Lumencraft How to Recover Map Maker Map

For Lumencraft Map Maker who have experienced crashing or situations failed tow save their map – This is how I went about rescuing my map from such a situation.

What this guide is for

My game crashed while testing my map and I didn’t even save after working on it for hours. I kept the window open for awhile hoping it would come back and started looking for the save data. After failing to locate it I open the game hoping I had saved it. In the map maker I did not have any saved maps, but after clicking on the ‘manage maps’ button I found where the maps are saved. Going there I was still dismayed to see nothing in the maps folder. However I noticed a temp save file in the root directory of the game. I plopped that into the map folder, went back to Lumencarft to refresh the map manager folder & was right back into my map!

It being a temp file, I would guess that if you tried making a fresh map before recovering the map you lost then you might be out of luck. However, the file was up to date from the moment I jumped in to test it (my first wave crashed the game).

TL:DR – Go Here, Copy This, Make Backups

  • Go here: C:\Users\*Your*User*Folder*\AppData\Roaming\Godot\app_userdata\Lumencraft
  • Should be a temp.lcmap in the folder
  • Copy that file to the Maps folder; Load map and make a copy (or several).
That’s all we are sharing today in Lumencraft How to Recover Map Maker Map, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author Xmaster13

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