Giant Guardians Walkthrough (Main Story & Side Stories)

Giant Guardians is a +18 giantess game (Visual novel to be more accurate) developed by Giant Guardians. here is a full walkthrough and guide for all main & Side stories.

Note: the latest version of the game is 0.3.6 and this walkthrough is based on 0.3.2.

Giant Guardians Main Story Walkthrough

Me: “I must…..”
Choice: “Run away from the house.”
Choice: “Stay silent inside the house.” (Death)
Me: “I should…”
Choice: “Run Away”
interes_kendra += 1
Choice: “Stay still. I cannot run from her anyway.”
valentia += 1 interes_maryen += 1
Choice: “She is… so beautiful. I want to be caught by her.”
valentia += 1 perversion += 1 interes_kendra += 1
Kendra: “Let’s begin with something easy. What do you think about the queen?”
Choice: “She is an excellent and merciful lady who cares about her people”
interes_kendra += 1
Choice: “I don’t know about her.”
interes_maryen += 1
Kendra: “What do you think about the guardians?”
Choice: “They are gentle persons who kindly decided to protect those who need them.”
interes_maryen += 1 bondad += 1
Choice: “I’m sorry but I have no idea of who they are.”
interes_maryen += 1
Choice: “They are the ones who must protect us.”
interes_kendra += 1
Kendra: “What if I told you that if you became my prisoner, I would spare the lives of the people in this
town. Then, tell me, what would you do?”
Choice: “I would go with you if that way I can save their lives.”
interes_maryen += 1 bondad += 1 valentia +=2
Choice: “I don’t know those people. However, I would gladly go with you.”
interes_kendra += 1 perversion += 1
Choice: “J-just let me go, I beg you!”
interes_kendra += 1
Me: “If I do as she says, I could get to the ground safely.”
Choice: “Try to break free.”
Maryen: “Don’t stay here, it’s so dangerous! Run away now please!”
Choice: “Run away as fast as I can.” (Forest/NeutralPath)
Choice: “Stay here and watch.” (Death)
Choice: “I cannot abandon Maryen.” (if interes_maryen > 1) (Skip next choice)
bondad += 1 valentia += 1
Choice: “I want to stay here.”
perversion += 1
Choice: “I cannot let Kendra hurt more people. I will obey her.”
valentia += 1
Kendra: “Aren’t you happy as a guardian? You are helping this tiny to feel really good.”
Choice: “T-this… is the best…”
interes_kendra +=1
Choice: “Please… he-help…!’”
(If interes_kendra > 1 JUMP TO Hell Path.)
(If valentia > 1 then you gain maldicion_kendra_a_maryen +=1 and continue below. Else you get death
Heaven Path
Me: “Since I’m being held very close to Maryen’s face, I can easily make out her expressions, so it’s not
hard for me to realise that what she just heard must be really painful to her.”
bondad+=1 interes_maryen+=1
Choice: “…”
Choice: “… You should crush them all, Maryen.”
interes_sheina +=1 interes_kendra +=1 interes_maryen -=1
Choice: “That’s really unfair. She just tried to help you all.”
bondad+=1 interes_maryen+=1
Maryen: “You are safe now… don’t worry.”
Choice: “Thank you so much Maryen.”
interes_maryen += 1
Choice: “…”
Maryen: “It’s my fault. If only I had arrived earlier…”
Choice: “It was not your fault. You saved many lives..”
interes_maryen += 1
Choice: “Those idiots don’t deserve your help…”
Choice: “…”
Eliette: “Nice to meet you Mr. %(player_name)s. Welcome to Keisiema.”
Choice: “My pleasure.”
Choice: “Nice to meet you too honey! *wink*”
perversion += 1
Choice: “The pleasure is mine lady Eliette.”
interes_eliette += 1
Me: “With more giantesses around I should…”
Choice: “Just keep walking calmly.”
Choice: “Run closer to her.”
Maryen: “I’m sorry…”
Choice: “Don’t worry Maryen. Thank you.”
Choice: “I have a goddess in front of me and you say that I’m not dreaming?”
interes_maryen += 1
Choice:”It’s okay, you were busy after all. Can you say thanks to Eliette from me please”
interes_eliette += 2
Me: “I nod with my head.”
Choice: “Good night Maryen.”
Choice: “So you are not sleeping with me…?” (If interes_maryen > 3, extra text)
perversion += 1 interes_eliette -= 1
If interes_maryen > 3 (She appears on the bed next to you.)
Me: “Somehow, I manage to calm myself. She looks genuinely worried.”
Choice: “I was being crushed by Kendra… It felt so real”
interes_maryen += 1
Choice: “Yes, but don’t worry, it was just a nightmare…”
valentia += 1
If interes_eliette < 2 continue below. If more than 2 then jump to (A)
Maryen: “Maybe it’s not comfortable for you to sleep with someone of my size but…”
Choice: “Thanks Maryen, but that’s not necessary. It was just a dream.” (A)
Choice: “Are you sure? I don’t want to be a burden.” (B)
Choice: “Yes please… I would feel way safer with you.” (C)
interes_maryen +=1
If Maryen sleep with you. (B+C)
Me: “I should…”
Choice: “Have a proper etiquette, look at other way.”
interes_maryen += 1
Choice: “There’s no harm if I keep looking… right?”
Choice: “Try to cover her.”
If Maryen doesn’t sleep with you. (A)
Me: “What should I do?”
Choice: “Stay here resting.”
Choice: “Go find the noise origin, maybe Eliette needs my help.”
Me: “What should I do?”
Choice: “Gently call her again.”
Eliette: “Are you okay!?”
Choice: “Yup, I just have my heart on my mouth but I’m alive”
Choice: “Yes, do not worry Eliette, it was my fault.”
interes_eliette += 1
Choice: “Get closer and call her again.”
Me: “My lower body hurts… but I think I have nothing broken.”
Choice: “I’m fine, don’t worry!”
interes_eliette += 1
Choice: “Ouch… please, be careful.”
Choice: “Actually… that felt good”
Eliette: “Well, and that’s why I feel I must use it.”
Choice: “I see, that’s understandable.”
interes_eliette += 1
Choice: “But they cannot see you here”
Eliette: “There, now I hope you have a proper rest Mr. %(player_name)s.”
Choice: “Thank you a lot Eliette.”
interes_eliette += 1
Choice: “You are not joining me tonight?”
perversion += 1
Maryen: “%(player_name)s, this is Sheina, she will try to help you.”
Choice: “It’s a pleasure to meet you lady Sheina”
interes_sheina += 1
Choice: “Hello there beauty! *wink*”
Choice: “Nice to meet you.”
Sheina: “That’s why she lets things be resolved by force if both parties wish it.”
Choice: “I see, that’s fair”
interes_sheina += 1
Choice: “That’s a nonsense… if you have the power to stop wars, you MUST do it.”
valentia += 1
Sheina: “In any case, I would appreciate if you refrained from talking like that about my
queen again.”
Choice: “… Sorry. I shouldn’t have said that in my position.”
interes_sheina += 1
Choice: “Sorry, but that’s my opinion.”
Choice: “…”
Me: “I will…”
Choice: “Stay in this kingdom.”
interes_maryen +=1 interes_eliette += 1 interes_sheina += 1 vas_con_sheina = “false”
Choice: “Go with Sheina”
interes_sheina += 1 vas_con_sheina = “true”
If vas_con_sheina = “false” and If interes_maryen >= 4 you get this choice.
Maryen: “So I feel better knowing that you will keep being here for a while.”
Choice: “Thanks for worrying that much Maryen”
Choice: “I’m not that weak, you know?”
Maryen: “Take your time, I will leave the door ajar so you can leave when you want.”
Choice: “Okay Maryen, thanks for everything.”
interes_maryen +=1
Choice: “So… you are not joining me?” (if (interes_maryen < 4) get a shy response)
perversion += 1
Eliette Path
If interes_eliette >=2 continue from here, if not skip to Maryen Path
Within the action of Eliette sitting on you, you gain 2 points of her_pierna_izq and 1 point for
Me: “Eliette is on the verge of crying while looking at me.”
Choice: “Try to endure the pain and make her believe that I’m okay.”
interes_eliette += 1 bondad += 1 heroe_del_banio += 1 her_pierna_izq += 1
her_pierna_izq -= 1 her_pierna_der -= 1
Eliette: “You were trying to not worry me, right?”
Choice: “I don’t know what you are talking about.”
Choice: “I couldn’t let tears to drop from those beautiful eyes.”
interes_eliette += 1
Choice: “Look aside and don’t say anything.”
interes_eliette += 1
Choice: “Tell her that you think that you have something broken.”
her_pierna_izq -= 1 her_pierna_der -= 1
Elliette: “We were supposed to protect you and still… I hurt you way more than that demoness.”
Choice: “Accidents happens every day Eliette, don’t worry.”
Choice: “You know? It wasn’t that bad… kinda enjoyable in a way.” (if perversion>1 you say one extra
perversion += 1
Depending on weather you said yes to Sheina or not.
Me: “What should I do…?”
Choice: “Accept Eliette’s proposal.”
Me: “I don’t think I can go anywhere like this, I would just be a burden to Sheina.”
Choice: “Okay, but… Will you be careful with me?.”
Choice: “I am at your care then Eliette, thank you.”
interes_eliette += 1
Continue Below
Choice: “Go with Sheina anyway”
JUMP TO Sheina Path
Me: “She looks really decided to do it.”
Choice: “Okay, but… Will you be careful with me?”
To be Continued
Choice: “I am at your care then Eliette, thank you.”
interes_eliette += 1
Eliette: “But I will make sure to repay you for this.”
Choice: “Don’t worry Eliette, it was just an accident.”
interes_eliette +=1
Choice: “Can I ask for something lewd in return?” (if perversion > 1)
Eliette: “C-can I finish drying your hair?”
Choice: “Sure, go ahead.”
interes_eliette +=1
Choice: “Don’t worry, I can do it by myself.”
Eliette: “I am sorry Mr. %(player_name)s, I know it’s something that any mortal wants to know, but
Choice: “It’s okay Eliette, don’t worry.”
interes_eliette += 1
Choice: “That’s unfair…”
interes_eliette -=2
Eliette: “It’s not just following a rule, I really cannot speak about it…”
Choice: “I’m sorry Eliette…”
interes_eliette += 1
Choice: “…”
Me: “…”
Choice: “You have a heart of gold Eliette…”
Choice: “…”
Eliette: “So please… try to move away so I can put it back on its place…”
Choice: “Try to move away”
interes_eliette +=1
Choice: “Let me stay like this. I’m on a paradise right now.” (if perversion > 0)
perversion +=1
Me: “So… she is strong enough to move the closet, but trapped if she wants to keep me safe.”
Choice: “Nod and stay still.”
Eliette: “A-are you okay…? It’s not painful… right?”
Choice: “It’s okay, it’s… ehem… it’s soft. It doesn’t hurt.”
Choice: “(My body is reacting by itself)”
perversion += 1
Choice: “Take this chance and grope her.” (if perversion > 0)
Eliette: “I will leave you with Maryen, you are safe with her.”
Choice: “(I also think that’s the best…)”
deelietteamaryen1 = 1
Choice: “That’s not true. I want to stay with you.”
deelietteamaryen1 = 0
Me: “Eliette sighs sadly and seems about to start speaking.”
Choice: “Interrupt her and say that I’m okay.”
interes_eliette += 1
Choice: “Let her speak.”
If deelietteamaryen1 == 1
Me: “Well…”
Choice: “My legs still hurts…”
Choice: “I feel bad for Eliette…”
interes_maryen +=1 interes_eliette +=1
If deelietteamaryen1 == 0
Eliette: “Why…?”
Choice: “Because I know that I can believe in you.”
interes_eliette +=1
Choice: “Because you are so beautiful.”
Me:”Eliette is really obliging, she didn’t began eating until she was sure that the food was of my liking.”
Choice: “If this is the reward, I almost want you to accidentally sit on me more oftenly.”
perversion +=1
Choice: “Thank you very much for all this.”
interes_eliette +=1
Eliette: “Never mind, it’s not something I will do.”
Choice: “”Please tell me, I want to know.””
Eliette: “There’s no way I could doom someone’s soul. Eternal suffering is way worse than
Choice: “I see…”
Choice: “Sorry for asking Eliette. We can speak about something else.”
interes_eliette +=1
Choice: “Don’t ask about it.”
Eliette: “I also have to attend my duties, so stay here and relax in the meanwhile.”
Choice: “See you later Eliette”
Choice: “I’m going to miss you…”
interes_eliette +=1 perversion +=1
Me: “When I open my eyes, my first sight is the gigantic hand of Maryen just in front of me, caressing my
chest with a finger.”
Choice: “Oh… Hello Maryen.”
Choice: “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!” (if valentia < 3)
valentia -=1
Me: “When I finish my dinner…”
Choice: “Stand up and bring the tray with dirty plates and the kitchen.”
bondad +=1 interes_maryen +=1
Choice: “Hand them to Maryen.”
Me: “The good part is that my legs doesn’t hurt in the slightest, at least not while I’m lying down, so I
suppose that I’m recovering.”
