LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Complete Level Challenges List

For LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga players, there are 135 Level Challenges in game and this guide will help you out, if you want to complete all of the Level Challenges

Episode I – The Phantom Menace

— EP1-1: “A Bigger Fish”

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Complete Level Challenges List

Challenge name
Dis is Nutsen
What to do
Dodge 3 of the Opee Sea Killer’s attacks in a row.
Tips and tricks


Challenge name
Dodge Every-fin
What to do
Defeat the Opee Sea Killer without taking damage.
Tips and tricks


Challenge name
Colo Snore Fish
What to do
Dodge 3 of the Colo Claw Fish’s attacks in a row.
Tips and tricks
— EP1-2: “The Boonta Eve Classic”

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Complete Level Challenges List

Challenge name
Eat My Exhaust!
What to do
Beat the Ultimate Lap time record.
Tips and tricks


Challenge name
What to do
On Lap 3, use the service ramp.
Tips and tricks


Challenge name
Take Over
What to do
Use 3 Boost Pads in a single lap.
Tips and tricks
— EP1-3: “Better Call Maul”

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Complete Level Challenges List

Challenge name
Complete Maul-ing
What to do
Defeat Darth Maul in less than 10 minutes.
Tips and tricks


Challenge name
Forced Out
What to do
Force push 5 droids over the walkway.
Tips and tricks


Challenge name
Odds Stacked in Your Favor
What to do
Use the Force to find another way past the electrical hazard.
Tips and tricks
— EP1-4: “Outmanned But Not Out-Gungane-ed”

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Complete Level Challenges List

Challenge name
Booma Shakalaka!
What to do
Destroy all AAT-1 Hover Tanks.
Tips and tricks


Challenge name
Don’t Lose Your Head!
What to do
Shoot the heads off 3 battle droids.
Tips and tricks


Challenge name
Ouch Time!
What to do
Destroy 300 battle droids with a single booma.
Tips and tricks
— EP1-5: “Now This is Podracing”

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Complete Level Challenges List

Challenge name
What to do
Shoot 3 Vulture droids in 5 seconds.
Tips and tricks


Challenge name
Spinning… That’s a Good Trick!
What to do
Perform 3 spins in the Naboo Starfighter to escape enemy lock-ons.
Tips and tricks


Challenge name
What to do
Destroy the Droid Control Ship without being defeated.
Tips and tricks

Episode II – Attack of the Clones

EP2-1: “A Wrestle with Wesell”
Jedi Need Insurance – Cause over 70,000 studs in damages.
Best Pilot in the Galaxy – Defeat Zam Wesell without hitting any buildings.
This is a Shortcut – Complete the chase and defeat Zam Wesell within 4 minutes.

EP2-2: “The Hunt for Jango”
Do an Aileron Roll! – Perform a roll to dodge incoming homing missiles locked on to your ship 3 times.
Charged Up – Complete the level without being hit by an [sic] Seismic Charge.
Flying is for Droids – Navigate through the tunnel within the largest asteroid without crashing.

EP2-3: “Droid Factory Frenzy”
No Hanging Around – Find a way to rescue Padmé within 30 seconds.
Mind Control Drone – Turn Geonosians against each other with Jedi Mind Tricks.
Zipping Past Danger – Find a shortcut over a conveyor belt.

EP2-4: “Petranaki Panic”
In Their Heads! – Cause either the Nexu, Reek or Acklay to damage another of the creatures by using the Force.
Rumble in the Arena – Trample through 20 droids while riding the Reek.
Re-gifted – Use the Force to hit an enemy with one of Jango’s rockets.

EP2-5: “The Battle of the Jedi”
The Dark Side – Reach Dooku within 5 minutes.
Bug Zapper – Build the ‘Electric Fly Trap’ to rid the cave area of Geonosian Warriors.
Forcing Them Out – Use the Force to defeat a Geonosian Warrior and a Battle Droid.

Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

EP3-1: “Out for the Count”
Beep Boop Backup – Activate the friendly Turret Droid.
Civil War – Defeat an enemy droid using their own kind.
Wet Floor! – Take out the droideka like a true scoundrel.

EP3-2: “So Uncivilized”
Attack of the Droids – Defeat 5 battle droids, 4 MagnaGuards and 5 super battle droids without dying once.
Sneak Attack – As Grievous waits high above, catch him off guard by attacking him via the Bounty Hunter path.
Very Uncivilized – Defeat 2 MagnaGuards with a blaster.

