Get up early and do these 4 things to nourish your kidneys

1. Don’t hold back your urine

After a night of deep sleep, the first thing you need to do is remove waste from your body. If your kidneys are healthy, your urination should be smooth, pale yellow, with a faint odor and no air bubbles.

In contrast, women with uterine infections experience difficulty urinating due to pain and discomfort. Also, if your urine is cloudy, smelly, and has many small air bubbles, you may have kidney disease.

2. Drink enough water

Drinking less water is the main cause of kidney stones. Many people are afraid to go to the toilet, so they limit or do not drink water. Over time, toxins that cannot be eliminated will accumulate in the kidneys. Even more dangerous, a dehydrated body is vulnerable to urinary tract infections and countless other chronic conditions.

Change your habits gradually and make an effort to drink more water, as this is the easiest and cheapest way to prevent kidney disease. According to the recommendations of experts, adults should drink 1500-1700 ml of water every day, preferably boiled filtered water or diluted tea.

3. Eat mulberries

Mulberry is hailed as “the healthiest fruit in the 21st century” by the medical profession. They contain a lot of anthocyanins, resveratrol, polysaccharides, tannic acid, chlorogenic acid, active protein…these are all substances. healthy. Nutrients needed by the kidneys.

For people with insufficient kidney qi, eating a few mulberries can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, effectively eliminate toxins in the body, nourish the liver and kidney, nourish yin and strengthen essence.

In addition, this fruit also contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and fiber, which can help diabetics control blood sugar.

4. Eat black beans

Li Shizhen (a famous acupuncturist, pharmacist, naturalist, pharmacist, and doctor in the Ming Dynasty in my country) once recorded in the book “Chinese and Western Medicine” that “eating black beans often will prevent all diseases.”

The nutritional value of black beans is very high, and it has the functions of invigorating qi, promoting blood circulation, expelling wind, beautifying, nourishing liver, and strengthening kidney.

The best time to use black beans is breakfast. When we wake up, our bodies are dehydrated. If black bean water is used as breakfast, it can help the body absorb the anthocyanin antioxidants in the water more easily, thereby strengthening the body, making the body more flexible and energetic.

If you want to invigorate the kidney yang, you can drink black soybean juice, which can invigorate the kidney qi, strengthen the body, and make the body and mind healthy.

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