Choice: “I’m worried about Eliette.”
bondad +=1
Choice: “She’ll be fine.”
Eliette: “Now that I think about it… Why are you under me…? I am too heavy for you…”
Choice: “Yes you are… please move away.”
Choice: “You are not heavy, I’m fine.”
interes_eliette +=1 bondad +=1
Me: “…”
Choice: “Don’t think about it.”
interes_eliette +=1
Choice: “This is turning me on…” (if perversion >0)
Me: “She is not conscious right now, but…” (if interes_eliette >7)
Choice: “Stay silent and let her sleep.”
Choice: “Don’t worry Eliette… I will stay here.”
decir_eliette_te_quedas = 1
Eliette: “G-good morning…”
Choice: “Good morning Eliette.”
Choice: “Good morning cutie.”
Bezvalienne: “I’m glad to see that you are alright.”
Choice: “Don’t worry, nothing bad happened.”
Choice: “You should be more careful…”
Me: “It feels like my body is floating.”
Choice: “I’m fine, don’t worry.”
Choice: “So this is how it feels to be in heaven?”
perversion +=1
To be Continued
Maryen: “Maybe you would like to find a job if you are going to stay, but right now, I will give you that so
you have something to start.”
Choice: “”Thank you so much Maryen.””
Choice: “… Thank you, but I cannot accept it.”
interes_maryen+=1 bondad+=1
Me: “She is moving her gigantic hand, about to grab me.”
Choice: “Step back.”
Maryen: “… %(player_name)s…?”
Choice: “”I’m sorry Maryen… it was instinctive.””
interes_maryen +=1
Choice: “‘Please don’t touch me.”
interes_maryen -=4 bondad -=1 valentia = 0
Choice: “Stay still.” (if valentia > 1)
interes_maryen +=1
Me: “Should I ask her about the red eyed Maryen that I see on my dreams?”
Choice: “Don’t mention it, it’s just a nightmare.”
Choice: “I must ask her about it.”
Maryen: “%(player_name)s, this is Bezvallienne, a close friend of mine.”
Choice: “Nice to meet you.”
Choice: “It’s a pleasure to meet such a cute angel.”
interes_bezvallienne +=1
Choice: “Hello”
Maryen: “Excuse her, she is… quite an affectionate person.”
Choice: “That’s fine by me. I find it adorable.”
interes_bezvallienne +=2
Choice: “N-never mind…”
interes_bezvallienne +=1
Choice: “Well… yeah, maybe too much physical contact…”
Maryen: “I’m afraid it’s something related to a third person… so to not violate their intimacy, could you
give us a moment alone %(player_name)s?”
Choice: “Of course, no problem.”
interes_maryen +=1 interes_bezvallienne +=1
Choice: “Just nod.”
Me: “She smiles at me, it doesn’t feel like the girl is making fun of me, but more like she is being
Choice: “(Smile) ”Would you treat me as your king then?.”
bondad +=1 roleplaycorona = 1
Choice: “Let is slide, it was not bad intended.”
roleplaycorona = 0
Choice: “(Upset) ”It’s not that I’m small… you are just absurdly big.”
Me: “It would probably cost all my money… What should I do?”
Choice: “Buy it for her.”
tobilleramaryen = 1 bondad +=1
Choice: “I should keep my money.” (Jump to Bezvallienne Path)
tobilleramaryen = 0
Me: “As she speaks, I notice that I was lost in my own thoughts.”
Choice: “Yes, sorry… I was just distracted.”
Choice: “I was thinking that your feet are beautiful.”
Maryen: “I’m not used to receive compliments, but even less about my feet hehe…””
Choice: “Well, you have lots of things to be complimented for.”
Choice: “Why? I would love to be stepped by you.”
Maryen: “H-how can you say that? There’s no way you could survive.”
Choice: “Well… maybe if you are careful and don’t put much weight on me…”
Choice: “It’s not a bad way to go. I’m already in ”heaven” after all.”
Maryen: “Let’s just say… ”much bigger”.”
Choice: “Why didn’t you grow to stop Kendra yesterday?”
Choice: “Do not mention it.”
if interes_maryen > 9 she is a bit selfish on you living here.
Fierkel: “Quite unusual… I’ve never seen a purebred human before.”
Choice: “Hello Fierkel, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”
Choice: “If you come a little closer you’ll also taste one for the first time…”
interes_maryen +=1
Fierkel: “Bye…”
Choice: “See you later Fierkel.”
Choice: “Why don’t you stay with us?”
bondad +=1
Me: “I see…”
Choice: “Have I done something stupid?”
Choice: “So you had sex with me while I was drunk?” (if interes_maryen > 10 you get more dialogue.)
perversion +=1
Maryen: “How do you feel?”
Choice: “I’m in heaven right now.”
interes_maryen +=1
Choice: “I cannot move my body and my eyelids weights too much”
Maryen: “That was known later as ” The great heaven’s war ”, which had the highest number of
casualties in all the history of Keisiema.”
Choice: “I’m so sorry to hear that Maryen.”
bondad +=1 interes_maryen+=1
Choice: “How can someone be so rotten inside…?”
Me: “Even if as you say, it’s something widely known, I’m glad that you told me personally.”
Choice: “I hope you never have to feel such pain again.”
bondad +=1 interes_maryen +=1
Choice: “The next time I see Kendra I’ll…”
valentia +=1
Me: “I cough recovering my breathe.”
Choice: “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”
interes_maryen +=1 bondad +=1
Choice: “You nearly killed me…”
interes_maryen -=2
Maryen: “Don’t worry, I’m fine, just return to your room, please…”
Choice: “Return.”
tequedas_celdamaryen1 = 0
Choice: “Stay with her.”
tequedas_celdamaryen1 = 1
Maryen: “Hmm…? What is it?”
Choice: “Please stop, I cannot breathe…”
Choice: “This feels too good.
tequedas_celdamaryen1 = 2 her_torso +=1
Me: “Even if I cannot see Maryen right now, I think that she is in tears right
Choice: “It’s fine Maryen… I’m just too weak, but I trust you.”
bondad +=1 interes_maryen +=2
Choice: “Stay quiet.”
To be Continued
Bezvallienne Path
Maryen: “She is not listening to me…”
Choice: “Don’t worry, I will stay here.”
Choice: “I’m still thinking about it.”
Bezvallienne: “Well, seems like we are alone %(player_name)s.”
Choice: “Is this a date then?”
Choice: “Where do we start then?”
Me: “Even though her small wings are barely flapping, she takes off easily and starts flying.”
Choice: “How can you fly with those small wings?”
Choice: “Could I learn to fly too?”
Me: “I have the feeling that something’s off…”
Choice: “Are you okay Bezvy?”
interes_bezvallienne +=1
Choice: “It must be my imagination.”
Bezvalllienne: “Sorry %(player_name)s…”
Choice: “Thank you Magallanes.”
interes_bezvallienne +=1
Choice: “This is not funny…”
Bezvallienne: “Well, I should bring you back to your place at the castle.”
Choice: “We should do this again.”
dormirconbezvy = 0
Choice: “I would like to stay with you tonight.”
dormirconbezvy = 1 perversion +=1
(if dormirconbezvy == 0)
Me: “… My heart skipped a beat again.”
Choice: “Please stay with me.”
dormirconbezvy = 1
Choice: “You can stay with me if you want.”
dormirconbezvy = 1
Choice: “I’m not sure if we should sleep together…”
Bezvallienne: “Do you want me to ‘calm’ you %(player_name)s?”
Choice: “Nod”
dormirconbezvy = 2
Choice: “Shake my head”
(if dormirconbezvy == 2)
Me: “She just started, but I won’t be able to resist this much longer.”
Choice: “Try to resist the climax.”
Choice: “Let it happen.”
(if dormirconbezvy == 2)
Me: “I think I’m going to lose my mind…”
Choice: “”Bezvy, I love you…””
tedeclarasabez = 1 interes_bezvallienne +=1
Choice: “”This feels so good…””
tedeclarasabez = 0
To be Continued
Sheina Path
Sheina: “Maryen has gone to pick some things for your travel.”
Choice: “As expected from Maryen, she really is a nice person.” (If interes_sheina > 1 and perversion > 2
you get extra dialogue.)
interes_sheina +=1
Choice: “Let’s wait for her then…”
(if interes_sheina > 1)
Me: “Is that an heart-shaped tattoo?”
Choice: “What am I doing? I should stop watching!”
Me: “I’m not sure if she noticed.”
Choice: “I’m just a little dizzy because of the hot bath.”
Choice: “Sorry… That was really impolite.”
interes_sheina +=1
Choice: “I could stare it the rest of my life.”
perversion += 1
Sheina: “You should try to have more confidence in me, we are going to travel together after all.”
Choice: “I wasn’t scared’”
Choice: “I know, sorry, it was just instinctive.”
interes_sheina +=1
Sheina: “Phew… Now to the city. I must report this to the queen too.”
Choice: “Aren’t you tired Sheina?”
interes_sheina +=1
Choice: “Alright, let’s go then.”
Sheina: “Well, let’s go, it’s not far from here.”
Choice: “I wish I could be the one carrying you the next time.”
Me: “…!!!”
Choice: “Relax, she is not going to crush me like this.” (if valentia > 1)
Choice: “Stay still and raise your hands to recieve that perfect butt.” (if perversion > 1)
Choice: “Beg her to stop.”
Choice: “But I was so comfortable there…”
Margarita: “Well…? Who is the little gentleman in your hands?”
Choice: “”I’m %(player_name)s. It’s a pleasure to meet you Margarita.””
Choice: “Let Sheina answer her.”
Sheina: “Don’t worry about the prices, I invite today.”
Choice: “I want something expensive.”
Choice: “I want something cheap”
interes_sheina+=1 bondad +=1
Sheina: “It smells nice~”
Choice: “A toast to our travel.”
interes_sheina +=1
Choice: “I toast for having met such a wonderful lady” (if interes_sheina > 5 get different dialogue)
interes_sheina += 1
Choice: “Start drinking.”
Me: “We both have a satisfied look in our faces.”
Choice: “Thanks a lot for the dinner Sheina.”
interes_sheina +=1
Choice: “…”
interes_sheina -=1
Me: “It’s true that I can feel my cheeks getting hot.”
Choice: “It must be the alcohol”
borracho1 +=1
Choice: “It’s because of her”
interes_sheina +=1
Sheina: “What could you possibly do to me with that tiny body of yours… hmm?”
Choice: “P-please Lady Sheina, stop. I-it’s just the alcohol moving you.”
interes_sheina +=1
Choice: “If you expose such a feast in front of me, I have no choice but to eat.”
Me: “She is also skillfully moving her feet.”
Choice: “But feet are not my thing…”
(If her_pierna_izq > 0 else ignore.)
Sheina: “An accident, you mean when Kendra attacked the city…?”
Choice: “No, it was back in the castle. Eliette accidentally sat on me.”
Choice: “Yes, I was hurt during the attack.”
interes_sheina +=1
Choice: “I’m beginning to feel so good.” (if interes_sheina > 8 different dialogue)
Me: “It’s the owner of this place and also the waitress that we met yesterday.”
Choice: “Yes, it’s a very comfortable place.”
interes_margarita +=1
Choice: “It could be better if you joined me on this bed.”
Choice: “My head hurts…” (if borracho1 > 0)
Margarita: “Take your time and enjoy your breakfast, I still have to prepare something before we leave.”
Choice: “Are you not eating?”
Choice: “Okay, thanks!”
Me: “I could finish everything but… probably I will feel too heavy to walk later?”
Choice: “Eat everything that she served to me.”
interes_margarita +=1
Choice: “Eat just what I feel that I need.”
Me: “Even though she is walking slowly, her massive breasts are bouncing.”
Choice: “Keep looking.”
perversion +=1
Choice: “Take your eyes away.”
interes_margarita +=1
Margarita: “Digestion makes one feel kinda drowsy right? This way you can relax.”
Choice: “Thank you Margarita.”
Choice: “Aren’t you spoiling me too much?”
Margarita: “And then I come to my inn and work as a waitress.”
Choice: “Wow… you sure are a hard worker. I admire you.”
interes_margarita +=1
Choice: “That’s too much work. You should relax a little.”
Margarita: “Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll follow the same fate and find my love here.”
Choice: “I’m sure about it.”
interes_margarita +=1
Choice: “That could happen… Who knows what awaits in the future?”
Choice: “Hmm… I don’t believe in destiny.”
interes_margarita = 0
Margarita: “Do you want to come with me? It will not take much time.”
Choice: “Of course, I also want to be with you a bit longer.”
Choice: “Sorry, but I should meet with Sheina as soon as possible.”
(If you choose to go with Margarita continue below, if not ingore.)
Margarita: “Oh… Sorry %(player_name)s. That was not intentional.”
Choice: “*Blush* D-Don’t worry…”
interes_margarita +=1
Choice: “I would not mind if you want to do it again.”
perversion +=1
Choice: “Never mind! I’m not hurt or anything”
interes_margarita +=1
Margarita: “Hmm… Maybe a strong human like you could hold them instead of clothing?”
Choice: “Anytime! I would gladly become your bra!”
interes_margarita +=1
Choice: “I don’t think my arms could resist…”
Margarita: “As I said, Sheina told that you can meet her in the main castle.”
