will tell you some ideas below in this guide about XP and running towards it as a flanker/rusher.

Idea | Rushing

  • When entered the battlefield you can rush to the points you need to capture with your assault rifle. But ofcourse, make sure to keep your eyes open at all times as these matches are filled with many players and you never know when someone is watching you. So basically what you have to do when you are a rusher is by simply try and capture the points and try to hold them. Use the third-person mode and the first-person mode a lot, you’ll get advantage regarding the view and to look behind walls you cannot see while in first-person mode.
  • If you really don’t care about your balance in-game, you can also use the rocket launcher by pressing X on your keyboard and selecting it. Keep it mind, your main weapon drops on the ground so keep an eye on that when you are out of ammo with your rocket launcher. These ones are instant kills when aimed correctly and I even made 4 kills with 1 shot. It’s strong, so use it wisely.
  • I do also have to say that try to make combo kills. Making combo kills are an easy way to gain XP but also in-game balance. The more kills you made without dying the higher the XP gets but also your balance which you can use to call in mortar/airstrikes which can be quite useful. Easy kills = Easy level up.
  • Another tip is to use your ammo wisely. It takes quite some bullets to kill someone depending on how your aim is. Are you out of ammo, run towards an ammo crate. You’ll see the icon popping up. Press F and you are full again.
  • If you ran out of ammo, there are two things you can do. One, pick up the weapon of a fallen soldier. But keep in mind, he could also have low ammo. Two, run towards an ammo crate. You will spot them quite easily if you pay a bit attention. Press F and you are full again.

Idea | Flanking

  • What I mostly do is flank the enemy from a different unexpected side. Like behind, the right side or left side while they are focusing on the middle. Again, you need to keep your eyes open as maybe there are snipers around the area you are walking in or UAV’s that can spot you. So, be carefull when you are flanking the enemy. I’m the type of guy who flanks the enemy with a sniper rifle as I think my aim is good. You can easily make kills while hiding behind a bush, wall or something and use the third/first-person mode to get extra advantage of your surroundings.
    If you are someone who likes to rush, this is possibly the best way to do so. Sniper, play calm and steady. Rusher, play quick with fast movement while paying attention and try to capture the point. And keep in mind what I said above in the ‘Rusher’ area on this guide.
  • The tanks in this game are 100% the best way to farm XP in my opinion. I have no idea why but I get easily 20+ kills while I’m inside a tank. Once I picked up the tank I flank the enemy from above. Meaning that I’m standing on top of a high wall with my tank a little bit downwards so my aim fits perfectly to the area I’d like to watch. No idea why, but most of the time the enemy is not expecting this only after 1/2 minutes. Ofcourse, you need to be careful but I have no idea why this is so easy to do. If the enemies are rushing you or able to see you, quickly use your smoke feature and drive to another spot as it’s not save to stay at one spot for several minutes. While doing this, farming XP is very easy as you make combo kills, ace kills and whatever else is there. Press 2 if you are out of ammo or nearby enemies as when pressing 2 you get access to the machinegun that’s in your tank.
  • As for helicopters.. Basically the same as tanks but you need to get your eyes open a little better in my opinion since they can shoot down the helicopter with machine guns and also able to kill you instead. Snipers are on you all the time as shooting someone out of a helicopter is a good feeling.Though, when inside a helicopter make sure there are UAV’s around the map. The enemy will be highlighted and you can easily kill them by simply shooting at the red dots shown infront of you. You can even stand still with your helicopter and shoot from above. Again, no idea why but in my cases the enemy didn’t even know I was above them I feel like. Though, keep in mind that the movement is a bit odd so you have to play with a helicopter for a moment to be able to understand the movement.
  • In general, flanking is in my opinion the best way on gaining XP but also knowledge about the map that you are playing. The more you know about the map, the more spots, hiding places and more the better for flanking but also recon/sniping the enemy. Focus on combo kills!

Idea | Recon

  • So, you are a slow player that likes to have patience by scoping down the enemies by shooting them through the head. Good idea for making kills if you have the time for it including a decent aim. Like I said above, the more kills the more XP you get especially with headshots as they give 150 XP each kill. Now, here is the thing. The sniper you are using at the beginning is a sniper that takes up to 3 shots. The first and second shot is downing him and you need a third shot to finish him. You could use your pistol if the range is decent as sniper ammo is quite low for some reason. But be aware, there are ammo crates around the map.
  • I feel like there are two snipers options. Option 1, the rusher with flanking skills and option 2, the calm and steady rusher.– Option 1, use the buildings and walls as surroundings, recon the area and move forward. If you see movement, try to shoot 1 bullet and after that your pistol as when doing this it both levels up your pistol and your sniper rifle. It also saves extra bullets being wasted but if you see someone standing still, use your sniper and quickly aim for his head. Though, if enemies are running towards you, multiple of them. Get the frick out and move for your life as with a pistol and a sniper rifle while multiple enemies running towards you, is game over as the pistol is terrible. You can also use the third/first-person method by going inside houses and peek from windows as while you are in third-person mode and you aim your weapon. The third-person changes into first-person aiming which is very great to have. Don’t forget to hold SHIFT for a split second as you will hold your breath and steady the scope for easy kills.
    – Option 2, more like a flanking person but you stay at certain spots. You run towards high mountains or places, hide in bushes, behind walls and you name it and call in UAV’s all the time including beacons for your squad mates to spawn. Calling in airstrikes when getting enough balance is also a must need as you have the high ground and you see perfectly over a great amount of area. But while doing this and seeing an enemy there is something you need to keep in mind which is the bullet velocity. As you shoot the bullet, the bullet goes downwards so you’ll have to keep an eye on that. The longer the range the less damage your bullet does so shooting at the heads is a very much needed thing as a recon with a large range. BUT a tip for both option 1 and 2, when zooming in on an enemy, he can see your scopeflash and spot your right on.
  • So, in general. When I’m playing as a recon option 2, I stay at around 50 to 150 meters range for the perfect aim, quite some easy kills if you ask me but it’s also perfect when you are downed since most of the time your teammates are nearby and they can get you back up. What I also do is when I made around 2 to 3 or 4 kills I move positions as they will most likely come after you to get revenge. Ah, yeah. I got also bombed by airstrikes so that’s also something you need to be aware about.
That’s all we are sharing today in CROWZ Basic Guide For Beginners, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author WHOLF ⚡
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