moon: Remix RPG Adventure 100% Walkthrough Guide

For players of moon: Remix RPG Adventurem this is an 100% walkthrough guide, following this guide you’ll get through the whole game, please note that there are lots of spoiler.

Before you start the game

I highly recommend you read the official English translation of the manual, which can be found here[]. This guide is intended to be used either as a full guide to the game, or for if you want to skip to one specific point of the guide, whether to get a solution or just want help figuring it out. Because of this, a large portion of this guide will be in spoiler text to avoid accidentally seeing solutions or story details. I recommend only viewing parts that you need help with, as I feel the game is best experienced as blind as possible. However, it is also a very cryptic game filled with often-confusing puzzles that you may not even realize are there. It is a fantastic game, and I wouldn’t want players being unable to progress due to a tricky puzzle. I also intend for this to be a helpful guide for those who simply don’t want to play the game unassisted.

Starting the game

You begin the game playing as a young boy, who is about to play a Gamestation game by LOVE-De-LIC: MOON. After prologue text that will most likely progress too quickly for you to read all the way through, you will be prompted to name the protagonist.

(If you wish to read the full text uninterrupted, you may read it here, but keep in mind you are probably not meant to be able to read it with ease.)

A phenomenon occurred at a looming
mountain boulder upon which the
people of Lovedegard dared not
tread, and called “The Dragon Castle”.

Near the dignified summit of the
Dragon Castle lies the “Death
Crevasse”, an impressive cruciform
rock-fissue [sic] rumors say billions of
years of miracles inscribed upon
the mountain.

A faint heartbeat of darkness lurking
within the people of Lovedegard
accumulated and synchronized:
a ripple of distortion bent the MOON’s
holy light. A nexus of absolute
darkness tore itself open in the
core of the Death Crevasse.

Under the influence of this kernel
of absolute darkness,
the holy undulations converted
into unholy undulations.
These unholy waves twisted and
bent the existing darkness and
oblivion and by this mechanismical [sic]
process the waves materialized
into a life form-a
dragon. No one understands why.

When the wicked surge began to
enshroud Lovedegard, the
people whispered of a legend in
the Language of Waves of Rightness
from the sixth paragraph of the
fifth chapter of the fourth volume
of the three ancient texts. The
legend foretold that “when the
wicked Dragon appears, a holy
Hero shall descend”. Expectational
of the Hero’s entrance,
the people prayed with
an almost religious fervor.

The power of the prayers of the people throughout the
nation of Lovedegard billowed and spread and echoed all
the way to the heavens’ limits. The mysterious power
of the peoples’ words ultimately synchronized into an
undulating rhythm of goodness which brought about
absolute Love. Thus one called the “HERO” appeared
in Lovedegard Castle Town. The “HERO” ventured toward
the Dragon’s Castle, pondering the light, the
cosmos and the divine, the great Power, the holy sword,
and the Sage’s evil-realm-opening Crystal, whose
vibrations had indicated Lovedegard. The speck of
absolute darkness should have become a tiny beam of
light; instead, a singularity occurred, maybe by holy
decree. Fearing this contradiction in the fabric of
logic, we conducted a desperate analysis of the evil
frequency. Then the treasured crystal representing the
HERO’s MOON Legend floats in the air and then aboard a
Mode 7 airship he’s like “I Can Do It!” and in the mind of
this HERO who loiters in the space between the conceptual
world and this realm of torment the rhythm of a mantra
emerges: “Cease dreaming these dreams, and awaken.”

The following is a guide to the intro segment of the game. Skip this part of the guide if you do not want a detailed explanation of the short intro sequence.

First MOON segment
Move the Hero upward and speak to the king. He will inform the Hero that a dragon has eaten the moon and sends the Hero to kill it. Exit the castle.

Head downward into town to be interrupted by a “turn-based battle” against a Crazy Dog. (In reality, all you do is progress the text.) The Crazy Dog will quickly flee.

