Darkest of Days: Console Commands

A list of various Console Commands


Open the console and type in the prefix for the list of commands you wish to see.

Example: Type “set render” then press tab, to the list of all ‘render’ commands.

The prefixes i’ve found so far are:
– “clear”
– “set player”
– “set render”

Some of the most useful commands are:

– “set player.fov x” (the value is vertical. use a fov calulator to get the horizontal value)
– “set render.gui 0” Removes the HUD (replace 0 with 1 to turn on again)
– “set 0” Removes Post Process effects (individual effects can be turned off independently of each other. see picture below)

Here’s a list of the various commands

Darkest of Days: Console CommandsDarkest of Days: Console CommandsDarkest of Days: Console Commands

Written by LettuceWettuce

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