Lust Affect Cheats (Console Commands)

If you want to make the game easier you can cheat in the game. here are the console commands for the Lust Affect game.

Lust Affect Cheats
ren=100 -Renegade
par=100 -Paragon
mon=50000 -Money
ez=10000 -Ezo

samara_otn = xxx
tali_otn = xxx
susi_otn = xxx (susie = EDI)
miranda_otn = xxx
liara_otn = xxx
jack_otn = xxx
aria_otn = xxx
garrus_otn = xxx
joker_otn = xxx
ashley_otn = xxx
kasumi_otn = xxx
diana_otn = xxx
samantha_otn = xxx
grunt_otn = xxx
xxx being the number

by @mirage83

HROT Console Cheat Codes Guide

HROT Console Cheat Codes Guide

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