Choice: “But I want to stay with you.”
interes_margarita +=1
Margarita: “Why you want to stay at my side?”
Choice: “”I feel good when I’m with you.””
Choice: “I feel that meeting you was my destiny.”
interes_margarita +=2
(If interes_margarita > 3 then you will go with Margarita, else you will go with Sheina)
JUMP TO Margarita Path
Choice: “Okay, thanks for everything Margarita.”
Margarita: “As I said, the guards are informed about your arrival, so you just need to introduce yourself
to them.”
Choice: “Thanks again for everything you did today Margarita.”
bondad +=1 interes_margarita +=1
Choice: “Okay, I’ll be going then.”
Me: “Even though she was also distracted, those are her first words after almost killing me.”
Choice: “Argue with her.”
interes_chicacapucha +=1
Choice: “Apologize.”
??: “I cannot move right now, so shut up and stay there.”
Choice: “Try to get out my myself.”
Choice: “Stay still.”
Me: “What should I do…?”
Choice: “Ask for help.”
Choice: “Stay silent.”
Choice: “Mess with her a little and ask for something in exchange for your silence.”
??: “… What do you want?”
Choice: “Ask her to refer to me as her king.”
Choice: “Ask her to do something lewd.”
perversion +=1 interes_chicacapucha +=1
Me: “I nod and follow the soldier.”
Choice: “Why did the winged soldier left before?”
Choice: “Don’t ask.”
Sheina: “Well? How was your travel with Margarita?”
Choice: “Fine, she’s a good person.”:
Choice: “It was good, but I missed you…”
interes_sheina +=1
Sheina: “And what do you think about this country? Do you like it?”
Choice: “It’s maybe too big for me.”
Choice: “It’s amazing, but I almost got crushed coming here.”
Me: “Their steps are also synchronized, they tap the floor at the same time so they sound like a single
person walking.”
Choice: “Awesome… How are you two so synchronized?”
interes_aurcae +=1
Choice: “Are you twins or something?”
Me: “I see…”
Choice: “That must be great.”
interes_aurcae +=1
Choice: “That sounds like a hassle…”
Me: “Their voices just sound like one right now…”
Choice: “Go with Aureis.”
Choice: “Go with Caeris.”
Me: “They are looking at me with the same eyes that if I were some kind of cute pet…”
Choice: “W-what are you going to do?”
interes_aurcae +=1
Choice: “You two are being too obvious… you know?”
Caeris: “I know right? But we are going to scare him if we keep saying things like that right?”
Choice: “I’m not worried… I think I can trust you.”
interes_aurcae +=1
Choice: “I’m scared…”
Me: “They are leaning against the basin, so their chests are more exposed and close to me.”
Choice: “Just try to relax and enjoy.”
Choice: “This is turning me on.”
perversion +=1
Me: “They keep teasing me with their words while massaging my crotch skillfully.”
Choice: “I want to make you feel good too.”
interes_aurcae +=1
Choice: “You are amazing… It feels great.”
Sheina: “I almost want to kidnap you and tell the Queen that you left.”
Choice: “It’s not kidnapping if I want it to happen, right?”
interes_sheina += 1
Choice: “Wouldn’t you be in troubles then?”
Me: Her order makes my lips start moving.”
Choice: “I beg your pardon, highness.”
interes_orphelith +=1
Choice: “Sorry, sorry!”
Orphelith: “Your other option is to stay here in the castle until we can confirm your origin.”
Choice: “I want to go with Sheina.”
ec_timfalme1 = “sheina”
Choice: “I want to stay here.”
ec_timfalme1 = “castillo”
Orphelith: “Is there something that you want to ask me?”
Choice: “”What’s going to happen to Kendra?””
Orphelith: “So neither Homaspernia or myself will punish Kendra.”
Choice: “”That’s cruel and unfair.””
desafiasalareina = 1 valentia +=1 interes_orphelith = 0 interes_sheina -= 5
Choice: “”I see…””
Choice: “”Can I become your servant?”” (if ec_timfalme1 == “castillo”)
Orphelith: Why would you want to become my servant, human?”
Choice: “”Because I want to reward your kindness, my queen.””
interes_orphelith +=1
Choice: “”Because I think that I fell in love with you.””
perversion +=1
Choice: “”Nothing in particular, my queen.””
interes_orphelith +=1
Sheina: “Are you alright?”
Choice: “My legs are still shaking.”
interes_sheina +=1
Choice: “Yes, don’t worry.”
if ec_timfalme1 == “sheina” continue below, else JUMP TO Orphelith Path.
Sheina: “Yes, you don’t mind that we share it during your visit to the castle, right?”
Choice: “Are we going to share the same bed again?”
Choice: “(Blush) I-is this alright…?”
Me: “She is not above me, but I can see her gigantic rear coming down.”
Choice: “Stay where she left me.”
Choice: “Move closer to her.”
if desafiasalareina > 0, else ignore.
Sheina: “Please, refrain to do it ever again.”
Choice: “Nod.”
Choice: “Stay silent.”
Sheina: “I hope you like it.”
Choice: “Thank you very much Sheina!”
Choice: “How can I compensate you for this?”
interes_sheina +=1
Sheina: “It really suits you and seems that I was right with your sizes.”
Choice: “(Blush) ”Sh-Sheina… I can see through your clothes.””
interes_sheina +=1
Choice: “Praise her.” (if interes_sheina >10 you get extra dialogue)
interes_sheina +=1
Choice: “This pajama is really comfortable, thank you.”
Sheina: “I’m speaking a lot, I hope that’s not too boring…”
Choice: “Nothing like that, in fact I’m very interested.”
interes_sheina +=1
Choice: “Hmm… Maybe a too much information.”
if interes_sheina > 10 follow below
Sheina: “How many ‘guardians’ has each kingdom?”
Choice: “One.”
Choice: “Two.”
p_examen_sheina1 +=1
Choice: “Three.”
Sheina: “Which kingdoms are probably going to have a conflict?”
Choice: “Viridice and Lycalis.”
p_examen_sheina1 +=1
Choice: “Homaspernia and Keisiema.”
Choice: “Timfalme and Viridice.”
Sheina: “How long has been her majesty Orphelith the queen of Timfalme?”
Choice: “Around 350 years.”
Choice: “Around 200 years.”
Choice: “Around 3.500 years.”
p_examen_sheina1 +=1
Sheina: “Why am I not wearing a bra?”
Choice: “To tease me?”
p_examen_sheina1 +=1
Choice: “Because it’s more comfortable for sleeping?”
p_examen_sheina1 +=1
if p_examen_sheina1 == 4
Sheina: “It feels good, right?”
Choice: “Leave myself on her hands.”
interes_sheina +=1
Choice: “Massage her too.”
interes_sheina +=1
To be Continued
Orphelith/??/Maids Path
Sheina: “But I hope to see you here when I come back.”
Choice: “Me too, I hope to see you soon.”
interes_sheina +=1
Choice: “Have a safe trip.”
Me: “Small houses inside of a gigantic room…”
Choice: “That’s an interesting idea.”
interes_aurcae +=1
Choice: “Isn’t this a little strange?”
Me: “I think I’m hearing something in the hall.”
Choice: “Go to check.”
pillasaladrona = 1
Choice: “Stay and sleep.”
pillasaladrona = 0
>>: “Seriously… What the hell are you doing here?”
Choice: “Answer her firmly.” (if valentia > 1)
valentia +=1 interes_ladrona +=1
Choice: “I’m scared.”
??: “But you have to promise me that you are not going to say anything about this.”
Choice: “I cannot promise such thing. You are a thief.” (if valentia > 2)
??: “Don’t be stupid… I can kill you easily.”
Choice: “You don’t look like a murderer to me.”
interes_ladrona +=1
Choice: “How? Are you going to suffocate me with your massive tits?”
perversion +=1
??: “Just tell me what you want in exchange for your silence.”
Choice: “What about giving me a massage with your breasts?”
perversion +=1 guarroconladrona +=1
Choice: “First tell me why are you doing this.”
Choice: “You must have your reasons to do this. I won’t say anything.” (if valentia > 2)
interes_ladrona +=1 bondad +=1
Choice:”I-I won’t say anything! I promise! But please spare my life.” (if interes_ladrona == 0)
Me: “Look… I’m not going to say anything.””
Choice: “It’s so gentle from you to do this.”
interes_ladrona +=1
Choice: “But you cannot let people depend on you.”
Choice: “Now, can you let me down?”
??: “I’ll take my leave now. Pretend that you didn’t see me.”
Choice: “What would happen to you if they catch you?”
Choice: “Okay, see you.”
Me: “The door is stuck, probably due to the massive weight that the structure is holding.”
Choice: “Aureis, Caeris!! I’m inside the house!!”
valentia -= 1
Aureis: “Wait, we will take you out of there.”
Choice: “”Yes please! The door is stuck!””
Both: “Please, don’t tell anyone…”
Choice: “I will not say anything. Just don’t do it while I’m here.”
geminigems_juegocasas = “nunca”
Choice: “Don’t worry. Now that I’m safe you can continue.”
geminigems_juegocasas = “fuera” interes_aurcae +=1
Me: “Both girl looks eachother with a playful smile.”
Choice: “That’s not what I said…”
Choice: “Yup, that would make me very happy.”
perversion +=1
Choice: “You know what? You can continue. I will stay here.”
geminigems_juegocasas = “dentro” perversion +=1 interes_aurcae +=2
(If geminigems_juegocasas == fuera or dentro)
Caeris: “A-are you enjo-…ying the show?”
Choice: “”Nice, please continue like this.””
Choice: “”You can go harder if you want.””
if geminigems_juegocasas == “dentro”
Caeris: “The house c-could… collapse…”
Choice: “As I said, I trust you.”
interes_aurcae +=1
Choice: “If it’s my fate to die under two beautiful maids, I’ll gladly accept it!”
interes_aurcae +=2
To be Continued
Margarita Path
Me: “Not to mention what would happen if she falls…”
Choice: “I trust her.”
interes_margarita +=1
Choice: “I am afraid.”
valentia -=1
Me: “It’s like a really intense full body massage.”
Choice: “This feels too good.”
perversion +=1
Choice: “I have to find a way to escape.”
Me: “It’s hard for me to breathe…”
Choice: “Struggle.”
Choice: “Don’t move.”
interes_margarita +=1
Margarita: “You wanted to stay with me. I hope… that you are not afraid of me now.”
Choice: “In fact, that made me happy.”
interes_margarita +=1 perversion +=1
Choice: “What’s done is done.”
Margarita: “What do you think about our work here at the farm?”
Choice: “I would gladly work here too.”
interes_margarita +=1
Choice: “It looks like hard work.”
Me: “When I open my eyes, I can only see the shadow of a huge boot over me.”
Choice: “W-wait!! I’m not a thief!”
Choice: “Good morning?” (if valentia > 0)
valentia +=1
Kive: “You look like a human and I don’t see any animal or monster feature in you. No wings, no pointy
Choice: “I’m just a purebred human.”
bondad +=1
Choice: “In fact, I’m nothing less than a purebred human.”
Margarita: “Don’t worry Margarita…”
Choice: “I’m okay.”
Choice: “I only have eyes for you.”
interes_margarita +=1
Me: “Ahw…”
Choice: “Will you tell me if I take a flower and ask you for a date?”
Choice: “Come on, it was about me after all, I want to know!”
Me: “She hands me a glass of water while gently smiling at me.”
Choice: “”Do you want some?””
Me: “Her lips are gently pressing my arm, it’s not painful in the slightest, but still…”
Choice: “Keep calm and smile.”
interes_margarita +=1 valentia +=1
Choice: “…!! P-please don’t eat me!”
interes_margarita -=1
Choice: “”Are you not going to eat?””
Margarita: “And of course, I’ll pay you.”
Choice: “You don’t need to pay me, I just want to stay with you.”
interes_margarita +=1
Choice: “Thank you, that sounds fair.”
Me: “I could try to take one for Margarita.”
Choice: “Go and take it.”
floramargarita = 1
Choice: “It’s better to not risk myself.”
floramargarita = 0
if floramargarita == 1
Margarita: “You are such a handsome gentleman.”
Choice: “Thank you Margarita.”
Choice: “I am the fortunate one.”
interes_margarita +=1
Choice: “Your breasts do not belong to this world.” (if perversion > 1)
perversion +=1
if interes_margarita > 14
Margarita: “W-what do you think dear…? Do you like it?”
Choice: “It feels amazing…”
interes_margarita +=1
Choice: “Please stop… It’s too soon for this.”
To be Continued
Forest/Neutral Path
Me: “I should…”
Choice: “Get closer.”
Me: “Well, not that I can be any kind of threat to her, but still…”
Choice: “Thanks a lot, you saved my life…”
interes_regina += 1
Choice: “You are not going to eat me, right…?”
Choice: “Run away!”
Me: “She is playing with me…”
Choice: “I’m %(player_name)s.”
Choice: “…I’m too scared to even speak.”
Me: “She is smiling brightly, it would seem innocent if I wasn’t aware of the situation…”
Choice: “Please, have mercy.”