Head to the dresser at the left of town, and take the contents- Legendary Helmet, Legendary Armor, and Legendary Shoes. The Hero will briefly be obstructed by something unseen on his way out of the house, but he can then exit. Head down to exit town.

Second MOON segment
You are prompted to load a save file titled ~Brave Warrior~. A sign near the starting point of this grassy and rocky area informs you that “Rainbows bring about the world’s rebirth.” Head down for another “turn-based battle” against a Slime. After a tedious back-and-forth, the Hero invokes the Holy Power, Thundrexecute, defeating the slime.

Head downward toward the cracked rock in the way. Press Z to remove it. Continue heading down through the rocks until another cutscene occurs. The Hero, sensing an “aura of absurd wickedness”, and equips the Legendary Helmet, Legendary Armor, and Legendary Shoes. A Holy Rainbow Arch appears between the two rocks and the wicked aura vanishes. Pass under it.

Continue to the right and up to the rock in the way, which will move left on its own upon your approach. Continue up and to the right to end the segment.

Third MOON segment
You are prompted to load a save file titled ~The Village~. A blond girl and a spiky blue and white creature will be in front of a house. The blond girl will ask the hero to do something about the “scary and gross” creature.

A “turn-based battle” against a Perogon (the spiky creature) will begin. The Hero will attack the Perogon, but then it will clone itself. Perogon B will then catch on fire and Perogon A will vanish, having apparently been an illusion. The Hero will then defeat the Perogon.

Fourth MOON segment
You are prompted to load a save file titled ~Dragon King~. Head upward through the dark mechanical area to an airship. Press Z in front of the airship to have the Hero board it.

The airship will then travel to a castle. Upon trying to enter the castle, the Hero will be met with the Penultimizer, which appears to be an amalgamation of several creatures. The Hero then uses their ultimate magic, Meateor. This defeats the Penultimizer and promotes the Hero to the highest level.

Enter the castle and continue upward to the dragon. Press Z to begin the final “battle”. The Hero will continuously attack the dragon over and over again- until the boy playing is interrupted by his mother’s voice:

“Hey! Stop playing that game, and go to bed!”

The boy turns the game off and heads off to bed. However, the television turns on on its own, and the boy is drawn in through the screen. Many strange screens briefly fly into the player’s view followed by the boy falling from the sky. Welcome to the setting of the rest of the game.

After the Prologue

A cutscene will play of the Hero walking into Castle Lovedegard as four of the townspeople observe, then return to their conversation. The boy will then fall nearby. Press Z to get up. You can eavesdrop on the townspeople’s conversation, but they won’t notice you and you can’t get past them yet. Head up into the castle.

The doors on the left and right are currently blocked by guards, who will fail to notice you if you try talking to them. Talking to the guard on the right in the silver armor will reveal that the guard in the gold armor is named Bilby. Head up through the middle door. The king (who is busy drawing) and his minister are sending the hero off on his mission to kill the dragon. You can try to talk to the king and the minister, but they will both fail to notice you. Go down and exit the castle to see the Hero leave and pass by the townspeople once again. The townspeople will now head into town, leaving you free to enter town as well (you should do that.) You can also interact with the birds to scare them away.

Talk to the townspeople to hear their conversations (they still won’t notice you) and you will see The Hero chasing a black and white dog around. If you try to exit left or right, you will be knocked back by the Hero chasing this dog. Head down to exit Castle Town.

In the clearing south of Castle Town, head to the exit at the upper left to reach a house. Press Z and head inside to see Tao (the dog) and an elderly woman. Talk to the elderly woman, who goes by Gramby. She will wonder where you’ve been for so long, and explain that the townspeople thought you had died. She says that you are her grandchild returned to her. Interact with the bed and go to sleep.

Gameplay basics

Pausing and the menu

Press TAB to view an overlay showing the game’s controls (Steam version only). This walkthrough uses Keyboard controls for buttons.

STATUS: This screen will show you your Action Limit (how long you have until a game over.) A small heart indicates ⅛ of a day remaining, and a large heart indicates one full day remaining. You can see how much money you have, called Yenom, you can carry up to 30,000. You can also see what day of the week it is, how many days you have been in Moon World, and your Love Level.

