Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach Finding all Generators in the Daycare

For Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach players, who are stuck on the daycare with finding the gens and can’t seem to locate the last one,  I managed to find them and wish to share my to-the-point routing with you, let’s check it out.

Generator locations

Large structure (Right hand side when at desk):

2 on the floor:

1 – entrance next to slide facing desk follow cables.
There is a coloured panel at the side (red explosion if my memory serves me well).
Recommended entrance: go from the desk to the slide, go to the right a little, find the floor entrance (do not enter the pipes that is the wrong way). Follow the cable on the ground.
Recommended exit: if safe, come out the way you came in, else, this leads into the rest of the play area, and a drop-down exit one layer up.

2- far floor entrance on side facing desk, dead ahead follow the floor as it goes.
As far as I remember, this is a dead end.
Recommended procedure: do this first or last.

2 on the upper:

1 – Go up the slide, it’s right there next to the pink bow wall tile.
Recommended entrance: Make a mad dash up the slide, turn to the desk, the tile should be there. Go to the tile, turn to your now left. it should be there.
Recommended exit: I’d recommend going for the next generator immediately after this one.

2 – there’s a slight dip near the pink bow tile, follow that, go down slide following the cable, and the gen is there at the dead end.
Recommended entrance: It’s a dead end, so I’d recommend saving this for last. Go to the previous generator and go to walk to the tile. Go away from the tile towards the back of the room slightly until you find a path that will be on your right if you’re looking away from the desk. This path has a slight down, so not as steep as the other inclines in the area. Follow that down and around, go down the slide, and the generator is on your left.
Recommended exit: Just do this one first or last. It’s a dead end, so if you’re being chased, you’re probably dead.

Small structure/ tower (left hand side when at desk)
1 in the small tower, at the top.
Recommended entry point: slide facing security desk.
Recommended exit point: either slide if you know where moondrop is, Down the structure in the open if he’s in the slides but you don’t know which.

Recomended routing

Save the upper set in the large play area segment for last as it’s the safest to get to and the attacks stop as soon as the last gen is switched on.

This leaves you with three generators to do beforehand.

The small tower is both safe and dangerous as I’d recommend running up a slide. This gen has three points of entry, but I’d only recommend the slides, so I’d do this one first, but more likely second due to a dead end gen that needs completing.

I’d recommend doing the far floor gen first or second due to – if I remember correctly – it being a dead end.

That leaves the mid-entrance gen for third. Whilst you will be chased, it is not a dead end, and there are multiple exit points. You could even gun straight to the top floor gens if you’re feeling lucky.

Finally, you can rush the upper floor gens.

That’s all we are sharing today in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach Finding all Generators in the Daycare, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author PaigeLTS05

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