Choice: “What are you going to do with me?”
Me: “Her warm tongue is rubbing against my legs, hips, crotch… is she savouring me or just
Choice: “Thinking about her teeth biting me is horrifying. I won’t move.”
Choice: “Struggle with everything I have!”
Choice: “It feels amazing…” JUMP TO Naya Path
perversion += 1
Me: “On the other hand, it can be dangerous to be alone but… I think I would like to search for more
civilization, maybe someone there would remember me.”
Choice: “I want to stay with her”
Choice: “I would like to find answers by myself.” JUMP TO Diula Path
Regina: “Even during day, the forest is dangerous.”
Choice: “Don’t sweat it, I was born lucky!”
Choice: “I’m thankful Regina, and I hope to see you again.”
Choice: “I will keep that on mind… thanks.”
Me: “Absorbed in my thoughts, I hear the sound of Regina’s clothes falling to the ground.”
Choice: “Is she undressing near to me?”
perversion += 1
Choice: “She needs some privacy, keep looking at the lake.”
interes_regina += 1
Me: “She doesn’t look embarrassed on the slightest… as if this was the most natural request.”
Choice: “Yes ma´am!”
Choice: “…You want us to take a bath together?”
Regina: “Are you okay there? I’m not pressing you too hard right? I don’t want you to fall.”
Choice: “I feel like nothing bad could happen to me now…”
interes_regina +=1
Choice: “Yup! With those huge tiddies enveloping me, everything is better.”
perversion +=1
Choice: “I…I… err… *gulps*”
Me: “I can also feel the giant girl breathing and how her chest inflates and deflates.”
Choice: “It’s so relaxing I could fall asleep again.”
interes_regina += 1
Choice: “This is… turning me on…”
perversion += 1
Regina: “I heard that human’s libido was higher at night but… you are quite active in the
Choice: “It’s your fault!”
Choice: “…I’m sorry.”
interes_regina += 1
Regina: “Most of people are usually too afraid from our size to have those feelings.”
Choice: “How could I be scared of such a beauty?”
perversion += 1
Choice: “You are really gigantic compared to me but… I feel that I can believe in you.”
bondad += 1 interes_regina += 1
Choice: “(I’m still kinda afraid…)”
Regina: “Just keep some distance if I need to fight, okay?”
Choice: “And leaving you fighting alone? No way, I will help.”
interes_regina += 1
Choice: “Okay, I understand.”
Regina: “In the name of all kind giant girls around here, is there something that I can do for you?”
Choice: “Don’t worry Regina, you are already doing much.”
interes_regina += 1
Choice: “Can you please squeeze me stronger?”
Me: “She is being delicate enough as to not harm me in the slightest. In fact, this is
unbelievably comfortable.”
Choice: “Harder, please!”
Choice: “Thanks, this feels like heaven”
interes_regina +=1
Choice: “Can we stay like this for longer please?”
interes_regina += 1
Regina: “I think I will let you discover it with time.”
Choice: “Aaahw! Come on! That’s unfair! I want to know”
Choice: “Sounds good to me.”
Me: “I’m firmly trapped between her impressively soft breasts, just my arms and my head are buried.”
Choice: “Don’t worry, it’s really comfortable…”
interes_regina +=1
Choice: “I’m in heaven…”
Choice: “T-thank you but… I would like to walk now that I’m awake.”
Me: “When she is this close, I can see how round and soft her rear looks…”
Choice: “Go closer and keep looking.”
perversion +=1
Me: “I have no time to run, I should…”
Choice: “Try to make her know that I’m here.”
Choice: “Raise my hands.”
interes_regina +=1
Regina: “But if any accident happen… I could crush you, you are very small and fragile.”
Choice: “I’m Sorry Regina. I’ll be more careful.”
interes_regina +=1
Choice: “I’m sorry, but the views were just hypnotizing.”
perversion +=1
Choice: “Keep this distance and stop looking.”
Me: “It tastes really good and it’s really easy to chew.”
Choice: “I like it! Thanks a lot Regina.”
interes_regina +=1
Choice: “Keep eating without saying anything.”
Diula: “Are you perhaps willing to mate, human?”
Choice: “It’s just a physical reaction.”
Choice: “I’m in heaven right now.”
perversion +=1 interes_regina+=1 interes_diula+=1
Choice: “I’m sorry…”
Me: “Their subtle movements are making me feel good…”
Choice: “I must resist.”
climaxconregdiu = 0
Choice: “This feels too good to resist.”
climaxconregdiu = 1 perversion +=1
Regina: “We can leave her sleeping here.”
Choice: “It’s not dangerous for her to sleep here alone?”
interes_regina +=1 bondad +=1
Choice: “Nod in agreement.”
Me: “She takes a step back.”
Choice: “Summoning your own clothes looks convenient.”
Choice: “You look georgeous, it really suits you.”
interes_regina +=1
Regina: “And right now, I’m both of them.”
Choice: “It looks like a huge responsibility.”
interes_regina +=1
Choice: “Wouldn’t you want to have more… freedom?”
Regina: “But she is also fragile… and it’s my duty to protect her.”
Choice: “Sorry, but that’s not true. It’s not just your duty.” (if bondad > 0)
interes_regina +=2 compromisonatural = 1
Choice: “Mother nature is lucky to have such a great protectress.”
interes_regina +=1
Choice: “I would not care much…”
interes_regina -=2
Me: “Her clothes feels the same than silk and they are very thin.”
Choice: “Don’t move.”
Choice: “This is not good, I should make some distance from her intimacy.”
Choice: “I must take this chance to tease her a little…” (if perversion > 0)
Me: “She is looking at me with her mouth partially open, breathing deeply.”
Choice: “That was enough, I was just teasing her.”
Choice: “Continue.”
Regina: “Ending a life is always heartbreaking.”
Choice: “”You said ”most of them” right?””
Choice: “Don’t ask.”
interes_regina +=1
Regina: “So I’ll leave you on a safe place and return later to do it.”
Choice: “”Don’t worry, you can crush it that also makes you feel better.””
tolerdestruccionregina = 1
Choice: “”Yes please… I would prefer to not see that again.””
tolerdestruccionregina = 0
Regina: “I’ll gladly do it anytime.”
Choice: “”I’m glad to see you smiling.””
interes_regina +=1 bondad +=1
Choice: “”I didn’t know that you had such a sadistic side.””
tolerdestruccionregina = 1
Me: “The sound of the wood cracking is becoming stronger.”
Choice: “(I’m enjoying watching this.)”
tolerdestruccionregina +=1
Regina: “Are you perhaps enjoying this too %(player_name)s?”
Choice: “Nod silently.”
Choice: “Of course! How could I not like this?”
perversion +=1
Regina: “What about this is so alluring for you?”
Choice: “It’s impressive to see such a big woman crushing a building effortlessly.”
Choice: “To be honest, I think that the house is lucky to be your chair.”
Choice: “I would like to be inside the house.”
if interes_regina > 12
Regina: “I love it…”
Choice: “Try to massage her too.”
Choice: “Do as she says and leave it to her.”
Choice: “(At least this time I’m not inside…)”
To be Continued
Diula Path
Me: “I feel myself calmer than I should be on this situation, maybe it’s an effect of the same toxin?”
Choice: “Stay still without moving and reflect on the situation.”
Choice: “Slowly try to move to the exit.”
Choice: “Struggle with all my strength”
Me: “She doesn’t look like an evil man-eater… but now that she is talking I can see her unnaturally sharp
Choice: “I a-a-am… %(player_name)s.”
Choice: “I’m %(player_name)s.”
valentia += 1
Me: “…!!”
Choice: “H-Hey!! I thought that you were not going to eat me!”
valentia += 1
Choice: “… (If I’m going to die, this is not a bad way).”
perversion += 1 interes_diula +=1
Me: “However…”
Choice: “…I am afraid”
Choice: “…this is too stimulating.”
perversion +=1
Me: “I look at the exotic looking fruit in front of me, it looks edible and smells nice.”
Choice: “I don’t want to hurt you.”
interes_diula +=1
Choice: “Thanks, I’m starving.”
Me: “If you are hungry…”
Choice: “Maybe you should be patient and wait here for more preys.”
(Solo with Diula)
Choice: “You should move to other position to hunt.”
(Meet Regina again JUMP TO Diula/Regina Path)
Me: “…!!”
Choice: “H-hey! You said that you wouldn’t eat me!”
valentia +=1
Choice: “Finally! I will gladly satisfy your hunger”
perversion +=1 interes_diula +=1
Me: “Her stomach walls feel elastic and slippery.”
Choice: “Let me out of here!! I don’t want to die like this!!”
Choice: “Woah! Amazing! So this is how you are in your insides?”
To be Continued
Diula/Regina Path
Diula: “Oh… Hi Regina.”
Choice: “Nice to see you again Regina!”
interes_regina +=1
Choice: “Hello again.”
Me: “The breathing from both girls and how their breasts are moving is being too intense for me.”
Choice: “(I’m scared, this is dangerous…)”
Choice: “(This feels too good).”
Regina: “My my…”
Choice: “(Don’t say anything).”
Choice: “”I’m sorry.””
interes_regina +=1
Diula: “Can you make more?”
Choice: “Please… G-give me a break.”
Choice: “Sure! Go ahead.”
(if interes_regina > 3)
Me: “She asks in a soft tone and a sweet smile on her face.”
Choice: “It doesn’t hurt. I feel really good.”
Choice: “I’m fine! You can do it harder.”
her_brazo_izq +=1
Me: “Speaking to me in a quiet voice to wake me up.”
Choice: “Good morning.”
Choice: “Just a little more…”
if her_brazo_izq > 0
Diula: “I’m sorry.”
Choice: “It was my fault, I told you to do it harder.”
interes_regina +=1 interes_diula +=1 bondad+=1
Choice: “Don’t worry. Just be more careful in the future.”
interes_regina -=1
Diula: “It’s difficult to control my strength with this size, but I don’t want you to fall.”
Choice: “I see, okay I’ll endure it then.”
Choice: “Don’t worry, I will not fall, you can move that vine away.”
Me: “Then she crouches to pick the corpse and brings it to her mouth full of sharp teeths.”
Choice: “Keep looking.”
Choice: “(I don’t want to see this…)”
Diula: “Three days with no food or water for me.”
Choice: “That’s so cruel…”
interes_diula +=1 bondad +=1
CHoice: “Well, you had it well deserved.”
Me: “…”
Choice: “I’m glad that you found a place to call home Diula.”
interes_diula +=1
Choice: “Stay quiet.”
Choice: “(I cannot hold my tears).”
interes_diula +=1 bondad +=1
Me: “So this is what happens to poachers here…”
Choice: “I’m terrified…”
valentia -=1
Choice: “So… it’s forbidden to hunt here in Viridice?”
interes_diula +=1 valentia +=1
Diula: “But they are now food for me and for this forest.”
Choice: “I think you was too extreme…”
Choice: “They had it deserved…”
interes_diula +=1
Diula: “Regina says that good things happen to good people.”
Choice: “Thank you Diula.”
interes_diula +=1
Choice: “…”
Madea: “It’s a pleasure, %(player_name)s.”
Choice: “The pleasure is mine.”
Choice: “Hey cutie.”
perversion +=1
To be Continued
Naya Path
Naya: “But I’m not sure if I would be able to stop myself if I savour you once more… are you sure?”
Choice: “Please! I want to get inside again.”
Naya: “As I thought, you must really like my mouth to risk your life that way.”
Choice: “It’s not just your mouth, I want to be swallowed!”
Choice: “Indeed! Please let me in again.”
Choice: “Why would I ever want to risk my life again!?”
Choice: “No please, I don’t want to die.”
Me: “The feeling is so intense and even if both the grass and the girl are soft to touch, it still hurts a bit
since she is not being especially careful..”
Choice: “I-it hurts! Stop!”
Choice: “It’s amazing Naya…! I love it!”
perversion += 1 valentia +=1 interes_naya += 1
Choice: “(Stay quiet).”
Me: “Things are becoming more and more wild.”
Choice: “I want to make her feel good. Try to be more active.”
interes_naya +=1
Choice: “I will just let her use me.”
her_torso +=1
“But if she continues like this, I will die for sure.”
Choice: “(Keep trying to make her stop.)”
Choice: “(Try to make her feel even better.)”
Choice: “Struggle and try to escape. I’m going to die at this rate!”
Naya: “This is… so good…!”
Choice: “(I’m also feeling great down here)”
interes_naya +=1 perversion +=1
Choice: “(It’s better if she ends soon…)”
if (interes_naya > 2)
Naya: “Woah! Sorry, I almost squish you there. Are you okay?”
Choice: “Sure! I’m fine. By the way, it has been awesome!”
interes_naya +=1
Choice: “It has been dangerous…”
Naya: “Is that just your morning wood or maybe you are happy to be there?”
Choice: “…”
Choice: “Who wouldn’t wake up ”happy” after sleeping on boobs?”
perversion +=1 interes_naya +=1
Madea: “Where is she hiding?”
Choice: “She just climbed that tree behind me…”
interes_naya -=2 interes_madea +=1
Choice: “I don’t know…”
interes_naya +=1
Naya: “Of course! Right %(player_name)s?”