STEREO/MONO: This option determines whether the audio comes through left and right channels differently (Stereo), or plays through both exactly the same (mono). People generally use Stereo for a more dynamic audio experience, but Mono may be better for you if, for instance, you only have a left *or* right speaker, not both.

CONFIG: You can set where the center of the screen is. Press X to reset it to the default. Press Z to confirm the position and return to gameplay.

Inventory: I will refer to the items you can currently actively use as the Inventory, to distinguish it from the Stock. Press right from the menu to access your inventory. Press Z to select an item. Press EAT to eat an item. Press USE to give or show it to someone in front of you, or use it in other ways. Press STOCK to send it to your stock.

Stock: The stock is where items are stored outside of your inventory. Items are split into different categories. To move an item back into the inventory, press Z while it is highlighted.

Moondiscs: As you play through the game, you may acquire Moondiscs, or MDs. Press left on the menu in most areas to access the Moondisc menu. You can program a playlist, play, stop, and set the volume of your MDs.

By pressing Shift you can access the Inventory right away without going through the menu, and can scroll through it with left and right.


Sleeping is very important- it’s how to save the game, it’s when your Love is added to increase your Level, and it fully refills your Action Limit. Make sure you always get to bed before you get a game over!

The Clock
The clock is the circle in the upper left corner of the screen. The red line indicates what the current time is. The red arrow indicates when you will get a game over- make sure to eat to restore it and gather love to increase this limit, as it’s not very much at all when you first start! When this arrow is white, it means you have more than a full day left- in other words, at least one full rotation past the arrow. The icon in the middle indicates the day of the week. Different events happen on different days. You will start the game on Crescenday. The red blinking light next to the icon of the day of the week indicates that time is passing- it will not blink while you are paused or in dialog, but it will pass at nearly all other times. When you run out of time, you will have to return to your last save, and you can only save by sleeping in bed, so be careful! Eating can help fill your Action Limit back up a bit. Leveling up will grant you a longer Action Limit. Sleeping will fully restore your action limit. When you are almost out of time you will move much more slowly, so be sure to eat to gain some speed to get to bed.

Getting your first Love

After waking up, Gramby will give you “your favorite clothes”. Now all characters can see and interact with you. Be aware- time now passes, and it’s crucial you pay attention to the clock at the upper left of the screen! Always remember to pause when you are not actively playing.

You also now have a menu, and the ability to pause. You can pause by pressing Esc, but accessing the menu will also pause the game. You can access the menu by pressing C.
Talk to Gramby to get a cookie. You can do this once daily (unless otherwise specified.) Talk to her again, and she will ask you to buy bread for her at the Castle Town. She will give you 150 Yenom, which is Moon World’s currency. This is more than enough to buy her bread, and you should use it to also buy food for yourself. You can check by the table near Gramby’s rocking chair to get Gramby’s Photo. Checking the blue paper on the table will allow you to see the World Map. There isn’t much to see yet, as most of the map is covered. As you explore areas, they will become uncovered on the map.

Exit Gramby’s house and go back to Castle Town. You will see a blue blobbish creature that will run out of view. Don’t worry about it yet. Go to the exit to the shop and bakery at the right of town- but before entering, talk to the bird. He is Yoshida, and he can give you important information about Moon World. He says that he knew you were coming and decided to give you advice. Make sure you listen to all three options. In short:

Show him things to possibly learn about them
Talk to the king
A strange stone was found in his hometown that included information about you
“Bubby, if you ain’t got love, you’ll stop breathing and pass the heck out.”

Exit to the right and enter the Bakery (the building that looks like a giant loaf of bread with the word “Baker” on it.) Buy a loaf of Fresh-baked bread for Gramby, and some bread and/or Croissants for yourself as well. When you give this to Gramby (with the USE command from selecting the item) you will receive 1 Love.

