Lost Ark Collection of Tools, Maps and Guides

For Lost Ark players, if you are a beginner and looking for some help, this guide provides a collection of tools, maps and guides, which will help you out.


I’ve been collecting and organizing online resources since alpha, ended up with a huge list of interesting things, so here it is for everyone’s enjoyment.

You can find the absolutely latest version here[] on the official Lost Ark forums, I update on steam in batches because the url checking system always brings the guide down for half an hour each time

Which server do I select for which language

Things are very much in flux with early access, but we have community data on guild population.

For EU this is what we have so far. Mind that it could very well be outdated by launch.
Lost Ark Collection of Tools, Maps and Guides
For SA:
Kazeros is mostly Portuguese/Brasilero
Agaton is mostly Spanish

for more details see this in-depth post[] on the official forums and this post[] by the community manager.


Infolao[] has a cartload of guides but is not maintained anymore, most things are still quite relevant.

Papunika[] is a bit leaner, but is actively maintained.

Both The games cabin[] and Maxroll []have extensive Lost Ark sections made by veterans I actually know first-hand are legit. Icy-veins[] has a smaller section so far.s.

A very detailed class breakdown[] if you need to decide which one to play. And a more newbie friendly[] one too.

Saintone[], a veteran conent creator (who actually plays the game and is good at it) has put together a very comprehensive set of guides[]. If you would prefer a more newbie friendly[] approach instead check this one by Amberdexterous.

When you are more expert, there’s a very detailed checklist[], with links to specific guides, from Saint guild (no relation to Saintone).

New content

If you want a peek on new content before it becomes available, the news section on the official korean website[] is what you want. Search for (내용추가) (includind the ()s ) and feed the article into google translate or soemthing similar. Automatic translators are quite decent with korean.

Maps and Item Databases


So far lostarkmap[] seems the more complete. However you might want to check out also Lostarkdatabse[] for a nice overwiew of the world, or Lostark-es[] (it’ss half in spanish half in english, but it’s quite good too).

You can pair it with this island rewards checklist[] or this other one[], they’re both quite good.


Lostarkcodex[] is maybe a bit lacking in fine detail now but it’s the better english resource around. And this types of website always get better with time and user comments.
There’s also inven[] but it’s almost all in korean, and google translate does not always work on the dynamic pages like the map.

A bit specific but quite nice, lostarkive is populating a 3d-viewer of vanity skins[].

Only static images for this gallery of all available costumes[] made so far in Korea, you’ll need a translator.

Player statistics

You can get intersting statistics on what the top player play, use as engravings and skills at lostarktree for the russian servers[] and loawa for the korean ones[] they both have english options.


Skill builders

I personally prefer the one at Lostarktree[], since it has back/front attacks, stagger and break on the tooltips, but it uses the old fanmade english translation.
Lostarkcodex[]‘s uses the official translation, but has less tooltip detail.
Finally Lostarknexus[] is quite new, but offers google login and build sharing.

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There’s a korean-only ability stone calculator[], but I’ve found it works quite nice with google translate.

Specific Tools

Crystal real money value calculator[]
Spreadsheet to calculate the craft profit[] of all items. Make a copy, then populate it looking at current AH prices in your region (remember, the AH is cross-region, not server limited).


Last korean patch has some kind of in-built checklist, but you might want to have a general view.

An online weekly checklist[] to manage content if you’re an alt-aholic and don’t remember which characted did what. (link to preferences, so you can set english) And a nice, spreadsheet[] you can save locally.

Finally Countdowns[] for all time-limited events (only RU so far, but let’s hope the API for EU/NA comes out too and they can expand).

Specific guides

Ship speed comparison[]
[Guild banners](, good example of what can you do in a singleimage. (emblems are the same on each tab, you can mix 3)Una tasks priority[].Specialization stat details[] for each class.

Engraving sinergy[] for all classes, even those unreleased. (i.e.: if you make an alt that can use engraving your main uses, you have to open less engraving books)

Checklist for rapport[]‘s emotes/songs/requirements. Copy it and use it to keep track of your progress.

A nice spreadheet on engraving use by class[], very useful if you want to play a lot of alts.

Class guides

Speedrun build guide[] for all classes. It has detailed skill changes at each level, so you can concentrate on levelling up as fast as possible.

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Leveling-up guide for Bards. (Bards are the best end-game support you can get, and there’s always too few of them. I highly encourage anyone who might like to support even a bit to roll one). Now with part 2.

Another leveling-up guide for ***Paladins***, geared towards speedleveling. (Paladins are the other available support class)

Solo dps and group tanky guides for Gunlancers. (The only flex support class, they have a lot of stagger/break utility against bosses and tend not to die, like, ever)
Another one here[] from a Kr player.
And last but certainly not least, General Gunlancer Guide[] by Boodendorf[] (this guy pretty much only plays gunlancer, both in PvE and PvP).

That’s all we are sharing today in Lost Ark Collection of Tools, Maps and Guides, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author En

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