EP3-3: “Droid Attack on the Wookiees”
Force Influence – Defeat an enemy clone as a force influenced clone.
Frequent Flyer – Reach the escape pod using the alternate route.
Kashyyyk-a-boo! – Use an AT-RT to defeat 3 clone troopers and the enemy AT-RT.

EP3-4: “Senate Showdown”
Dazzling Display – Use the lights to blind Palpatine.
Heads Up – Drop a droid onto Palpatine’s head.
Return to Senator – Interrupt Palpatine’s ‘Force Lightning Spin Attack’ by deflecting the Force Lightning back at him.

EP3-5: “The High Ground”
Let Him Eat Cake! – Force Throw the cake trolley at Anakin.
Sneaking in – Take the alternate route to reach Anakin.
Wider Awareness – Use the steam vents to damage Anakin.

Episode IV – A New Hope

EP4-1: “Boarding Party”
Sometimes I Amaze Myself – Defeat an enemy with an explosive canister.
I Suggest a New Strategy – Defeat a Stormtrooper with their own weapon.
Vacuumed Up! – Flush the Stormtroopers out into space.

EP4-2: “Hunk of Junk”
Absolute Scoundrel – Use the environment to your advantage against the Stormtroopers.
Don’t Get Cocky – Defeat 3 Stormtroopers with hidden turrets.
Chewie, Get Us Out of Here! – Find different ways of blocking the Stormtrooper reinforcements.

EP4-3: “Best Leia’d Plans”
Boring Conversation Anyway – Break the console panel to cut off the Empire Captain.
Slight Weapons Malfunction – Clear out the detention block guards like a true scoundrel.
Your Weapon, You Will Not Need It – Get through the first floor without being detected.

EP4-4: “This is Some Rescue”
Bullseye – Find a more uncivilized way to help Luke & Leia.
For Luck – Discover an alternate method across the gap to escape the Stormtroopers.
Special Edition – Discover the hidden room within the Death Star.

EP4-5: “Stay on Target”
Clever Flying – Use a “loop manoeuver” to break out of Dark Vader’s targeting systems 3 times.
Hope That’s Insured – Destroy 10 turrets while doing the trench run.
That’s Not Going to Buff Out… – Cause severe damage to Dark Vader’s ship.

Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

EP5-1: “Hoth and Cold”
Avoid the Droid! – Shoot 5 probe droids out of the air without them spotting you first.
Not a Probe-lem – Shoot 1 probe droid out of the air without them spotting you first.
Stylish Way Down – Find and use all 5 zipwires.

EP5-2: “Assault on Echo Base”
AT-ATrick – Fly through the legs of an AT-AT.
Show Off! – Trip up the AT-ATs without the tow cable breaking.
Rogue Squadron, Form Up! – Complete the level without being defeated.

EP5-3: “Never Tell Me the Odds”
Asteroid Evasion – Avoid contact with the asteroids during the asteroid chase.
Proton Power – Destroy 5 TIE Fighters using Proton Torpedoes.
Take Evasive Action! – Complete the Star Destroyer encounter without being destroyed.

EP5-4: “Hibernation Station”
You want to make that move? – Build a distraction for the Stormtroopers.
Hello, What Have We Here? – Discover and loot an Empire Weapon Cache as a disguised Rebel.
Surprise! – Trigger the secret defenses on the Landing Pad.

EP5-5: “Revelations!”
Force Feedback – Force Throw 3 separate objects at Darth Vader.
Most Impressive – Complete the level in under 10 minutes.
Ugnaught-y – Find all of the hidden Ugnaughts throughout the level.

Episode VI – Return of the Jedi

EP6-1: “A Plan to Save Han”
Don’t Blow Our Cover – Complete the Leia and Chewbacca area without causing any trouble.
Learn the Droids’ Fate – Discover the fate of R2-D2 and C-3PO within Jabba’s Palace.
Rancor-cussion – Pick up and throw 5 objects at the Rancor using The Force.

EP6-2: “The Copa-Khetanna”
Boba Fett? No Sweat! – Destroy one of Boba Fett’s rockets while it is still in the air.
How Do YOU Like it? – Hit Boba Fett with a deflected bolt.
Trick Shot – Hit Boba Fett with a thrown lightsaber while he is in the air.

EP6-3: “Endor the Line”
Dodge This! – Fly through an AT-AT’s legs.
In-Fighting – Make the Scouts fight amongst themselves with Jedi Mind Tricks.
No Safe Place – Damage the Scout troopers by overloading the generator.

