Keplerth Basic Boss Tips Guide for Beginners

For Keplerth players, this guide provides general info on the bosses, their attacks and some general recommendations on how to go about killing them.


Just for reference: My playthrough has been on normal mode, so your mileage may vary.

Minibosses you Summon with Item drops

First: the Two summon-able mini bosses

Boar King: Eat the liver item dropped by boars. It can charge forward and has basic attacks when you are close. Keep kiting it and smacking it with a spear or shooting it with a bow. Have some healing items and food on hand.

Coocoo Miniboss: Eat a coocoo jelly to summon. dropped by CooCoos. (They are hostile at night)

This boss will summon little orbs of energy that do damage when you get too close. After a few seconds they will become solid -> at this point, attack the orb while facing the boss so that it collides with them.

Doing this will lower their shield for a few seconds.
Attack them then rinse repeat when the shield goes back up.

First Boss

Very straightforward. Located in infected villages on the surface.

It will do a round of four circle AOEs that chase you and if you get too close it will do a frontal cleave.

Strategy: Just keep moving and kiting it as you attack. Ideally, clear the area around it of hostile infected first before you start the battle.
Make sure you have some healing salves (Ash + grass) and some food on you, just in case.

Second Boss

Located in Goblin camps. Underground 1-4

When close to him, he will either swipe at you with his sword or do a forward moving slash combo that can quickly tear through your health.

When at range: he will often fire his bow at you with a spread pattern of five arrows.

He will periodically summon more goblin mobs to help him

His followers can also throw nets at you to pin you in place: attack it to remove it

Strategy: Crowd control and clearing away as many traps on the ground first is the main issue with this boss.

First: clear the area of hostile goblins and destroy traps as best you can without aggro-ing him (he’s usually in a clearing surrounded by goblins with helmets and ranged goblins on horses)

Give the boss a wide berth until you are ready for him.

Having some bandages/med kits and food on hand is recommended.

I used tractor beam device to slow down the crowd of mobs and make them easier to manage. Honestly any skill with decent AOE can be used here.

AOE to keep the crowd from getting too unmanageable is key here.

My reflect follower tanked most of the fight with my boar king pet on standby for when he died, while I attacked it with a pistol.

Focus down the mob goblins first whenever they spawn so that you don’t get overwhelmed and keep moving while you whittle him down.

Third Boss

Located in insector nests in underground floors 5-9 . This boss is…. annoying.

It’s one part bullet hell, one part endurance race. The main gist of this boss is it will spawn 3 green blobs that need to be destroyed with your pickaxe or it will heal a large chunk of its hp.

flow of the fight is:
Bullet hell (either a line of them aimed at you or a huge circle of them spreading out)—> 3 spawn –> repeat

It also periodically dumps poisons clouds around it, so try to avoid those.

Pets and followers aren’t going to be much use here, since they get shredded pretty quickly by the spread bullet pattern (the Ai is too dumb to dodge, they just sit there in the poison too, but they can still keep the boss’ attention off you for a bit while you attack.

Strategy: As always clear the area, place torches etc, around the boss first, it won’t spawn until you click on the spawner.

Movement speed and dps is key here. I don’t recommend melee for this one since the bullet hell originates from the boss and spreads out; it can be difficult to get away from the spread in time.

Recommended to use genes for ranged dps and pet damage then use a pistol and some bullets here to whittle it down while your pet/follower get some damage in before they die to the spread. Make sure you have bandages and food at the ready. Keep destroying the 3 with your pickaxe immediately and whittling it down.

Note: Don’t forget to break the boss’ corpse before you leave! It gives loot!

Fourth Boss

Another annoying boss that comes in a pair. Located in grounder camps in underground floors 10-14

Fires a Rapid Gatling gun line, try to hide behind walls if you can and keep moving.

It Throws explosives periodically and has a shield that generates throughout the fight.

The shield usually takes 3 hits to break, so attack speed is key here.

