Google releases updated version of Android Auto

The new Android Auto focuses more on the split-screen console, which is much more flexible than the old, rather rigid interface.

After a long delay, Google has released a major update to the Android Auto app.

The new Android Auto focuses more on the split-screen console, which is much more flexible than the old, rather rigid interface.

The new update was first rolled out at Google I/O, Google’s annual developer conference in San Francisco, California.

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The new update is expected to be released in Summer 2022.

But somehow, it was delayed to the Consumer Electronics Show event (CES 2023).

Observers said the delay could be because the apps that run on the car typically have to meet a host of safety regulations.

Android Auto is an app for your phone. It sends a custom interface (wireless or wired) to an Android Auto-compatible car display.

Unlike the regular Android operating system, which can zoom in and out of the interface according to any screen size or style, Android Auto was originally designed to only be displayed in landscape, with a small screen ratio. . 16:9 ratio.

Android Auto has been upgraded several times over the years, but the aspect ratio remains the same.

It’s worth mentioning that not all screens on cars are widescreen. For example, a car like the Volvo XC90 has a 4:3 screen on the center console, just like an iPad tablet.

On such a screen, Android Auto can only be displayed in a small area in the center of the screen.

Unlike older versions, the split-screen interface can adapt to any screen in a rectangular format. It will consist of three components, including a navigation bar, the main app interface, and a smaller sidebar that can display an add-on or two.

All of these can be customized in a more streamlined manner according to the shape of the screen. For example, a navigation bar can be located on the right or bottom of the screen. The main application interface can be placed next to the toolbar or stacked together. Toolbars can also be customized as vertical or thin horizontal lines.

This toolbar is also the most exciting new addition to Android Auto. It works like a normal Android notification shade, but is much larger in size for car drivers.

It can display an on-screen dashboard of the media being played or make suggestions about them.

It can also enable split-screen mode, where the top item will display the latest notification, whether it’s an incoming text message or an option to share time with your location or time information. detail.

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