MiniGolf Maker 100% Achievements Maps and Guide

For MiniGolf Maker players, this guide includes all maps used to make achievements trivial, as well as showing you how to do the hidden achievements.


Full House: You can host a game, add 8 local players, and then go to custom playlist and select only one hole. You can use one of the maps linked below in the guide for easy hole-in-ones, or just pick any hole and choose Lobby Settings > Uncheck “Relative to Par” box > set Stroke Limit to 1 for easy map completion.

Maker/Professional Maker: Simply go into the “Make” mode and upload a map 10 times. This can be the same saved map uploaded 10 times, as long as you click “Change Workshop Iteam” and then “Publish as New Course”. You do not need to complete the tutorial.

Why Won’t You Just Go Home?!: This achievement may occur naturally for you, as it did for me on the powerup map below. Simply end a shot at the edge of a hole and you’ll get the achievement.

Fly Ball/Need For Speed

Simply tap the ball straight forward and ensure that it lands on the green, then tap it backwards into the hole.

Power-Up Achievements

MiniGolf Maker 100% Achievements Maps and Guide

This map will help you get the “Bombs Away!”, “Can’t Touch This”, “Singularity”, “Knockout”, “Firewall”, “Can’t Stand the Heat”, and “Divide By Zero” achievements.

Divide By Zero: Have 2 or more balls collide with the Black Hole power-up active.

Can’t Stand The Heat: Get burned by your own Fire power-up.

The rest are self-explanatory by their Steam descriptions.

Grind Achievements

You will need to get 10 hole-in-ones, 20 eagles, 50 birdies, 100 pars, and also finish 200 holes. Getting a hole-in-one overrides a possible birdie/eagle/etc, so getting a HIO on a par 3 wouldn’t give you progress on HIOs and eagles.

Additionally, you need to go into a hazard (water) 50 times for “Mulligan?” and out-of-bounds 50 times for “Fore!”. Just be aware of what specific grinds you are working towards and make sure you do it efficiently.

MiniGolf Maker 100% Achievements Maps and Guide

MiniGolf Maker 100% Achievements Maps and Guide

MiniGolf Maker 100% Achievements Maps and Guide

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