Strategy: Clear the area first as best you can and bring plenty of healing pots and food.

You want to separate these annoying jerks. Don’t fight them both together if you can help it.

What I did: I used a pet follower/ranged hybrid here and had taunt on.
Set both follower/pet to standby.

Then: creep close enough to attack one of them with a ranged weapon until you destroy their shield and they follow you. (If they Gatling at you right off the bat just back off for a bit and try again after they get bored of you and stop)

Once they don’t actually Gatling on sight and only one of them follows you a decent distance away, quickly set your pet/follower to aggro and make sure you have auto feed on.

While the boss is distracted by your tanks, whittle them down with ranged or melee. (I used ranged here since the boss was mostly just staying still)

Heal as needed and keep whittling it down as much as you can while your pet/follower is still alive.

Chainsaw MiniBoss

Located in underground remains, floors 10-14
Clear the area of infected first and bring plenty of healing and food.Pet/follower can’t be relied on with this guy unless they have leech and are hella tanky. His main gimmick is to rush forward with the chainsaw so just keep dodging left/right and kiting him if your pet/follower dies.The main danger is when he gets close.
Another thing to watch out for is that his frontal chainsaw charge can destroy blocks and potentially make a crowd of mobs behind those walls notice and attack you.My follower at this point was a reflect tank with a slight amount of leech from melee attacks, so he lasted a decent amount of time before death, after that I switched my boar king to taunt + autofeed and between the two of us we managed to kill him just a bit before my boar would have died.Though I’ve had a few tries where my follower and boar immediately died. The AI isn’t really reliable with this boss, sadly. When in doubt just kite and dodge and hope you have enough dps and buffs to kill him. Drugs and max HP food buffs are huge here!

Prepare for the next Two Bosses:

From this point on: make sure you are upgrading your armor and getting their bonuses. Also plate your gear and weapons with silver/gold ingots until you get decent traits.

You can upgrade and change gear type with the Insector Holy grail crafting station.

For me: I used pet attack/def spec on all maxed level gear
And my follower had all melee attack spec maxed level gear.

Fifth Boss

Located in meco labs by using a portal located inside. underground 15-19,

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The fight won’t start until you click on the door.

After a minute or two of the boss attacking you or your tank follower/pet with close range melee attacks, a red AOE will appear around the boss: get out of it or you will be shredded.

After another minute or so, the boss will then switch to range-attack bullet spam:


DPS is a must. The faster you kill him, the less bullet hell projectile spam you have to dodge.

I used a pet/leader hybrid build with some phys and ranged mixed in. Physical for the start, ranged for when the bullet hell spam begins.

Both me and my follower had chainsaws and buffed gear. (For me: my gear had pet buff spec gear and my follower had melee attack spec gear) I start the battle with the defense skill for my pet/follower and use tractor to slow the boss’s attack speed. Get out of the red, and then repeat.

Once he switches to ranged, it was a race against my follower tanks’s death. At this point I put the boar king on taunt too and just kept spamming ranged attacks.

My pet/followers managed to drain the boss to about 2% HP left before they died and from there I just took pot shots at him while dodging his AOE spam until he died.

My stats and Prep for the Sixth Boss
My Character Gear and Stats (I should have switched to a melee attack armor but was too lazy xD)
Keplerth Basic Boss Tips Guide for Beginners
Follower Stats, Gear, and Pet
Keplerth Basic Boss Tips Guide for BeginnersGenes, Skills, Buffs
Keplerth Basic Boss Tips Guide for Beginners

Sixth Boss

Located in a shelter from an item you craft using the fifth boss’ crafting station

A yellow line = a huge red beam of doom will fire soon after. This will probably kill you if you get stunned during it or take it head-on. Get away from it whenever you see it. (The beam range is larger than the line actually indicates, so adjust accordingly) If you get unlucky, your pet/follower will usually melt to this. I had taunt set on both of them to try to spread the damage a bit.