Choice: “(Keep silent).”
interes_madea +=1
Choice: “Yeah, she saved me back in the forest.”
interes_naya +=1
Me: “…”
Choice: “I will be careful, thanks Madea.”
interes_madea +=1
Choice: “But… I do like how the crotch tattoo sounds.”
interes_naya +=1 perversion +=1
Naya: “What do you think that Madea is?”
Choice: “Half-fox”
Choice: “Half-wolf”
interes_madea +=1
Choice: “Half-cat”
Naya: “It’s me~! Did I forget to mention it?”
Choice: “Okay, that was funny but… jokes aside, Who is the matriarch?”
interes_madea +=1
Choice: “Oh? So you are the leader here?”
interes_naya +=1
Me: “Then, Naya moves her lips. Reading them, she is clearly repeating ”Crotch tattoo”.”
Choice: “Thank you very much Madea.”
interes_madea +=1
Choice: “Nah, you are such a worrywart Madea. I’ll be okay.”
interes_naya +=1
Me: “Indeed, they seem to be prepairing a big festival.”
Choice: “Is there something that I can do to help?”
interes_madea +=1 bondad +=1
Choice: “Follow them quietly.”
Naya: “Aahw~ You don’t want to let him see your naked body?”
Choice: “That’s a shame, but I’ll obey.”
perversion +=1
Choice: “Okay Madea, thanks.”
interes_madea +=1
Madea: “… They are the same as always.”
Choice: “Take a look.” (if perversion > 0)
Me: “So she was not speaking to me…”
Choice: “This is a sign, I should not be trying to look.”
Choice: “Screw it! I must feast my eyes.”
Choice: “Don’t look.”
Madea: “It’s the tradition… and it’s not like you have to wear it all the time.”
Choice: “You both are georgeous… it suits you very well.”
interes_madea +=1 interes_naya +=1
Choice: “Are we going back then?”
if interes_madea < 3 continue below, else skip to Madea path.
Naya: “This little pervert is happy to be there~ right?”
Choice: “Nod.”
perversion +=1 interes_naya +=1
Choice: “Shake my head.”
Naya: “Well? What do you think? Don’t you feel like a chief here? Haha~”
Choice: “I would not mind becoming chief if that means that you’ll be my wife.”
interes_naya +=1
Choice: “I’m not really interested…”
Naya: “Hmm?”
Choice: “Why are those boys dancing with the giantesses? Isn’t that dangerous?”
Choice: “Why am I not dancing among those giantesses?”
Naya: “You’ll keep being my little sex slave~! You are too rare to let you go.”
Choice: “But I want to be your only man.”
Choice: “Sounds good to me.”
interes_naya +=1
Choice: “When will I be free?”
(Start with estamina_piernasnaya = 2)
Naya: “We have just started~”
Choice: ”P-please stop!””
Choice: “This feels incredible Naya…”
estamina_piernasnaya -= 1
Choice: “This is nothing, I can resist without problem.”
estamina_piernasnaya -=1
Naya: “Now try to push my legs with your hips, the same as you would if you were having sex.”
Choice: “Give it all.” (If her_torso > 0, estamina_piernasnaya -=1 is not recieved.)
Choice: “Do it as strongly as you can resist for a while.”
interes_naya +=1
Choice: “Don’t do it.” (If her_torso > 0 then this will result with death.)
estamina_piernasnaya -=1
Different dialogue if estamina_piernasnaya == 0 or not.
Male: “And judging your question… are you perhaps interested in her?”
Choice: “”Not really.””
Choice: “Nod”
Me: “So what about enjoying some quality time together~?”
Choice: “Are you sure this is okay? You have a partner now.”
interes_naya +=1
Choice: “Sure! Go for it.”
interes_naya +=1
Choice: “Do I have an alternative…?”
Me: “But sometimes, her sharp teeth touches me, reminding me that she only has to bite to cut me in
Choice: “I’m afraid…”
valentia -=1
Choice: “This feels wonderful.”
interes_naya+=1 perversion +=1
Naya: “Of course, feel free to cum too.”
Choice: “Move intensely.”
comotemuevesnaya = 2 interes_naya +=1
Choice: “Move with delicacy.”
comotemuevesnaya = 1
Choice: “Don’t move.”
Me: “Naya licks her own lips after saying this.”
Choice: “Move with all my strength.”
comotemuevesnaya = 2 interes_naya +=1
Choice: “Move with delicacy.”
comotemuevesnaya = 1
Choice: “I’m not your toy.”
comotemuevesnaya = 0 Death
To be Continued
Madea Path
Madea: “I’m sorry, I know it’s not very polite to grab you but it would be dangerous for you otherwise…”
Choice: “It can’t be helped…”
Choice: “Don’t worry, in fact, sorry for the inconvenience.”
interes_madea +=1
Me: “There are a lot of giantesses and persons of my size dancing together around a big fire.”
Choice: “Isn’t that dangerous for them?”
Choice: “Can I join them?”
Madea: “Are you feeling good? We can stop if you want.”
Choice: “To be honest, I’m afraid, but I feel that I can trust you.”
detenerbaile = 0 bondad +=1 interes_madea +=1
Choice: “This is fun! I like it!”
detenerbaile = 0 interes_madea +=1
Choice: “Could we stop please?”
detenerbaile = 1
if detenerbaile == 0
Madea: “What do you think? Do you like it?”
Choice: “It’s interesting and funny. I want to learn more.”
interes_madea +=1
Madea: “I think this is not safe for you… we better stop.”
Choice: “Can we dance again the next time?”
interes_madea +=1
Choice: “”No problem, it was fun.””
Choice: “Your breasts? Of course! They are beautiful.”
perversion +=1 interes_madea -=2
Me: “What should I do…?” (temuevesbajomadea just gives different dialogue.)
Choice: “Struggle and try to escape.”
temuevesbajomadea = 1
Choice: “Try to make her feel better.”
temuevesbajomadea = 1 perversion +=1
Choice: “Don’t move.”
temuevesbajomadea = 0
Me: “My back hurts a little due to what she did yesterday, but I’m fine.”
Choice: “I’m fine, don’t worry.”
Choice: “Nah, you were very gentle.”
Madea: “And it could cause a conflict.”
Choice: “That sounds horrible…”
interes_madea +=1
Choice: “”Are you afraid?””
Me: “Even if it looked small on her hands, just the piece that she gave to me is larger than both my hands
Choice: “Thank you so much.”
interes_madea +=1
Choice: “Where does this meat comes from?”
To be Continued
Hell Path
Kendra: “Well? How do you feel?”
Choice: “My head is still spinning…”
Choice: “I’m very happy at becoming your slave!” (if perversion > 0)
perversion += 1 interes_kendra += 1
Kendra: “So if I were you, I would not try to escape or you could end up being devoured.”
Choice: “D-d-devoured!!? Are there giantesses eating humans!?”
Choice: “Being eaten? That would be awesome!”
Choice: “I want to stay with you anyway. I don’t plan to escape.” (if perversion > 1)
interes_kendra +=1
Me: “I must…”
Choice: “Keep calm and try to wake her up”
valentia += 1
Kendra: “What makes you think I will not crush you…?”
Choice: “You would not kill me after taking me with you.”
Kendra: “Are you sure…?”
Choice: “Maybe I cannot be sure about what a giant demoness would do to
someone she just met.”
interes_kendra += 1
Choice: “Nod with a confident smile.”
Choice: “Maybe you would, but panicking would not help me.”
valentia += 1 interes_kendra += 1
Choice: “Stay and enjoy her breasts.” (if perversion > 0)
Me: “I will…”
Choice: “Try to massage her breast.”
Kendra: “Put your hands under my breast again. Now…”
Choice: “Obey her and ask for her forgiveness.”
Choice: “Keep massaging her.”
Choice: “Endure it, it’s better if she doesn’t wake up.”
Choice: “Try to break free with all my strength!! She is going to crush me!!!”
Me: “We walk in silence for a while.”
Choice: “Where are we going…?”
Choice: “…”
Me: “I’m %(player_name)s”
Choice: “Nice to meet you”
interes_nyxmay += 1
Choice: “I’m frozen… I don’t think I can speak.”
Me: “Is she really able to feel my heartbeats just by looking at me?”
Choice: “I am afraid…”
interes_nyxmay += 1
Choice: “You are imagining things.”
interes_nyxmay -=1
Choice: “It’s because you are incredibly beautiful.”
perversion += 1
Me: “She seems to know something… I think she could help me but…”
Choice: “Can you help me please?”
interes_nyxmay += 1
Choice: “What must I do to have your help?”
interes_nyxmay += 1
Choice: “She would never help me…”
if (interes_kendra > 5) continue below, else jump to Nyxmay Path.
Nyxmay: “Maybe it was love at first sight?”
Choice: “But I want to go with you.”
Choice: “…”
Choice: “That’s nice to hear.”
interes_kendra +=1
Kendra: “Uhm? You are not going to eat?”
Choice: “I’m not hungry right now, but thanks.”
Choice: “Who could eat after hearing that?”
Me: “He doesn’t look like he’s in pain, in fact, the small person is smiling.”
Choice: “What is wrong with this place?”
Choice: “Interesting…”
interes_kendra+=1 perversion+=1
if (interes_kendra > 6) then continue below, else jump to Yakuu Path.
Kendra Path
Me: “She begins pressing her foot against the orc who is screaming under her while his bones are being
slowly crushed.”
Choice: “Kendra, stop!!”
Kendra: “Why should I stop?”
Choice: “That’s too cruel!”
bondad +=1
Choice: “It’s unfair that he gets under your sole before me.”
perversion +=2 interes_kendra+=1
Choice: “Close my eyes and cover my ears.”
Choice: “Keep looking and enjoy the show.”
perversion +=1 interes_kendra+=1
Me: “Kendra continues walking, leaving behind the orc corpse.”
Choice: “That blow from before, it didn’t hurt you right?”
Choice: “Don’t say anything.”
Kendra: “Yup…”
Choice: “Now that you mention it… you two look similar.”
interes_kendra -=2
Choice: “I would never guessed…”
Kendra: “And since most of the people from Homaspernia hate that kingdom… let’s say that I’m very
welcome on this land.”
Choice: “Why did you do that to your home and your sister?”
Choice: “I suppose that you had your reasons.”
Me: “She is no longer looking at me…”
Choice: “Keep all the distance from Kendra as I can.”
Choice: “Keep the same distance with her.”
Kendra: “Or maybe knowing that your life is in my hands is turning you on even more?”
Choice: “You would not do such a thing if there’s something from your sister in you.”
Choice: “Yeah, I enjoy being at your mercy.” (if perversion > 2)
interes_kendra+=1 perversion +=1
Choice: “It’s just that there’s nothing I can do.”
Me: “She keeps grinding her butt against me, but right now she is not breaking me anything.”
Choice: “Please stop…!”
Choice: “Try to resist and don’t say anything.”
Choice: “This feels amazing, please continue.”
interes_kendra +=1 perversion +=1
Kendra: “I could think about it if you beg me.”
Choice: “There’s no way I would beg!”
Choice: “P-please…”
interes_kendra +=1 perversion +=1
Me: “Every second that I’m walking by myself on this place I’m on risk of being crushed…”
Choice: “Thanks for carriyng me Kendra.”
interes_kendra +=1
Choice: “(Stay quiet).”
Me: “I can only imagine how was this person’s last moments.”
Choice: “Take the food from the bag.”
interes_kendra +=1
Choice: “There’s no way I can eat this.”
Kendra: “Pwah~ that really hits the spot.”
Choice: “Can I have some?”
Choice: “Drink from my water canteen.”
Kendra: “No problem! You are light as a feather, I’m sure that he’ll be fine.”
Choice: “Try to escape.”
Choice: “Stay here.”
Me: “I feel how Trish lifts her rear just a little so I can breathe again.”
Choice: “Move your fat ass away you crazy bitch!”
Choice: “Just take some air and endure it.”
Kendra: “Yeah, I’m sure that he is smart enough to obey…”
Choice: “Please stop! I’ll not endure this.”
interes_kendra +=1
Choice: “I could do this all the day.”
Choice: “Stay silent and just focus.”
Me: “They are really tempting my body, but if I don’t resist… I’m sure that the punishment will be
something really bad.”
Choice: “Keep trying to resist”
ganasjuegokendratrish = 1
Choice: “Just enjoy and let it happen.”
ganasjuegokendratrish = 0 (if interes_kendra > 11 you will live, else you will die.)
To be Continued
Nyxmay Path
Nyxmay: “You will feel less ”compressed” in that place and that means your victory.”
Choice: “I refuse, I am not interested in going with you.”
Choice: “I have no choice but to obey her.”
interes_nyxmay +=1
Choice: “Awesome! I cannot wait!.”
perversion += 1
Me: “It is soft for now but…”
Choice: “She is going to kill me! I must start moving!!”
Choice: “She is just playing… I will not follow her game.”
Choice: “Try to stay calm and firmly start moving.”
valentia += 1 interes_nyxmay += 1
if (perversion > 1):interes_nyxmay -=1
Me: “At this point it starts to become difficult to breathe since my chest gets squeezed between her soft
thighs really hard.”