If you have time (and food,) head to the left of town to see the Hero heading that way. There will also be a newsboard to read regarding the Hero. (This sign will be unchanged for the majority of the game.) Take the left exit to a screen with a building called Bar Wanda, and Yoshida’s house which can be accessed by walking around the bar. Try to enter Bar Wanda, and be run into by the Hero. Leave town to the south to see the Hero killing the defenseless blobbish creature from earlier. (This scene is triggered by being run into by the Hero before, so it’s very important that you do that in order to progress through the game.) The hero will have broken the rock wall blocking the south exit. Try to follow him through here.

A voice will interrupt: An apparition of a figure introduces himself as Dolottle. He will inform you that the soul of Slymy (the blue creature the Hero just killed) is now stuck wandering- but if you catch it, then Slymy will return to life and you will receive Love. After the Hero returns and kills a bat-like creature, Dolottle will give you the Animal File. From now on, when you check an animal’s dead body, you will see a short entry about it and an image of what it looked like alive. These entries are key to catching the animal’s souls- you must essentially solve a small puzzle to figure out how to catch each soul. When you are near an animal’s soul and see an orangish-yellow hand icon appear, that’s your chance to catch it using Z.

Slymy’s soul will appear bouncing around like it did while alive. Souls generally aren’t this easy to catch, but all you really have to do is walk up to it and catch it. I will consider all other animal soul solutions to be spoilers relegated to their specific location guides, but this one is quite simple and an important introduction to the catching mechanic. After catching Slymy, its soul will fly back into its body where it will be picked up by a UFO (Unidentified Flying Octopus) which will leave behind a bag of 100 Yenom for you, and you will receive 2 Love. Now go back into Gramby’s house to sleep right away. (If you had to go to sleep before this, don’t worry, you can do this when you wake up.)

After giving the bread to Gramby

You should now have a bit more freedom to explore (keeping mindful of your Action Limit). From now on, to see what to do next to progress through the game, you can read the Story section for the appropriate location section (which I will direct you to as you go, if you wish to follow this guide to the end of the story or can’t figure out what to do or where to go next.) Each location section will feature the animals available to catch, the Love available, and what to do there to progress the story. Much of the game doesn’t have a strict order to complete, and I would recommend exploring the game yourself before consulting this guide to see what to do next.

Next in story: Castle Story 1

Gramby’s House

This is where Gramby lives with her dog, Tao. It has a bed that you can sleep in (most of the time) and a World Map that you can view.


Snacky: “Used to be a summon beast. Now spends most of the time sleeping.” Its body is found outside of Gramby’s House after you first sleep in your house.
Catching: See Gramby Love 2
4 Love
50 Yenom


Gramby Love 1: Give Gramby Freshly-Baked Bread.
1 Love
Gramby Love 2: After sleeping in your own house for the first time, the Hero will come by Gramby’s house and kill Snacky, and it will be sleeping in the bed there. Due to this, Gramby will fall ill and rest in the bed all day and night, rendering it unusable to you and you will not be able to get cookies during this time.
Gramby will ask you to play with Tao. She says if you give him a bone, he will follow your command.
Complete Tao Love.
Command Tao to Summon one more time using a Tao’s Favorite. Snacky’s soul will come out of the house and you will automatically catch it. Gramby will come outside.
1 Love

Tao Love: After Gramby falls ill after you sleep in your house for the first time, Tao will come outside each day and stay around Gramby’s House.
Give him a bone (Tao’s Favorite), and you will have the chance to give him a command. He will then perform an animation. If it is the correct animation, say “Good boooy, Tao!” If it is not the correct animation, say “No. No!!”
After a certain amount of times correctly performing a command, he will learn a new one. When he correctly performs a command, one bone is consumed. You must teach Tao to master all the commands to get this Love. Here is a list of the commands and how many times it takes for Tao to master them:

Correct animation: Sitting (*not* scratching his ear or peeing)
Times to master: 1

Correct animation: Laying down
Times to master: 2

Correct animation: Barking, making a bird appear
Times to master: 3

Once he has learned all commands, you will receive Love.
4 Love

Castle Town

The town located right by the castle. There are many characters and notable buildings here. It is most likely the first area you will do much exploring in. There is a bar, a bakery, a general store, and a flower shop. The castle is located up from the town.


