Kaspersky predicts cyberattack trends in 2023


Attacks on satellite technology, email servers, sabotage and information leaks, and drone attacks are trends that will emerge in 2023.

The changes brought about by political turmoil in 2022 will affect cybersecurity for years to come, directly affecting the development of sophisticated attacks. Kaspersky’s Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) has forecast cyberattack trends for 2023 by monitoring more than 900 APT (Targeted Attack) groups and campaigns.

The Next Generation of WannaCry and the Use of Drones for Proximity Attacks

According to statistics, the largest and most impactful cyber attacks happen every 6-7 years. The most recent incident is the WannaCry attack, which exploited the EternalBlue vulnerability to automatically distribute ransomware to computers.

Kaspersky researchers believe that the next generation of WannaCry is likely to appear in 2023. The likely reason for this is that the world’s savviest attackers probably have at least one method. France. Existing global pressure and mining methods increase the likelihood of attacks and data leaks.

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