Four Elements Trainer Console Commands

If someone needs the console cheats, here’s a neatly Console Command list. All of the cheats have been taken from the Internet.

player.a_int = Intelligence
player.a_coord = Coordination
player.a_agil = Agility
player.a_curage = Courage
player.a_atl = Athletics
player.a_luck = Luck = Gold

Edit: I actually messed around to find other stats too, and the commands below are not so important now, but you want to mess around to make your cheatings more easy in the future versions

player.b_looks = Beauty
player.b_arouse = Arousal
player.b_control = Restraint

Know Spell List:

player.s_charms = Charms 
player.s_dada = DADA (I'm not a hp hardcore fan so can someone point me out what is the use for this one exactly?)
player.s_fly = Broom 101?
player.s_comm = Sociability
player.s_potions = Alcoholics Beware
player.s_trans = Transfiguration
player.s_spot = Quick Eye (probably for those who want to do flying sports) 
player.s_sexp = Sexperience (Your FAP ability has finally been quantified)
player.s_hide = Stealth

Points relevant only for the hat (kind useless now since there is only harry's team or draco's team in the game but nevertheless its here for those raven or huffpuff fanatics)

gscore = gryffindor 
sscore = Slytherin
rscore = Ravenclaw
hscore = hufflepuff

Player -> NPCs

player.r_ag = Astoria Greengrass
player.r_ck = Colin Creevey
player.r_dm = Draco Malfoy
player.r_gg = Hermione Granger
player.r_hp = Harry Potter
player.r_jw = Ginny Weasley
player.r_nt = Nymphadora Tonks
player.r_pc = ???
player.r_ss = Severus Snape
player.r_ll = Luna Lovegood
player.r_rs = Rolf Scamander 

NPCs -> Player

agc.r_pc = Astoria Greengrass
ckc.r_pc = Colin Creevey
dmc.r_pc = Draco Malfoy
ggc.r_pc = Hermione Granger
hpc.r_pc = Harry Potter
jwc.r_pc = Ginny Weasley
ntc.r_pc = Nymphadora Tonks
ssc.r_pc = Severus Snape

Victoria 2 All Console Commands & Event Lists 2021 (How to Enable)

HROT Console Cheat Codes Guide

HROT Console Cheat Codes Guide