Lost Ark Loghill Mokoko Seed Locations Guide

For Lost Ark players, this guide will provides you the location of Mokoko Seeds for Loghill, explained with picture and video, let’s check it out.

Loghill – Mokoko Seed Locations

Loghilll has 9 Mokoko Seeds. You will only be able to get 7 of them at the start of the game. The other two are at Fogwoods Crypt, you will need a song (“Forest’s Minuet”) to access the location. Also there are two at Archbishop Statue Ruins. At the Archbishop statue ruins you will have to kill the lone monster in front of it. Once done you will be given the option to jump over the wall. You will then be able to collect the two seeds.

Here is a video I created that you are welcome to follow along with if you would like.

Lost Ark Loghill Mokoko Seed Locations Guide

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