Choice: “Please stop, this is impossible.”
Choice: “Keep pushing and advancing with all my strength.”
Nyxmay: “You are very close~”
Choice: “Make a last push and reach the ”goal”
if (perversion > 1):interes_nyxmay -= 1
Choice: “Don’t touch there. That’s a lady most private place after all…”
interes_nyxmay += 2
Kendra: “Uhm? You are not going to eat?”
Choice: “I’m not hungry right now, but thanks.”
Choice: “Who could eat after hearing that?”
Me: “…”
Choice: “I’m afraid…”
interes_nyxmay +=1
Choice: “Do not show fear.”
valentia += 1
Me: “I should…”
Choice: “Stay quiet.”
Choice: “Shout to the monster and try to distract him.”
bondad +=1 interes_nyxmay +=1
Me: “Then she begins walking again, but the elder man is just in front of us. Is she going
to crush him?”
valentia +=1 interes_nyxmay-=1
Choice: “Please, don’t kill him!”
bondad +=1 interes_nyxmay +=1
Choice: “…”
Nyxmay: “Give me a second, I will be back.”
Choice: “Please don’t leave me alone.”
Choice: “Don’t you think I could escape?”
Choice: “…”
Nyxmay: “But thanks to that, now I have a very enjoyable new toy…”
Choice: “Stop calling me toy…”
Choice: “I’m also happy of being yours.”
perversion +=1
Choice: “…”
Nyxmay: “Well? What do you think of my place?”
Choice: “It’s so silent that it makes me nervous”
Choice: “It’s silent and peaceful. I like it.”
Me: “I feel how it’s gradually getting more difficult to breathe.”
Choice: “P-please, I don’t want to die!”
interes_nyxmay +=1
Choice: “Stop playing, just end me already.”
valentia +=1
Choice: “I know this is dangerous, but I’m getting turned on.”
interes_nyxmay +=1 perversion +=1
Me: “Gh…!”
Choice: “S-stop, it hurts!! Stop this!!”
Choice: “Try to endure it silently.”
(if interes_nyxmay>10, else you die.)
Nyxmay: “Well… it was really enjoyable, but if I want to keep your sanity, I should let you have some
Choice: “Thank you…”
Choice: “Can we… do it again please?”
Nyxmay: “This last is my personal favorite… but since you are such a good boy, I will let you
Choice: “Squish me fast.”
Choice: “Do it slowly.”
interes_nyxmay +=1
Nyxmay: “Well… let’s just say that you would find that there are fates way worse than death.”
Choice: “Thanks for keeping me alive then.”
interes_nyxmay +=1
Choice: “What will happen when you run out of magic?”
Nyxmay: “I hope you don’t mind… but I like to sleep like this.”
Choice: “It’s not like I have another choice anyway…”
Choice: “(Blush) I-It’s okay…”
interes_nyxmay +=1
if bondad > 1 you get interes_nyxmay +=1 during the dream sequence.
Me: “…”
Choice: “Breathe. She is just trying to scare me.”
Choice: “She is serious…”
Choice: “No please… have mercy.”
Choice: “If that makes you happy, go ahead.”
To be Continued
Yakuu Path
Yakuu: “I hope you make a better job as part of my bed than cleaning…”
Choice: “”No please, don’t crush me!””
Choice: “…”
interes_yakuu += 1
Choice: “”I’m not afraid of you…””
interes_yakuu += 1 valentia += 1
Me: “At this rate, he is going to die for sure…”
Choice: “Stop!! you monster!”
valentia += 1 bondad += 1 interes_yakuu += 1
Choice: “Please my lady, don’t kill him.”
bondad += 1 interes_yakuu += 1
Choice: “…”
Me: “It’s almost impossible to breath like this.”
Choice: “Struggle and try to move, I must get out of here.”
Choice: “Don’t move.”
(if (valentia > 1) + if interes_yakuu > 0) (If interes_yakuu < 0 you get death.)
Yakuu: “Y-you will… beg for me… to end you…”
Choice: “This is also turning me on…”
Me: “Easier said than done… The sensations on all my body are overwhelming.”
Choice: “There’s no way I can hold this…”
orgasmoconyakuu1 = 1
Choice: “I must endure it…”
orgasmoconyakuu1 = 0
Choice: “I hope this ends quickly.”
Pyeka: “A human… and a purebred one none less. That’s really surprising.”
Choice: “H-hello…”
interes_pyeka +=1
Choice: “What a beautiful sight to wake up..”
interes_pyeka +=2
Choice: “Keep silence”
Pyeka: “Are you okay %(player_name)s…?”
Choice: “You are… a psychopath maneater monster.”
Me: “I cannot believe it… is this where I end!?”
Choice: “Keep fighting.”
Choice: “Surrender and wait.”
Choice: “Please don’t eat me I beg you!!”
valentia -=1 interes_pyeka +=1
Choice: “I was thinking that being eaten by you it’s not a bad way to go.”
interes_pyeka +=1 perversion +=1
Choice: “…”
Pyeka: “Oh…? And what do you think? What’s your first impression?”
Choice: “You are really beautiful…”
interes_pyeka +=1
Choice: “We are already on a bed. Want me to show you what I think?” (if perversion > 1)
perversion +=1
Choice: “…”
Pyeka: “Can I savor you little? I promise that I won’t eat you.”
Choice: “Accept.”
interes_pyeka +=1
Choice: “Refuse.”
Pyeka: “In fact… I think I like your flavor too much…”
Choice: “H-hey! You promised that you won’t eat me!”
Choice: “It’s okay, you can keep savoring me.”
interes_pyeka +=1
Me: “…”
Choice: “Keep silent and look at Pyeka.”
interes_pyeka +=1
Choice: “I can’t remember anything before Kendra captured me.”
Me: “Then she found me interesting enough to not just squish me and took me with her.”
Choice: “Please, help me.”
interes_pyeka +=1
Yakuu: “This is your life now… and you must only care about being a good servant.”
Choice: “I’m just asking for mercy. Please…”
interes_pyeka +=1
Choice: “… Yes ma’am.”
Choice: “And that’s all.”
if interes_pyeka>5 then jump to Pyeka Path, else continue below.
Me: “She is standing in the middle of that gigantic room, right now seems like she is alone.”
Choice: “Yes mistress.”
Choice: “Okay, but please, don’t move much.”
Choice: “Keep quiet.”
interes_yakuu +=1
Choice: “This is so humiliating…”
interes_yakuu +=1
Me: “If she sits there’s no way I will survive.”
Choice: “Stay silent.”
Choice: “Shout and ask the countess for help.”
Me: “But the truth is that I’m being pulled against Yakuu’s soft places.”
Choice: “This is really turning me on.”
yakuuseviene1 = 0 perversion +=1
Choice: “I hope this ends soon.”
Me: “Now it’s being painful… this could end really bad.”
Choice: “Struggle with all my strength.”
yakuuseviene1 = 1
Choice: “I must stay still.”
yakuuseviene1 = 0 valentia +=1
Yakuu: “Am I clear…?”
Choice: “But that’s so difficult…”
Choice: “No problem…”
Me: “Maybe now he knows what will happen if he becomes Yakuu’s slave.”
Choice: “What are you waiting for!? Run away!”
Choice: “Stay silent.”
Me: “He did it for me… even if he was scared, he tried to help me.”
Choice: “Don’t move.”
salvasalloodeyakuu = 0
Choice: “Help him.”
interes_yakuu+=1 salvasalloodeyakuu = 1
Yakuu: “Your right arm for this slave’s life… What do you say?”
Choice: “I accept.”
salvasalloodeyakuu = 1 interes_yakuu +=1 her_brazo_der +=1
Choice: “You are not so stupid to waste two slaves like that.”
To be Continued
Pyeka Path
Pyeka: “Yakuu is a lovely friend of mine, but she is very strict and sometimes kills her slaves at the
smallest mistake.”
Choice: “I don’t think that ‘lovely’ is the word to define such a monster.”
interes_pyeka -=1
Choice: “Seems like you really appreciate her right?”
Me: “Even with that size, her nails are sharp like a blade…”
Choice: “Don’t move.”
interes_pyeka +=1 valentia +=1
Choice: “(I’m trembling…)”
Pyeka: “Then, the ring will disappear and that person’s body will follow your orders.”
Choice: “I order you to come with me, Pyeka.”
Choice: “Don’t try it.”
Pyeka: “Good luck finding someone for Yakuu, %(player_name)s. I will be waiting for you.”
Choice: “I have no choice…”
bondad +=1
Choice: “In fact, this could be fun…”
bondad = 0
??: “Uhm… your nose is bleeding, are you okay?”
Choice: “It must be the impact.”
Choice: “It’s because you are so absurdly sexy…” (if perversion> 0)
perversion +=1
Me: “So it’s on my hand huh…?”
Choice: “The wolf guy.”
esclavoelegido = “wolf”
Choice: “The demon guy.”
esclavoelegido = “demon”
(if esclavoelegido == “wolf” then you get interes_pyeka +=1)
Else you get interes_pyeka -=3
Me: “The point of her tail is swinging fast and even her way of talking is different.”
Choice: “Punch him in the face.”
interes_pyeka +=1 valentia +=1
Choice: “Don’t move.”
esclavoelegido = “corpse”
Me: “About me, I should…”
Choice: “Do it as strong as I can.”
Choice: “Keep doing moderately strong, with delicacy.”
Pyeka: “I can feel your gentle touch, subtle, delicate…”
Choice: “Well, you are a lady… I must be gentle.”
interes_pyeka +=1
Choice: “Keep quiet.”
(If esclavoelegido = “demon” or “corpse”)
Me: “When she is silent, the only thing I can hear is the water when the demon lamia moves her gigantic
Choice: “Apology about what happened before with the slave.”
Choice: “Don’t bring the topic back…” (if esclavoelegido == “corpse” then you get death ending)
(if esclavoelegido = “wolf” + if interes_pyeka > 8 )
deseoapyeka1 = “ninguno”
Pyeka: “Does this suits me?”
Choice: “You are gorgeous.”
interes_pyeka +=1
Choice: “I prefer when you are naked.”
perversion +=1
Choice: “Stay silent”
interes_pyeka -=1
Pyeka: “Simple… isn’t it?”
Choice: “I’ll… do my best.”
Choice: “Woah! Really? That’s like a dream coming true!”
Pyeka: “Now… let’s find what that tiny body of yours can do.”
Choice: “Move with all my strenght from the beginning.”
Choice: “Begin slowly moving.”
Me: “Deeper? That would mean getting completely inside.”
Choice: “Do it.”
unbirth_pyeka1 = 1 interes_pyeka +=2 perversion +=1
Choice: “It’s too dangerous, I will continue like this.”
unbirth_pyeka1 = 0
To be Continued



Giant Guardians Side Stories Walkthrough

Haramunia Path
Me: “I…”
Choice: “Try to stay calm and say good morning.”
Choice: “Take a deep breath in surprise and stay frozen.”
interes_hara +=1
Choice: “Try to run away!!”
Hara: “I am ready! We can start walking then.”
Choice: “Thank Regina for her help before leaving.”
bondad +=1 interes_hara +=1 interes_regina +=1
Choice: “Get down of Regina’s lap.”
Me: “We are walking relatively close, so I can feel when her feet hitting the ground, but it’s way less than
I imagined from her size.”
Choice: “You are less noisy than I thought when walking”
Hara: “Huh? don’t be afraid, humans are out of my menu! I promise nya.”
Choice: “That’s a relief, thank you Hara.”
interes_hara += 1
Choice: “It’s a shame that I will never meet your mouth…”
perversion += 1
Hara: “Does that count as ”meeting my mouth?”
Choice: “That’s even better!”
interes_hara += 1
Choice: “I suppose it’s okay”
Choice: “…I will still have an eye on you.”
interes_hara = 0
Choice: “Don’t mention it.”
Me: “Suddenly, I hear a roar, like coming from something big.”
Choice: “On guard and look around!”
interes_hara +=1
Choice: “Scream!”
Choice: “Stay calm.”
valentia +=1
Me: “Due the size of the catgirl, that would require a small climbing.”
Choice: “I will try to climb, is not too high.”
interes_hara +=1
Choice: “Can you help me?”
Me: “The girl starts eating, she seems to be enjoying it, so I suppose that it would taste good.”
Choice: “What kind of animal is the jerky made of Hara?”
Choice: “Start eating without asking”
Me: “I should…”
Choice: “Try to stop the fruit on her lap.”
interes_hara +=1
Choice: “Let it keep rolling.”
Me: “I should…”
Choice: “Turn around.”
interes_hara += 1
Choice: “Keep looking.”
perversion += 1
(interes_hara > 2)
Me: “It was nice to meet you too Hara.”
Choice: “Caress her cheek.”
interes_hara +=1
Choice: “Stay still.”
Me: “…”
Choice: “Stop looking.”
interes_hara +=1
Choice: “Keep looking.”
Hara: “Any last words…?”
Choice: “N-no please! I’m sorry, don’t kill me! I will not do it again!”
Choice: “Come on, I know that you would not crush me.”
