Demon Sighting Professional Demon Hunter Achievement Guide

For Demon Sighting players who want to unlock Professional Demon Hunter Achievement, this guide will show you how.


The easiest path is to become Satan’s champion. This way you don’t have to fight the Goatspawn, Satan or the two police officers who raid your apartment at the end. To go on this path it’s important that you DO NOT tell the Doorkeeper you want to fight Satan, as this will predispose Markus to attack when he enters the ritual room. When you do enter the room, agree to be baptized, and follow the course of action from there. For this path it is recommended that you kill the priest and get his cross, which you can use to heal yourself in combat.An alternate path is to get the holy water from the priest and rescue Kevin. He will give you an incantation that makes fighting Satan easier. When leaving the house, make sure to visit the washing room to clean your clothes and stop your neighbor from calling the police at the end.


Optimal targeting is important to kill enemies in as few turns as possible, and thus take less damage. Familiarize yourself with how much damage each weapon does (displayed when hovering over them in combat).1 headshot + 1 bodyshot can kill an Imp on the first turn.

Succubi are best killed in 2-3 turns using the Machete. If you miss on the first or second swing, consider dealing the last 5 damage with the pistol and energy bar. Before you go to the basement, make sure you get the Post Nut Clarity bonus from the bathroom, as this will give you more turns before taking damage against the tougher Succubus.

The Fallen Angel (basement before the tunnel), can be reliably killed in just 2 turns using the Shotgun. 1 headshot + 2 bodyshots. Use an energy bar for the reload.

For the Doorkeeper, consider playing cards, as this may be more reliable. For every Blackjack (exactly 21 points), you will heal 1 HP.

If you follow the pathing described above, your last fight will be against Satan’s two followers. They have low health but deal high damage. I recommend choosing the extra armor plate for this fight.

Items and locations

Energy bars are an important tool in combat. When used correctly this will allow you to kill some enemies in one turn, and save you from damage in cases of poor RNG. Here are the locations of energy bars:

  • The bookshelf in Markus’ apartment (mandatory)
  • When leaving the apartment if you say “investigating a demon occurence”
  • The kitchen
  • The washing room in the basement
  • By rescuing Kevin you can either get 2 energy bars or a special incantation to help you fight Satan
  • By choosing to become Satan’s champion. However, it’s generally better to pick the armor plate.

Armor plates:

  • Markus’ apartment (mandatory)
  • The gun safe in the basement
  • By choosing to become Satan’s champion


  • By saving the priest he can heal you if your health is below 4 points. (Must be done while he’s still in the kitchen).
  • In the room before the tunnel there is a medkit that restores 4 HP.
  • The cross will heal 4 HP when used, costs 2 AP.
  • Scoring exactly 21 points in Blackjack will heal 1 HP.
  • Becoming a champion of Satan will restore you to full health before the fight.


  • The machete is found on a shelf in the garage.
  • The shotgun is found in the basement gun safe.
  • Components to make shotgun ammo are in the garage. Go to the workbench in the gun safe room to make ammo.
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