Longvinter Dedicated Server Guide

For Longvinter players who want to have a dedicated server, this is a tutorial on how to host your own server for Longvinter. Let’s check it out.

Requirements and prerequisites

This guide is for Windows systems. For Linux servers follow the guide on Linux GitHub page[]

  • System requirements:
  • Broadband internet connection
  • Router with the ability to port forward
  • 64bit Windows 10 system
  • Min. 3 GB RAM

Also requires that Steam is installed into the system.

Install GIT BASH version control software to easily update the server when new update is rolled out.


You also need to open ports on your home router to allow traffic go trough. This process is greatly different from what type of router you have

Open both TCP and UDP protocol ports.

For Steam open: 27015 & 27016
For Unreal Engine open: 7777

Downloading the files

Server files are stored in Github

The easiest way to install them is to right-click and git bash to the folder where you want to install the server files. You can also use CMD if you installed just GIT and not the GIT BASH.

Longvinter Dedicated Server Guide
Enter the following command to clone the GitHub repository to your wanted folder:

NOTE: cloning creates a new folder for the files so no need to make a folder for the repository beforehand

Once the cloning is done you should see the following files inside the folder command created.

Longvinter Dedicated Server Guide

You now have installed the server!

Customizing The Server

You can customize some server parameters by editing the Game.ini config file

Go to server folder and navigate to Longvinter ->Saved -> Config -> WindowsServer

Here you should create a new file and name it Game.ini

Longvinter Dedicated Server Guide
Open it for edit. You can use any text editor you want.
Add the following content inside this file.

[/game/blueprints/server/gi_advancedsessions.gi_advancedsessions_c] ServerName=Unnamed Island MaxPlayers=32 ServerMOTD=Welcome to Longvinter Island! Password= [/game/blueprints/server/gm_longvinter.gm_longvinter_c] AdminSteamID=97615967659669198
What do different params do?

– ServerName: Name that shows up in the server browser. Please don’t call your server with an OFFICIAL name. We want players to clearly know if they are joining a server that is hosted by other players!

– ServerMOTD: Server message that is on signs around the island.

– MaxPlayer: Maximum allowed players that can connect at any given time.

– CommunityWebsite: This allows you to promote a website in the same place where the server message is shown. This link can be opened in-game.

– Password: Add your password here. Use only numbers and letters. If left empty there is no password on the server.

Starting The Server

For easy starting and closing, I recommend creating a shortcut for LongvinterServer.exe

Right-click the file and press create a shortcut.

Longvinter Dedicated Server Guide

Then right-click the shortcut and open the Properties panel, here you need to edit the Target field in the shortcut tab.

Longvinter Dedicated Server Guide

Add the -log to the right side of the path. This is telling the program that we want to open a command panel for the server program. This helps us verify that the server starts correctly

After edit just Press “OK” to save the edit.

Then you can start the server with the shortcut. If the console is not opened you need to close the server using Task Manager.

Longvinter Dedicated Server Guide
Allow the server access trough your windows firewall.

To verify that server started correctly look for these 3 lines in the console window
Longvinter Dedicated Server Guide
If these lines are not present look further up the command line for any error or other warnings that are Steam related.

You can also use the Steam server tool to see if your server is visible in the LAN space.
Longvinter Dedicated Server GuideLongvinter Dedicated Server Guide

If your server shows up on the LAN tab but not in the game’s server browser. This indicates that there is either firewall problem with your windows or the ports of the router are not configured correctly.

Updating To Latest build

I suggest you update the server every time you start it. The best rule of thumb is that if your game has updated in steam. This means you also have to update the server.

Updating is done by opening the server folder in GIT BASH or in CMD as I showed earlier. The difference is that you now have to be inside the folder and not where it is located.

First, verify that you are in the folder by typing:

git status

If console prints:

fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

This means you are in the wrong folder and you cannot pull the update from here.

Updating is simple. Just execute these two lines separately

git restore .
git pull

That’s all we are sharing today in Longvinter Dedicated Server Guide, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author Sven

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