Hara: “Bye…”
Choice: “I keep myself silent and calmed” (if valentia > 1)
valentia +=1 interes_hara += 1
Hara: “I find amazing that someone that small can be that valiant.”
Choice: “It’s just that I know that you are a good person.”
interes_hara +=1
Choice: “Don’t say anything.”
Choice: “Can I really be sure that she is not going to kill me?”
Me: “Good evening.”
Choice: “You look very tired, are you okay?”
interes_hara +=1
Choice: “Don’t mention it”
Me: “Then, the catgirl keeps crawling, getting close to the abandoned structure.”
Choice: “W-Why did you j-just undress!?”
Choice: “Whoah…”
(if interes_hara > 7)
Hara: “Are you enjoying the show tiny…?”
Choice: “Apologize and stop looking.”
interes_hara +=1
Choice: “I cannot stop looking.”
Hara: “Haa… A-are you okay tiny…? I didn’t hurt you r-right?”
Choice: “It was incredible Hara… I really enjoyed it.”
interes_hara +=1
Choice: “I’m okay… I don’t have anything broken.”
Hara: “There’s more predators over here.”
Choice: “Will you not crush me accidentally?”
Choice: “Okay, thanks for protecting me Hara.”
Me: “Hey Hara…”
Choice: “Can we rest a little please?”
interes_hara +=1
Choice: “I’m exhausted… Can you carry me?”
Me: “Then she brings me to her cleavage, and without hesitating, she places me between her breasts.”
Choice: “W-wait what…? W-why here?”
interes_hara += 1
Choice: “Seems like I’m going to enjoy the rest of the travel.”
Me: “It’s potentially fatal… but I could jump out to leave her escape faster…”
Choice: “Jump out from here and let Hara run away.” (if valentia > 0)
valentia +=2 bondad += 1 heroeconhara = 1 interes_hara +=1
Choice: “Stay here and believe in Hara.”
heroeconhara = 0
Seinyaru: “Nice to meet you.”
Choice: “The pleasure is mine Seinaru.”
interes_seinaru +=1
Choice: “Nice to meet you ‘Seinyaru.”
Hara: “He is not going to do such thing, right?”
Choice: “I would never dare to steal a dragon’s treasure.”
interes_seinaru +=1
Choice: “Not while you are looking at least.”
interes_seinaru -=1
Choice: “I would never take what’s not mine.”
interes_seinaru +=1 interes_hara +=1
Hara: “Pheew~ It was delicious nya~”
Choice: “Thanks for the food Hara.”
Choice: “Stay quiet.”
Me: “It’s not an easy task to not hurt me while straddling Seinaru, since I’m so small compared to both of
Choice: “I am afraid, they could even kill me accidentally.”
Choice: “I know I can believe in Hara.”
Hara: “Y-you are feeling great over there too right?”
Choice: “I’m feeling amazing Hara…”
interes_hara += 1
Choice: “It’s not bad.”
Me: “She seems to be enjoying it too, but maybe I could do something for her in return.”
Choice: “Try to make them feel even better.”
interes_hara +=1 interes_seinaru +=1
Hara: “Haa…haah… That was great nya!”
Choice: “Next time I will be the winner Hara.”
interes_hara +=1
Choice: “I am powerless against you.”
Choice: “Let her use me as she pleases.”
Hara: “It’s time to wake up nya~”
Choice: “Hmm… I want to sleep a little more.”
Choice: “Good morning.”
Hara: “Seems like you were really tired tiny… or maybe you were just too comfy there nya?”
Choice: “Seinaru’s thighs are so comfortable.”
interes_seinaru +=1
Choice: “I was exhausted. This is just what I needed.”
Me: “She is holding a red and gigantic piece of fruit that looks like a ripe apple.”
Choice: “Yes please”
Choice: “No, thanks. I think I can do it.”
interes_hara +=1
Hara: “You should be more sensitive in front of a human.”
Choice: “Well… They had it deserved for trying to steal a dragon’s treasure.”
interes_seinaru +=1
Choice: “(Nervous laugh) D-don’t worry.”
interes_hara +=1
Choice: “Yes please…”
Hara: “But maybe I will not want to let you go when the time comes nya~!”
Choice: “That doesn’t sound bad either.”
Choice: “What’s the point of helping me then?”
Hara: “What about spending a good time here relaxing, while hearing the river and enjoying this fresh
Choice: “It’s true… it feels amazing here.”
Choice: “You just want a chance to laze off right…?”
Me: “She is also soft enough to make me feel comfortable.”
Choice: “I could easily fall asleep like this…”
interes_hara+=1 interes_seinaru+=1
Choice: “But I don’t feel very safe at her side. She looks so dangerous…”
Seinaru: “My kitty treasure…”
Choice: “You should tell her that when she is awake.”
Choice: “Aaahw… that’s so sweet.”
valentia +=1
Choice: “Keep silent. It’s better if she thinks that I’m also sleeping.”
Hara: “Well… What do you think tiny? Are you comfy down there?”
Choice: “Yes, she is so soft and warm.”
Choice: “She is a bit too hot…”
if bondad<3
Me: “Seinaru turns her back to us, about to begin running.”
Choice: “Grab her tail, I don’t want to miss the show!”
Me: “Seems like she saved my life…”
Choice: “(Laugh) ”I thought that cats always lands on her feet”
Choice: “Thank you so much Hara…”
Choice: “Goodbye Seinaru!”
Me: “I also notice that the catgirl’s steps are really close to me.”
Choice: “Aren’t you walking even closer to me than usual?”
Choice: “I feel safe when you are this close.”
interes_hara +=1
Hara: “…”
Choice: “I’m sorry you had to see that Hara.”
Choice: “Stay silent. There’s nothing I can say right now.”
Me: “…”
Choice: “What happened?”
Choice: “Caress and try to comfort her.”
interes_hara +=1 bondad+=1
Hara: “Do you mind if… we stay like this for a moment nya?”
Choice: “Is not too dangerous to stay here?”
Choice: “No problem, we can stay all the time that you need.”
interes_hara+=1 valentia +=1
Me: “She seems to have mixed feelings, but having to bury him in that state could be too much for her.”
Choice: “Don’t worry Hara, leave it to me.”
interes_hara+=1 bondad+=1
Me: “The scene in front of me is so disturbing and bloody that it’s difficult to think that he
was once a living being like me.”
Choice: “This really upsets my stomach.”
Choice: “I can handle this…”
valentia +=1
Choice: “It’s too dangerous to stay here… we should leave.”
Hara: “I will walk a bit faster so we reach a safe place soon okay?”
Choice: “(blush) O-okay…”
interes_hara +=1
Choice: “Take your time~ I feel amazing here.”
perversion +=1
Choice: “Fine, thanks…”
Hara: “Are you comfy over there nya~?”
Choice: “C-could you try not making them bounce this much?”
interes_hara +=1
Choice: “I’m in heaven…”
??: “W-WAIT!! HARA!?”
Choice: “Hara stop!!”
Choice: “I’m sure that she is just kidding.”
To be Conintued
Seinaru Path
Me: “When we were on the forest, she suddenly went on heat and used me as a sex toy.”
Choice: “Fortunately, she didn’t hurt me.”
her_torso =0
Choice: “A she went so wild that she almost breaks my chest.”
her_torso +=1
Me: “I’m %(player_name)s, a human… and…”
Choice: “I’m Naya’s property! She is going to get mad if you hurt me!”
Seinaru: “So I think I just have a purpose for you…”
Choice: “Beg for mercy.”
Choice: “Don’t kill me! I can show you where Naya hides her treasures!”
Choice: “I’m not afraid of you.”
interes_seinaru +=1 valentia += 2
Choice: “I-I’m sorry! I w-w-was lost in the forest. I didn’t know th-there would be a dragon living here.”
interes_seinaru +=1
Seinaru: “Leave right now before I change my mind…”
Choice: “Please let me rest here… I will leave soon.”
Seinaru: “I’m being merciful here not having you as lunch…”
Choice: “Beg her to not let me die.”
interes_seinaru +=1
Choice: “You are not going to let me die out there, right?”
Choice: “It’s so dangerous outside. I will not leave yet.”
Choice: “(Run away)”
(If her_torso > 0 you get interes_seinaru +=1 with this choice.)
Choice: “Thank you Seinaru.”
interes_seinaru +=1
Choice: “Thanks! You are not so terrifying as you look.”
Seinaru: “Yes, I live here on my own.”
Choice: “Isn’t it a bit lonely?”
Choice: “I see…”
Seinaru: “Am I being clear…?”
Choice: “Crystal clear!”
Choice: “It’s kinda abusive from you isn’t it…?”
If her_torso > 0
Seinaru: “How did it happened?”
Choice: “That stupid Naya was on heat and went too far.”
interes_seinaru -=1
Choice: “Naya accidentally hurt me.”
bondad +=1
(If her_torso > 0 + interes_seinaru > 2 then you gain seinarutellevaenmano = 1)
Seinaru: “You are lucky to be alive then, she usually doesn’t leave many survivors.”
Choice: “It wasn’t luck, I would be dead if Maryen didn’t save me.”
interes_seinaru += 1
Me: “She stayed there fighting with Kendra.”
Choice: “I should have helped her…”
interes_seinaru += 1
Choice: “I hope that she is okay.”
Choice: “It wasn’t luck, I’m stronger than you think.”
Me: “… I’m in front of two naked giantesses.”
Choice: “Blush and look away.”
interes_hara +=1
Choice: “You should not do this in front of a stranger.”
Choice: “Keep looking.”
perversion +=1 interes_seinaru +=1
Me: “Before I can react, Hara picks me up and begins undressing me.”
Choice: “I’m fine, I don’t need to undress.”
Choice: “(My body already reacted to have both naked girls near to me.)”
Me: “What should I do…?”
Choice: “Ask them to stop.”
Choice: “Endure it and keep making them feel good.”
interes_seinaru +=1
Hara: “It’s time to wake up nya~”
Choice: “Hmm… I want to sleep a little more.”
Choice: “Good morning.”
Hara: “Seems like you were really tired tiny… or maybe you were just too comfy there nya?”
Choice: “Seinaru’s thighs are so comfortable.”
interes_seinaru +=1
Choice: “I was exhausted. This is just what I needed.”
Me: “She is holding a red and gigantic piece of fruit that looks like a ripe apple.”
Choice: “Yes please”
Choice: “No, thanks. I think I can do it.”
interes_hara +=1
Hara: “I will give you those for free.”
Choice: “Thanks Hara!”
Choice: “I will pay you when I can.”
Hara: “You should be more sensitive in front of a human.”
Choice: “Well… They had it deserved for trying to steal a dragon’s treasure.”
interes_seinaru +=1
Choice: “(Nervous laugh) D-don’t worry.”
interes_hara +=1
Choice: “Yes please…”
Hara: “What about spending a good time here relaxing, while hearing the river and enjoying this fresh
Choice: “It’s true… it feels amazing here.”
Choice: “You just want a chance to laze off right…?”
Me: “She is also soft enough to make me feel comfortable.”
Choice: “I could easily fall asleep like this…”
interes_hara+=1 interes_seinaru+=1
Choice: “But I don’t feel very safe at her side. She looks so dangerous…”
Seinaru: “My kitty treasure…”
Choice: “You should tell her that when she is awake.”
Choice: “Aaahw… that’s so sweet.”
valentia +=1
Choice: “Keep silent. It’s better if she thinks that I’m also sleeping.”
Hara: “Well… What do you think tiny? Are you comfy down there?”
Choice: “Yes, she is so soft and warm.”
Choice: “She is a bit too hot…”
Seinaru: “About you…”
Choice: “Please don’t eat me!!”
Choice: “Are you going to eat me? Please do it!”
Choice: “Stay calm.”
valentia +=1 interes_seinaru+=1
Me: “Seinaru simply closes her hand stronger and the thief gets crushed easily.”
Choice: “This is too much, stop looking.”
Me: “Even if I’m covering my ears, she is so close and so big that I can still hear her
Choice: “They were people like me after all… I cannot endure looking at this.”
Choice: “I just cannot handle blood…”
Choice: “Keep looking.”
Me: “She is painly honest…”
Choice: “I’m not that weak!”
Choice: “Yeah, I know… thanks for protecting me.”
Me: “Is she going to sit on me as part of this training!?”
Choice: “Raise my arms, prepare myself and believe in her.”
Me: “Her rear is clean now, even after squashing those thieves.”
Choice: “I see… thank you.”
Choice: “Hey Seinaru, why is your butt no longer stained with blood?” (if perversion > 0)
Seinaru: “Alright… do ten more and we’ll make a short pause.”
Choice: “Try to do it.”
interes_seinaru +=1
Choice: “I cannot do it…”
interes_seinaru -=1
Me: “Even if it’s faintly burned, it tastes good.”
Choice: “It’s delicious, thank you!”
interes_seinaru +=1
Choice: “Well, you burned it a little, but it’s okay.”
interes_seinaru -=1
Seinaru: “Come on, I didn’t say to stop right?”
Choice: “Keep doing push-ups.”
interes_seinaru +=1
Choice: “This is too much, I can’t do it.”
interes_seinaru -=1
Me: “Even if that doesn’t seems to be her intention, just a mistake and I’m a goner.”
