Mexico deploys earthquake alerts via text messages

According to Mexican authorities, the message will be sent to subscribers at least 40 seconds before the earthquake strikes — enough time for people to evacuate their homes and places at risk of collapse.

From January 1, 2023, people living in high-earthquake-risk areas in Mexico will receive earthquake warnings through mobile phone text messages and other methods. Previously adopted traditions such as sirens and TV channels.

The announcement from the National People’s Protection Coordinating Committee (CNPC) said the method of alerting via mobile phone text messages basically builds on the existing earthquake early warning system, but adds a direct connection to your mobile network provider to translate to outsiders. texting. . to subscribers.

CNPC head Laura Velázquez Alzúa said that similar to traditional early warning methods, information is sent to users at least 40 seconds before an earthquake strikes, enough time for people to move. Get out of the house, where there is a risk of collapse.

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