Horace: Cheats, Minigames & Hacker Achievement

Here’s some fun stuff you can do with the computers scattered all over the world!


In BASIC the PEEK command is used to view the contents of a specified memory location.

In Horace you can PEEK the following memory locations:

  • 20 (message)
  • 175 (invincibility)
  • 321 (shields)
  • 53280 (border color)
  • 53281 (background color)

Usage (# is the memory location):

  • PEEK #

POKE (Cheats!)

In BASIC the POKE command is used to change the contents of a specified memory location.

In Horace you can POKE the following memory locations:

  • 175 (gives invincibility for X seconds)
  • 321 (gives X shields)
  • 53280 (changes border color to X)
  • 53281 (changes background color to X)

Usage (# is the memory location and X is a number):

  • POKE #,X

LOAD (Minigames!)

In BASIC the LOAD command is used to load something (duh :)).

To see what you can load, type the following:

  • LOAD $
  • LIST

You will now have the option to load any of the following minigames:


To load and play a minigame (# is the game you wish to load):

  • LOAD “#”
  • RUN

Bonus: Hacker Achievement

Type in the following to get the “Hacker” achievement:

  • 10 PRINT “Hello world!”
  • 20 GOTO 10
  • RUN

Written by evilmaster

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