Choice: “Please stop, I’m afraid.”
Choice: “Don’t say anything and continue.”
Seinaru: “I think that I have to go even easier on you.”
Choice: “There’s no need for that. Go harder.”
interes_seinaru +=1 valentia +=1
Choice: “Yes please.”
To be Continued
Carmilla Path
Me: “She keeps walking towards me…”
Choice: “Try to escape.”
Choice: “Let her catch you.”
Carmilla: “Huh…? You are not even trying to run from me?”
Choice: “Why should I run from such a beautiful goddess?”
interes_carmilla +=1
Choice: “You know that it’s impossible for me to escape.”
Carmilla: “Am I clear?”
Choice: “Yes Carmilla.”
Choice: “Yes my goddess.”
interes_carmilla +=1
Choice: “I’d rather become a corpse than your slave.”
Me: “There’s not much that I can do to stop her, I’m at her mercy after all.”
Choice: “Please, don’t kill me. I’ll serve you.”
interes_carmilla +=1
Me: “She is clearly enjoying how I’m begging for my life.”
Choice: “I beg you, my goddess, don’t take my life.”
interes_carmilla +=1
Choice: “Please show mercy!”
Choice: “Just let me go, please.”
Carmilla: “I’m looking for a substitute for my previous feet worshipper…”
Choice: “I’ll gladly worship your feet, my goddess!”
interes_carmilla +=1
Choice: “What happened to him…?”
Carmilla: “Otherwise, if you are not worthy of such an honour, I’ll just end your pathetic life here…”
Choice: “What must I do?”
Choice: “Stay quiet.”
interes_carmilla +=1
Carmilla: “Oh… and… you can speak now, but if you are going to open that mouth, make sure that I like
what you say.”
Choice: “(I don’t want to do this… but I have no choice.)”
fetichistadepies = 0
Choice: “(This is a dream coming true!)”
fetichistadepies = 1 interes_carmilla +=1
Me: “I shake my head trying to keep my mind focused.”
Choice: “Try to massage her feet on a different way.”
interes_carmilla +=1
Choice: “Keep doing like this, it seems like she likes it.”
Carmilla: “Lick my soles like the lowly animal that you are.”
Choice: “I’ll gladly do it, my goddess.”
interes_carmilla +=1
Choice: “(I have no choice…)”
Choice: “No way, that’s going too far!”
interes_carmilla -=1
Carmilla: “Well… that’s just if you are still alive if that happens.”
Choice: “But I want to stay with you.”
Carmilla: “I don’t care in the slightest what you want, insect…”
Choice: “Please my goddess, my only wish is to serve you.”
interes_carmilla +=1
Choice: “Focus on the job and stop talking.”
Choice: “Stay silent.”
Carmilla: “Any complaints…?”
Choice: “No, my goddess, I’ll happily serve you.”
interes_carmilla +=1
Choice: “Shake my head.”
Choice: “(Murmur) Crazy bitch…”
To be Continued
Bell Path
Bell: “Hmm?”
Choice: “Speak as loudly as I can to make her notice me.”
Bell: “Or I swear that it will look like I sat on a fucking cherry.”
Choice: “There’s no way I can get down from here so quickly!”
Choice: “Y-yes ma’am!!”
interes_bel +=1
Choice: “Keep silent.”
Bel: “And the preparations also take a huge amount of time.”
Choice: “I don’t have any money…”
interes_bel +=1
Choice: “Why you leave something so expensive just here?”
Bel: “Purebred humans are very useful ingredients in alchemy… your blood for example.”
Choice: “Are you planning to use me as an ingredient…?”
Choice: “Please don’t kill me!”
Me: “Seems like it’s quickly evaporating…”
Choice: “Make some distance.”
her_pierna_izq +=1 her_pierna_der +=1
Choice: “Stay right here.”
Me: “She is just in front of me with way more revealing clothes.”
Choice: “You are beautiful with that clothing.”
interes_bel +=1
Choice: “Good morning Bel.”
Me: “Well, maybe ”small” is not the correct word when my breakfast is literally bigger than my head.”
Choice: “This looks great, thanks!”
Choice: “Isn’t this too much for me?”
Bel: “And I’m not much into slavery, killing for fun, eating persons, etc…”
Choice: “But you are not different, I’m your slave after all.”
interes_bel -=1
Choice: “I’m glad to know that you are not like them.”
Me: “Maybe both…?”
Choice: “Hmm maybe you overdid it…?”
Choice: “Woah! That was incredible.”
interes_bel +=1
Me: “Bel sighs and smiles, she really looks like a weight was lifted from her shoulders.”
Choice: “I still think that killing them was too much.”
interes_bel -=1
Choice: “Well, they had what they deserved.”
interes_bel +=1
To be Continued
Roxanne Path
Me: “I should…”
Choice: “Struggle and try to make her know that I’m a person.”
orgasmoroxie1 = 0
Choice: “Don’t move.”
orgasmoroxie1 = 1
Me: “Now I can only hear her breathing and the wet and viscous sound of her insides while
she keeps using me like a living sex toy.”
Choice: “I’m feeling good too.”
orgasmoroxie1 = 2
Choice: “This is dangerous… I hope it ends quickly.”
Me: “This situation could be dangerous. Even though she is way smaller than Kendra right now, she can
still crush me accidentally.”
Choice: “Try to wake her up.”
interes_roxanne +=1
Choice: “Struggle and try to escape.”
Me: “Her breasts are softly squeezing my body, she accomodates on top of me making me exhale.”
Choice: “This is dangerous.”
Choice: “This is turning me on.”
perversion +=1
Roxanne: “I suppose you’ll have no problem with me sitting here right?”
Choice: “Wait! This is dangerous!”
Choice: “No problem! This is even enjoyable.”
perversion +=1
Me: “Roxanne slightly lifts her butt to let me speak properly, even though I’m still trapped.”
Choice: “Sorry, I didn’t pretend to insult you.”
interes_roxanne +=1
Choice: “I could endure this all the day.”
Me: “I cannot answer her, in fact I can barely breathe…”
Choice: “I’m so scared.”
Choice: “This is turning me on.”
interes_roxanne +=1 perversion +=1
Roxanne: “That would be helpful.”
Choice: “It will be a pleasure.”
interes_roxanne +=1
Choice: “You won’t get mad if I dislike your performance… right?”
Roxanne: “Uhm? What’s with that face? Are you alright %(player_name)s?”
Choice: “I’m afraid.”
Choice: “This is awesome.”
interes_roxanne +=1
Roxanne: “But I wonder… will you try to something or just let me play with you?”
Choice: “Massage her.”
interes_roxanne +=1
Choice: “Don’t move.”
Roxanne: “However, we can still play like this a little longer.”
Choice: “Make my best effort to make her feel good.”
interes_roxanne +=1
Choice: “Don’t move.”
To be Continued
Riys Path
Me: “What should I do…?”
Choice: “Try to save the elf girl.”
valentia +=1 bondad +=1 interes_riys +=1
Choice: “Abandon her.”
valentia = 0 Leads to death.
Me: “Maryen came and stopped her, giving me the chance to escape.”
Choice: “I still feel bad about leaving her there.”
interes_riys +=1
Choice: “She saved me and I’ll not forget it.”
Me: “She starts getting upset… this is not good. But I’m so compressed.”
Choice: “(This is dangerous.)”
Choice: “(I’m enjoying this.)”
perversion +=1
Me: “I’m pushing my luck every second that I stay here…”
Choice: “Try to get out with all my strength.”
interes_riys +=1
Choice: “I’m sorry Riys, but I cannot move.”
Riys: “But at least it will make your job here easier.”
Choice: “Thank you very much Riys.”
interes_riys +=1
Choice: “I don’t need it, I’m already strong.”
Me: “It’s like touching a stone that has been an entire day under the summer sun.”
Choice: “Hot! hot!”
Choice: “Endure it silently.”
Me: “That’s easy to say, but even with my improved strength, I am no match for her.”
Choice: “But I’m no match for you.”
Choice: “Alright! I’ll do my best.”
interes_riys +=1
Me: “I’m basically an ant trying to lift a person… I feel that she could just crush me so easily.”
Choice: “Do my best effort.”
interes_riys +=2
(if interes_riys>6)
Riys: “That smile tells me that she finds amusing having me here…”
Choice: “Sure! Count me in.”
interes_riys +=1
Choice: “Give me a break, isn’t this too much as a routine?”
Choice: “This is pointless, please let me go.”
Me: “She sighs and moves her head to both sides, cracking her neck.”
Choice: “Praise her legs.”
interes_riys +=1
Choice: “Ask about the food.”
Me: “And such a powerful person decided to hire and protect me.”
Choice: “Thank Riys.”
interes_riys +=1
Choice: “Follow her silently”
To be Conintued
Frayo Path
Me: “It’s really comfortable and warm in here, I have the feeling that I could fall asleep in no time.”
Choice: “This is the best bed Hara, thanks!”
Choice: “Blush and look away. ”G-good night…””
interes_hara +=1
Me: “She is curled with the catgirl and her face is so close that I’m sandwiched between her cheek and
Hara’s chest.”
Choice: “Keep calm and wake Hara up.”
interes_frayo +=1
Choice: “WOAAH!! Who are you!?”
Frayo: “Oh… Hello to you too, nice to meet you.”
Choice: “Good morning Frayo.”
interes_frayo +=1
Choice: “We already slept together, I think we can skip the formalities.”
perversion +=1 interes_hara +=1
Me: “Since Frayo’s legs are open just in front of me, the lewd scent is tickling my nose.”
Choice: “Keep looking.”
perversion +=1 interes_frayo +=1
Choice: “Avert my gaze.”
interes_hara +=1
Hara: “What do you say nya?”
Choice: “Join them.”
Hara: “What should I do?”
Choice: “Focus on making Frayo feel good.”
interes_frayo +=1 interes_hara +=1
Choice: “Don’t try to resist and let Hara do the work.”
Choice: “Don’t do it.”
Frayo: “Sure! Gladly!”
Chocie: “But we don’t know anything about her…”
interes_hara -=1 interes_frayo = 0
Choice: “Welcome then Frayo, it’s nice to have you with us.”
interes_frayo +=1 bondad +=1
if interes_frayo > 2
Frayo: “I would like to help you too %(player_name)s.”
Choice: “Thank you Frayo.”
Choice: “Thanks Frayo, you are such a good girl.”
interes_frayo +=1
Frayo: “Are you sure that you are okay %(player_name)s? Isn’t this maybe too cold for you?”
Choice: “I’m fine as long as I keep walking. Don’t worry.”
Choice: “It’s too cold to walk, can you carry me?”
Hara: “Heh~ It looks more like you are talking about a pet nya.”
Choice: “I’m fine with being treated as a pet.”
interes_frayo +=1
Choice: “I’m not so helpless…”
Choice: “…”
Hara: “Stay with her while I’m out, okay? I’ll come back soon.”
Choice: “No problem, see you later Hara.”
interes_frayo += 1
Choice: “(I don’t feel safe with this strange giant girl.)”
interes_frayo == 0
Frayo: “Are you feeling better now?”
Choice: “This feels nice, thank you.”
Choice: “Not bad, but I would feel warmer inside you.”
Frayo: “My dearest companion gave their life to save mine, I would be dead otherwise…”
Choice: “I’m sorry to hear that…”
interes_frayo +=1
Choice: “…”
Frayo: “In fact… she doesn’t seems to have any intention of hurting you either.”
Choice: “I have the feeling that I can trust both of you.”
Choice: “I’m sure that you will keep her under control.”
if interes_hara >= 15
Me: “What should I do…?”
Choice: “Accept.”
teunesafrayohara2 = 1
Choice: “Refuse.”
teunesafrayohara2 = 0
Hara: “Oh! It really suits you!”
Choice: “Yeah, it looks very good on you.”
interes_frayo +=1
Choice: “Keep silent.”
To be Conintued
Kylee Path
Me: “I’m %(player_name)s.”
Choice: “Nice to meet you.”
interes_kylee = 1
Choice: “And I’m not ‘tiny’.”
interes_kylee = 0
Kylee: “You must feel so lonely.”
Choice: “Nah… I’m good.”
Choice: “Yeah… a little.”
interes_kylee +=1
Kylee: “Of course, this was just a test, I’ll be doing it stronger each time.”
Choice: “Isn’t this dangerous?”
Choice: “This is fun, let’s continue!”
interes_kylee +=1
Kylee: “So I’ll get something for you.”
Choice: “Thanks Kylee, but I can’t accept. I’ll pay for my own clothes.”
interes_kylee +=1
Choice: “That would be great.”
To be Conintued
Campus Life
Kendra: “I’m sure that my shoe would be a good bed for you.”
Choice: “I don’t want to sleep in a shoe, thanks…”
Choice: “That doesn’t sounds bad.”
Maryen: “By the way, Kendra… Why are you still here if he’s not around?”
Choice: “Try to ask for help.”
Choice: “Don’t move.”
Elilette: “I-I’m glad to hear that… I was worried.”
Choice: “Could I ask you to do it again?”
Choice: “Don’t worry about it, it wasn’t your fault.”
To be Conintued

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