Dinogotchi Complete Evolution Guide

In Dinogotchi, you can get dinosaurs by evolving and this evolution guide will show you how to get the dinosaur you want, let’s check out how.


Dinogotchi is a Tamagochi-like videogame (as the name suggests) in which you give your prehistoric creature food and medicine, pet him and clean his poop. You also have two minigames to do: the first is the shooting range and the second one is the museum quiz.
By playing the minigames you receive coins which will be used to buy food and medicines for your dinosaur’s health (your creature is sick when you see little skulls floating around him)
If your dinosaur is healty and happy it will evolve,otherwise it’ll die.If you’re looking for how to get a specific dinosaur, here’s what you have to do:
Dinosaurs’ evolution depends on which food you give it, so what you have to do is basically feed him and it’ll eventually evolve (for the first evolution 10/11 units of food are required,not really sure about the second one).The fastest way to do this is play the museum minigame right away (which is easier and gives you more coins,50 for every correct answer), get lots of the food you need and a couple of medicines, open the dinosaur menu and then wait until he needs something. With this method, you will need just 20/30 minutes to get to the second stage of evolution (depending on how many times you need to play the minigame) and following the image below you’ll get all evolutions in 1.5/2 hours

Evolution Tree

At the beginning of the game,you’ll have to choose between a pois egg (The herbivore) and a striped one (the Carnivore).From there,you can see in the image below how Dinosaurs will evolve:
Dinogotchi Complete Evolution GuideThe color of the arrows means which food you should give to your dinosaur to obtain the evolution you want:
-Green Arrow means you should give your Dinosaur Apples
-Red Arrow means you should give your Dinosaur Burgers
-Blue arrow means you should give your Dinosaur Fish


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