Draconia Complete Map Guide

For Draconia players, this guide will show you the world of Draconia, so you won’t get lost that easily anymore! Let’s check it out.


patch: pre-alpha 0.1.010

Draconia Complete Map Guide

Hello and welcome to the Draconia 101 map guide!

With the map getting filled more and more with new areas to explore, I want to give you a guiding hand to not get lost to much. Above you see a map I’ve edited for you, thanks to Firefly for allowing me to use their screenshot for that, you’re a brave astronaut dragon!

We’ll take a closer look at some important areas, what makes them special and worth a visit.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the beauty of this land!

Draconia Complete Map GuideDraconia Complete Map Guide

Spawn Village + Area

Draconia Complete Map Guide

Home sweet home!

Everybody will be familiar with this place, the very village you first spawn in when entering the game in singleplayer or a server for the first time.

Draconia Complete Map GuideSpawn Village provides the player with everything they need to start with: food, water, scrolls to read, bone- and woodpiles for gathering materials and earning XP, bags to increase your inventory space and shelter.

Draconia Complete Map GuideWith the big rock formation guarding it, it’s easier to spot the village from afar too.

Draconia Complete Map Guide

Twin Lakes

Next to it, towards the mountain range, is what I count to the spawn area aswell. But it’s mostly referred to as the Twin Lakes.
Draconia Complete Map GuideDraconia Complete Map Guide

The 2 lakes right above each other have many ores, wood and dirt piles along their shores to level up quickly and you can find a tiny camp near the shore of the lower lake. Sitting on the upper cliff between them grants a nice view over the lands below all the way to our next important area!

Draconia Complete Map Guide

Crab Island

An island below the spawn region with a giant rock formation at its core. Welcome, to Jurassic Pa- oh no wait wrong skript, sorry. *coughs*
Welcome to Crab Island!Draconia Complete Map Guide

A leveling paradise!

Crab Island is one of the most popular leveling grounds thus far! Many people consume the sandpiles along its shores like scaly vacuums and leave a mess before noticing their inventories filled with shells.

Draconia Complete Map GuideIt also holds a lot of food due to more or less hidden carcasses and a healthy population of Igors and other placeholder crab species.
The sandpiles also hold the quest items you’ll need to collect for the daily quests the quest giver rock gives you, from different types of shells to rare pearls!

An islands history

Draconia Complete Map GuideIn the past it was also the place to meet the models of the Stoneback dragon turtle and the Drake!
This island used to be part of the main land before, with the bay being refered to as the “Spawn Lake”. The spawn point was directly at its shore, food was found aprox 10 full Vodros lengths to the left, a popular meeting point for the early players!

The quest spot!

Draconia Complete Map GuideIn the area where Crab Island gets the closest to the main land you’ll also find the regions quest giver rock.


If the levelparadise doesn’t give you enough “kick” for your experience, come over and visit the Boneyard!

Draconia Complete Map GuideDraconia Complete Map Guide

It’s a barren place, full of Dwaine throwing golems and the best place to farm bones for your stashes. You’ll also meet another danger here first – carnivorous plants! They’ll trap and poinson you, but after easy quick-time events and a lick from the yellow sparkling rocks you’ll feel better in no time.

From bones and nice places

Draconia Complete Map GuideAfter farming up enough bones from the many bonepiles around here to level up or craft into a stash later on, you can hide from the sun and relax at a cozy campfire within the big ribcage, right beneath the floating island.

This place is also one of 2 places where you can find viridite crystals, a shiny green mineral for future crafting recipes! The 2nd quest rock awaits you here.
Draconia Complete Map Guide
And above the barren part are some green spots, flying islands that hide a delicious snack for your journey. Griffin eggs!


Draconia Complete Map Guide

Now, to the home of the Yamati, the Bambooforest!
This dense forest of a brave pandas breakfast, lunch and midnight snack is one of the more mysterious places to discover.

Draconia Complete Map GuideHere you find yet another quest rock at the shore of the bay that separates the forest into 2 parts.
A 2nd village ans lots of azulite ores is what makes this place worth a visit and taking a look at the waterfall is a sight filled with nostalgia for me, as such a waterfall was part of the old maps Yamati territory.

Draconia Complete Map GuideDraconia Complete Map Guide

Great Forest

Draconia Complete Map GuideDraconia Complete Map Guide

The Great Forest is a little to big to fit into one overview screenshot, it surrounds the boneyard and forms the current core of the developed parts of the map. It is a huge area for sweet forest screenshots of the dragons and other creatures.

Draconia Complete Map GuideThis forest is full of little surprises! The lake and connected river are the only water sources apart from a little trough in a village, food can be found in different variations from carcasses to Aahnunka mushrooms and edible ferns.

Right above the river is a small cave, from which you have an amazing view! But not only there, all around the cliffs along its sides grant amazing sights over the plains and spawn area beneath.

Draconia Complete Map GuideDraconia Complete Map Guide

Points of Interest

Now that you know the most important areas of the map, it is time to show you some special places. But I’ll leave it up to you to discover them, hence they are not pointet out on the map at the very beginning of this guide. 😉

Azulite Cave

Draconia Complete Map GuideThe biggest cave on the map currently, big enough for a giant tree inside. the Azulite Cave is a cool place to meet up and embrace the griffin life by sitting on the branches of the tree.

Food and water can also be found inside, you can basically stay as long as you want and enjoy the pretty azulite crystals in this cozy cave.

Viridite Cave

Draconia Complete Map GuideA complete different feeling grants the Viridite Cave. Other than its big brother, it has no hole in the roof to allow sunlight reaching in for plants to grow.

Instead, mushrooms that react to movement by glowing grow inside between the green crystals. Food and water can be found inside aswell and viridite crystals can be farmed here too.

Hot Springs

Draconia Complete Map GuideDraconia Complete Map GuideFar away from the other areas are the old Hot Springs. A long lost place and once of the first areas we got for this map. It is a giant bay with the hot springs formation and a village above the shore where you can find some food.

“First Cave”

Draconia Complete Map GuideLet me just tell you, this tiny gem is the closest to the spawn. It is the first cave to be added to the map and one of the first places to harvest azulite at.

At its entrance are blue mushrooms that refill your mana bar, food can be found in a little hidden spot inside. And it is part of my azulite farming route!

Some final words

As always, I’ll drop you the important links below:

When joining their Discord server, make sure to take a look at the #info and #faq channels.

The map is getting bigger and bigger and it gets harder to get lost. But I hope I could inform you well enough so now it is less of a problem for you. This guide will probably one of the hardest to keep updated! xD
And shoutout again to Firefly, without for journey to the moon I would’ve not make this guide so soon!

Draconia Complete Map GuideDraconia Complete Map GuideDraconia Complete Map GuideDraconia Complete Map Guide

That’s all we are sharing today in Draconia Complete Map Guide, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author Datlen Ohana

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