Moon Dancer System Guide with Tips

For Moon Dancer players, this guide will explain system of the game and will provides you some tips as well, let’s check them out.


Operate your machine and destroy enemies with shots and lock-on lasers.
Move with the left stick or D-pad. Attacks can use all A B X Y L R LT RT buttons.
Press and hold any button to fire a shot.To lock on an enemy, move the lock-on cursor to the enemy. After locking on, press or release any button to fire the laser.With multiple buttons available, you can shoot the lock-on laser while shooting a shot.
You can use the buttons in any combination you like.
For example, when using a pad, it is recommended to hold down the A button to fire shots and press the R button to fire lasers.

When using an arcade stick, it is recommended to hold down the A button to fire shots and press the B button to fire lasers.

Moon Dancer System Guide with Tips

There are three types of lock-on lasers. You can change it by getting the item.

Napalm laser has high attack power because it continuously damages enemies after

hitting them. However, the number of lock-ons is the smallest.

Moon Dancer System Guide with Tips

Multi laser can be locked on in all directions. The number of lock-ons is the highest.

Moon Dancer System Guide with Tips

Spear laser can attack quickly. The lock-on cursor distance is long.

Moon Dancer System Guide with Tips

You can get a chain bonus by hitting the enemy with the lock-on laser continuously.
The attack power of the shot will increase up to level 4 when you get the P item.

If you get a crystal, it will be added to the score when you clear the stage. If you take damage, the crystal will disappear.

Even if it touches the enemy’s body, it will not be damaged. If you touch an enemy bullet, an enemy laser, or an enemy missile, you will be damaged.

There is a tutorial, so it is recommended that you run the tutorial the first time you play.


Arcade mode:
The difficulty level can be selected from normal, hard, and expert. It consists of 8 stages. If you break through all the stages, the game will be cleared and the ending will be displayed.There are checkpoints in each stage. If you take damage, it will resume from the checkpoint. The weapon will return to its initial state. The score will return to the value at the time of passing the checkpoint.If you lose all the remaining machines, the game is over. However, there is no limit to the number of credits. If you want to continue the game, it will start from the beginning of the current stage.

Moon Dancer System Guide with Tips

Caravan mode:
This is a score attack mode limited to 3 minutes. The game will end after 3 minutes. Also, the game will end when there are no more remaining machine. When you take damage, you can resume on the spot if you have remaining machines.
If you destroy an enemy formation, the next enemy formation will appear, so destroying the enemy as soon as possible will lead to a high score.
It’s also important to connect chains to get chain bonuses.

Moon Dancer System Guide with Tips


Even if you touch the enemy body, you will not be damaged, so it is also one way to shoot a shot on top of the enemy and destroy it quickly.
If you use the Multi laser, you can attack enemies at the bottom of the screen.Moon Dancer System Guide with TipsWhen you destroy an enemy body, the enemy bullets fired by that enemy disappear and spit out crystals. Even if the enemy attacks first, you can avoid being damage if the lock-on laser hits the enemy in time.

Moon Dancer System Guide with Tips

Item placement is fixed. Also, item carriers will appear regularly in boss battles. If you wait, you can get the item you want.

There are hidden bonus items. Make sure you get the hidden bonus items to get a high score.

Destroy all enemy formations to add a bonus.

The boss has a time limit. You can get a time bonus if you defeat it quickly.

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