Red target circle on you: hide behind a wall to avoid the sniper shot.

Blue circles: stuns you if it touches you

Bolt symbol Rainbow orbs: gives the tower it hits shield HP.

There’s also a nasty AOE cluster spam that spreads out rapidly.

The boss will also occasionally teleport close and swipe at you a few times. Or it will shoot a spread of 5 fireballs at you in waves of 3 from the center of the room. Keep moving.

Have lots of HP pots and food on hand. Eating speed is huge here. I had 100% eat speed on my gloves saving me an accessory slot, so I could juggle healing pots and HP food.


Eat one each of many of the Max Hp foods, take one each of defense, attack, and move speed drug and then click the door to spawn the boss.
I had about 270 Hp when I was done munching. (I’m too lazy to fish, so you could potentially get it even higher)

Dps is key here! You do NOT want this fight to drag on.
Focus heavily on dps genes (either ranged or phys) and attack speed with gear sets tailored to your dps preferences. Try to keep moving. Do NOT stay still.

As the battle begins, it’s a race against time.

Kill the south tower first as soon as possible. You do not want this thing to be the last one up unless you have consistent AOE damage. Why? The orb buffers are clustered together and can reach the south tower rapidly making the fight next to impossible unless you have AOE burst damage.

Just save yourself the headache and kill the south tower first. Next, kill either left or right. Whichever you are more comfortable with.

The worst and hardest part is the third tower. Either expect bullet hell dodging while you whittle it down and heal any damage you take OR, do what I did, let your follower/pet do the dirty work while you focus on killing the 3 orbs before they can reach the last tower. No bullet hell = safe follower/pet.

If you try my method but can’t kill the 3 orbs before they reach the tower: you need more dps/better gear (or just dodge whatever orb effect hits and hope and pray your follower/pet doesn’t die to it.)

Just keep killing orbs while they whittle it down.

It will probably take you a few tries, just keep at it, you can do it!!

My stats for the final boss

My character gear, skills, accessories, etc

Keplerth Basic Boss Tips Guide for Beginners
My new Follower
Keplerth Basic Boss Tips Guide for Beginners

Final Boss
Holy projectile spamming BATMAN @[email protected]
The final boss is even more annoying then the sixth boss!There’s not much getting around it; ranged is the easier choice for this fight, so you will already do better than I did since I can’t aim for crap on controller and kept running around screaming and missing 90% of the time. xD
my pet and follower ended up doing most of the work (again).I’d recommend giving this guide a read:

it helped me a lot in preparing for it.

That being said, here’s the rundown:

First things first. before you open the portal, eat all your max hp buff food and attack/defense/speed drugs. Once you’re ready, enter the portal and inspect the sphere.

I started off immediately buffing my pets defense with the skill and dumping an energy burst ball. (A few tries I opened with the attack buff too but didn’t notice much difference since my pet/follower died a few minutes into the fight. adding additional defense to follower gear might alleviate this)

He starts off protected by a shield with 4 spinning orbs rotating around him. Aoe is great here. AOE that you can pull off from a distance is even better.

No help for it, if you go pet build, etc, they will die a lot. So get ready to dodge and kite around in between their recovery time, if you go this route.
The AI is just too dumb to dodge and usually stands right smack dab in the aoe.

Once all four rotating orbs are destroyed the bullet hell goes from annoying to crazy.

The boss can now be damaged but he starts spamming even more aoe patterns. I saw laser lines all over the place and flame spirals and all kinds of crap.
Just like with the sixth boss, Try to keep moving.

Make sure you have 100% eating speed and heal pots on hand, and alternate between them as needed.

Keep shooting, keep using your skills, and keep dodging until your pet/follower whittle him down to nothing.

Might take a few tries, but you can do it! Took me about three attempts since I fail at aiming. xD

That’s all we are sharing today in Keplerth Basic Boss Tips Guide for Beginners, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author Shiya64

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