Martial Law 100% Achievements Guide

For Martial Law players who are collecting achievements of the game, this is a guide of all Martial Law achievements, follow this guide and you’ll get all achievements.


Welcome to my humble guide, first thing first there may be more than one way to get some of the achievements but i’m just going to list the ones that worked for me
Lets get started!


  • At the start of the game, right after you get control of your character, head right and enter the bathroom
  • Now flush the toilet and the achievement will pop up.Martial Law 100% Achievements Guide

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Right after you leave your apartment you should find a drunk guy sitting on a bench, talk to him and choose the following dialogue options:

  • “Sure, i need to relax”
  • “Sure,. let’s do sooo”
  • “Offf course”

Now you should get the *hick* ending and the achievement should pop up.

Martial Law 100% Achievements Guide


  • Don’t drink with the bench guy (Choose: “You know i don’t do that anymore…” dialogue option).
  • Keep heading right until you find an old guy with a dialogue prompt, talk to him.
  • Choose the “Steal the card *fight*” Option.
  • Now get ready for a fight, you either use “WASD” or the “Arrow keys” to move around, and you punch with either “Left Mouse Button” or “F”.
  • You must never get hit by him or the achievement won’t pop up, if you get hit just let him knock you out then try again.
  • Simply run left then quickly turn right, punch the guy & then run left again, keep doing that until you knock him out and if you do this right you should get the “VERRYYY STROONG” achievement.

PS: This is the “hardest” achievement on this list, so you may want to leave it for last if you’re having too much troubles with it to save yourself unnecessary frustration.

Martial Law 100% Achievements Guide
Martial Law 100% Achievements Guide

For freedom

  • Get out of your apartment, head right, don’t drink with the bench guy, steal the card & knock the old dude out, it doesn’t matter if you get hit or not this time as long as you survive the fight.
  • Now start running right (the Militiamen are chasing you) until you see *HERE*! next to a door, enter that building.
  • You’ll find a guy in green, he’s doing to make you an offer, accept it by choosing the “For this favor, that would be appropriate” dialogue option.
  • When you get the second dialogue option choose “Ok, i can help”.
  • You’ll get control of the stranger’s car, drive right until you reach the factory.
  • Now walk to the factory, pick the “I work in the factory across from here and i wanna join you” dialogue option.
  • Walk up to the protestors and talk to them, pick the “And you are going to let the ruling party for that?” dialogue option.

Keep playing and you’ll both the achievement and the “For freedom” ending.

Martial Law 100% Achievements Guide
Martial Law 100% Achievements Guide
Martial Law 100% Achievements Guide

Those were the days, my comrades

  • Click “Retry” after getting the past achievement for a shortcut
    if not, you’ll have to redo everything we did in the last section up until talking to the protestors.
  • This time pick the other dialogue option “Perhaps, It’s not that bad of an idea. It’s not gonna change anything”
  • Now pick “In my opinion it makes a lot of sense”.
  • The stranger will thank you and drive you home, enter the building and keep playing the game until you get the “Those were the days, my comrades” ending + achievement.

PS: even though this is probably the fastest way to get this achievement/ending this is still NOT the best way to do it, i’d highly advise you to get it the other way instead

I know i said i won’t mention any other ways but why the heck not, i’ll try to keep it short:
– Get out of your apartment => Don’t drink => Talk to the old man => Tell him it’s for your daughter & you wish you could do more for her => Agree to help his mother => Help the mother => Help the fainting lady => keep playing the game until you reach the ending & have fun!

Martial Law 100% Achievements Guide
Martial Law 100% Achievements Guide


To get this one you’ll have to redo what we did in the “For freedom” section up until you meet the guy in green for the first time:
=> Get out => Don’t drink => Knock the old guy out => Run right until you see the “HERE!” text on the door => Enter the building => Talk to the guy in greenNow pick the other dialogue option: “Sorry, i’m in a hurry”.
You should now get both the“Ouch” ending & achievement, well done!

Martial Law 100% Achievements Guide

Final thoughts

I have to admit i didn’t have much expectations going to this game, but i ended up enjoying it enough to want to make a guide for it so well done to the devs
I hope i was able to assist you get any achievements you were missing, and i apologize for any typos or mistake i might’ve made (please do let me know in the comments bellow if anything is wrong or missing)
That’s all we are sharing today in Martial Law 100% Achievements Guide, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author AyMeN

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