EP6-4: “The Chewbacca Defense”
Ewok and Roll – Blast the loose rocks with the AT-ST to take out Stormtroopers.
Helmet Drum Collection – During the first cover shooting section, land 3 headshots on the Stormstroopers.
Sweep the Legs – Trigger the log trap against the AT-ST.

EP6-5: “Fulfill Your Destiny”
I Will Not Fight You, Father – Make your way past Vader without being detected.
Let the Hate Flow Through You – Cause damage to one of Palpatine’s guards, by luring them into one of his attacks.
There is No Conflict – Find the Empire Weapons Crate and use the weapons within it.

Episode VII – The Force Awakens

EP7-1: “First Order of Business”
Hazardous Work Environment – Defeat enemies using hazards in the hanger bay.
Party Time! – Trigger the disco!
Sneaking Mission – Discover the underground route into the hanger bay.

EP7-2: “Low Flying Garbage”
Getting Pretty Good at This – Defeat 3 TIE Fighters in 5 seconds.
How Low Can You Go? – Lose or defeat an enemy by flying through debris in The Graveyard of Ships.
Not So Easy Without a Co-Pilot – Successfully evade a locked-on enemy bolt or missile.

EP7-3: “Reap What You Solo”
The High Ground – Find a route to the vantage point.
Rathtar Ruse – Defeat the second blocking Rathtar instead of bypassing it.
Turret Takeover – Take over the turret from below.

EP7-4: “Starkiller Queen”
Rey’s Escape – Discover Rey’s escape through the Starkiller Base.
Rug Pull – Find a way to blow up the sniper bridge.
Snowed In – Lock the Stormtroopers outside of the base.

EP7-5: “Destroying Starkiller”
Heck of a Pilot! – Break out of 3 enemy lock ons.
Snow Joke – Make a Snowman out of Kylo.
Keeping a Cool Head – Shoot the helmets off 5 Snowtroopers.

Episode VIII – The Last Jedi

EP8-1: “Dameron’s Defiance”
Ace Pilot – Complete the level without being defeated.
How’s My Shooting? – Defeat 3 TIE Fighters in 5 seconds.
Return to Sender – Defeat 3 TIE Barons using Proton Torpedoes.

EP8-2: “Master Codebreak-Out”
Isn’t it Ironic? – Lock a guard in a cell.
Prison Break – Enter the guard room undetected.
Guards Down – Defeat 8 guards during the jailbreak.

EP8-3: “No Snoke Without Fire”
You’re Embarrassing Me! – Have Kylo restrain Rey three times.
Supreme Loser – Defeat all of the Praetorian Guards within 5 minutes.
Total Destruction – Knock a Praetorian Guard down a shaft.

EP8-4: “Chrome Dome Down”
Heads Up, Chrome Dome! – Find a way to drop a TIE Interceptor on top of Captain Phasma.
Phasma-tastic! – Inflict damage on Captain Phasma in 9 unique ways.
Trouble Underfoot – Trample 10 Stormtroopers in the AT-ST.

EP8-5: “Ground A-salt”
I Can Dig it! – Punch your way through the crystal caves.
Knock-Knock! – Discover the wind-up MSE droid to destroy the emergency doorway.
Tight Squeeze – Discover a shortcut via the Protocol Terminal.

Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker

EP9-1: “A Skip and a Jump”
Lock Off – Avoid being locked on 3 times in a row.
Here Comes the BOOM! – Take out 3 enemies with Proton Torpedoes or Rockets.
Poe-etic Flying – Activate the Hyperdrive in time for all light speed jumps.

EP9-2: “They Fly Now!”
When Treadspeeders Fly – Destroy the airborne Treadspeeder.
Never Underestimate a Droid – Hit a jet trooper with a powder canister as BB-8.
Teamwork! – Shoot a treadspeeder after making the driver dizzy with a powder canister.

EP9-3: “C-3P-Oh no!”
Be Rey-ly Quiet – Complete the level without being detected.
New Orders – Peacefully clear the main courtyard of Stormtroopers without raising the alarm.
Right in the Eye – Disable a UA-TT’s searchlight with a blaster.

EP9-4: “The Strength to Do it”
Shocking! – Activate the dangerous electrical hazards to hurt Kylo Ren.
Dark Lord of the Surf – Lure Kylo into the range of a crashing wave.
Golden Opportunity – Find a route through the Death Star without opening any doors.

EP9-4: “Be With Me”
Explo-Sith – Use the environment to defeat Sith Troopers.
Incoming – Don’t take any damage from the Sith TIE Fighters while riding Orbaks.
Shrug – Defeat the Knights of Ren as Ben Solo without dying.


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