Farming Simulator 19: Easy Builtin Cheat Mode

This is how you can enable the ingame cheat function and cheat the easy way.

Easy Builtin Cheat Mode

  1. Open

    found in your MyDocuments\My Games\FarmingSimulator2019

  2. Find the tag
    <console enable=”false”>

    and change the false to true, then save the file.

  3. Now open your steam app and go to library and right click Farming Simulator 19 and select properties from the popup menu.
  4. On the General Tab on the window that opens, click the “Set Launch Options” button and enter:

    into the textfield.

  5. now close the windows and start the game.

When you are in the game playing, open the console by pressing the tilde key twice, now in the console you can write commands.
to see all commands, just press the TAB key multiple times to scroll trough available commands. by activating the


argument you got some ekstra commands.


  1. gsCheatMoney

    – hit <ENTERKEY> // Gives you 10 Million Cash

  2. gsCheatMoney <amount>

    // gives you the specified amount. Format: 0.00 eg: 5000000.00 for 5 Million

  3. gsAddBale

    adds a bale to your baletrailer

  4. gsFillUnit

    <crop> fillls the specified crop

Many more commands are available to.
to get help with a command just write:

help <commandname>

and if available som smal helptext will show.

Written by  Taximaniac [NO]

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