DEVOUR The Town CO-OP Normal & Diffcult Mode

For DEVOUR players, tiis is a guide based on my experience on how to pass the town’ s map in normal/hard mode. Let’s check it out.

Recommended to be played with 3-4 players

  • 1-3 Books, Sam calms down with 1-2UV, no red eyes, lasts long enough in this state.
  • 4-6 Books, Sam calms down with 3-4UV, 1 second of red eyes after the first stun. Lasts a considerable time in a calm state.
  • 7+ Books, Sam calms down with 4-5UV. Red eyes after each stun, quickly activates again.

First of all, tell you that this map is a bit complicated, in fact it is the one that has cost us more because of the ghosts xD. But once completed in normal, hard and nightmare mode, I bring you the guide.


The first thing you should do as soon as you appear on the map (WITHOUT WAKING SAM):

  • Place each box of matches in a ritual to have them all ready to make the book.
  • Leave 9 cans of gasoline and many first aid kits in the center of the map or at the beginning of the roads to make it faster to bring materials to the church.
  • The batteries to recharge the lanterns, we will leave them in the center of the map and a couple in the church, since when we will need them more will be when we are downstairs.

Once we have done this and taken the key to the church, we open the church and take all the materials mentioned above.

Once the church is opened, all the keys of the book boxes will appear, we will have to take ALL the keys, open all the book boxes and leave the book in its corresponding ritual together with the matches.

With everything in place, we will begin to perform the rituals.

We will do all the ones that are lighted (4), the first one we do we will take it up to the church and we will place it in the ritual, the others we will simply take it by the hand

We burn the 4 of us and wait a bit in the church to see if Sam comes, if he doesn’t come up, we go down and calm him with the light.

We do the next 4 rituals following the same steps above, once burned begins the complicated part, there will be many ghosts, so once we go down we take and recharge the flashlights with batteries, calm Sam and do the last two rituals. Keep in mind that he gets angry super fast, you barely have time.

That’s all we are sharing today in DEVOUR The Town CO-OP Normal & Diffcult Mode, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author ✯ menTa ✯

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