Groove Gunner New Player Basic Guide

For Groove Gunner  players, this guide is a starting point for capturing information that new players to Groove Gunner may find useful. Let’s check it out.


If you’re looking for more info, we will plan to update this document in the future. Leave a comment if there’s a question you have too!
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Some new players find the blocking mechanic challenging, especially when learning it paired with the shooting mechanic. There are a few different places where you can change settings and see if the options may be more comfortable for you.

  • Shield Depth
    You can alternate between -.12 to .12 meters to change how far the shield will move up in relation to your pistols.


  • Shield Rotation
    You can rotate a full 360 degrees depending on user preference as some angles may be better depending on how you grip your controllers


  • Height
    The bullets that you need to block automatically adjust to the grid laid out in the song map and will be centered depending on what height you enter on the “Accessibility” menu. This varies between 1.2 and 2 meters

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