Daytime items
Hero Bromide: 2000 Yenom
Fishing Rod: 400 Yenom
Tao’s Favorite: 10 Yenom
Fishing bait: 10 Yenom

Nighttime items
Magnifying Glass: 300 Yenom
Frilly Dress: 700 Yenom
Chloroform: 100 Yenom
Bloomlingual: 500 Yenom


Croissant: 40 Yenom
Freshly-Baked Bread: 50 Yenom

Bar Wanda

This bar is only open at night.

Flower Shop

Flora runs this flower shop. It has multiple flowers to look at.
With the Bloomlingual item in your inventory, you can understand the speech of the flowers.


Yenom Frog: “Has lived long in Fountain Park. Loves coins made of moon fragments.” Its body is located near the fountain.
Catching: Its soul is near Flora’s shop out of reach.
Throw Yenom into the fountain to draw it forth into range where you can catch it.
2 Love
150 Yenom

Harpflower: “A stringed-instrumentlike cranebird. Show it sympathy and it expresses its feelings in songs. If you hear a sad song, perhaps a harpflower weeps nearby.” Its body can be found in the Flower Shop.
Catching: Flora says she found it in Rainbow Rocks, and heard some sad music nearby.
In the lower area of Rainbow Rocks, you may hear a harp tune.
This indicates that Harpflower’s soul is nearby. Catch it when it fades into visibility. You can receive Love and Yenom by going to the Flower Shop after catching it.
2 Love
400 Yenom

Macarther: “Chain smoker. Affects the mannerisms of a great General.” Its body is found on the upper floor of the store.
Catching: When Curio smokes at night, Macarthur’s soul appears at the lower left area of the top floor. Catch it when it appears.
2 Love
80 Yenom


Baker Love: The Baker can be found on Echoday nights in Bar Wanda.
Go to the Bakery after he leaves and has gone inside.
He will leave the Bakery door unlocked. Enter and go into the back room.
The Baker’s headless body will be inside next to a loaf of bread and a giant toaster. When it is nearly daytime, a new loaf of bread will spring from the toaster and land on the Baker’s body.
The Baker will then reveal that he is a Breadsman. Every night his head comes off and is a loaf of bread. He sells these old heads as the bread in the bakery. The bread on the floor now speaks, telling you how much he enjoys people saying he is delicious while he is digested and the knowledge of the energy he provides. His memory fades each morning as he becomes the Baker and he forgets that he is a Breadsman. He will ask you to keep this a secret and continue to enjoy his flavor.
1 Love

Curio Love: At night, enter the bottom floor of his shop through the bottom door.
After viewing the items he has for sale and not buying anything, he will try to sell you an item for 1000 Yenom as you leave. If you refuse, then the next time he offers it, it will be 200 Yenom cheaper. Each time, it will be 200 Yenom cheaper until it costs 200 Yenom. (You can just exit and re-enter the shop repeatedly until it costs 200, if you wish.)

This item is the Kakunte Stone.
1 Love

Femi Love: Enter the attic of Bar Wanda at night.
Upon leaving, Femi will appear and chastise you for entering a sleeping woman’s room.
1 Love

Shambles Love: After completing King’s Love and being away from Castle Town for a day, walk over to Shambles and Yoshida in the morning.
Shambles may talk to Yoshida about his lovesickness.
Walk to the shopping area and check the compost bin by the shop.
You will find Shambles’ love letter.
The letter is for someone in town.

He has talked to this person before.
Give the letter to Flora.
She will read it, then give you a letter to deliver to Shambles.
Give Flora’s Reply to Shambles.

2 Love

Wanda Love: Purchase a drink from Bar Wanda at night.
Wanda will proceed to tell you that she was once thin and sought-after. She will then tell you that she lost a ring by the bakery a long time ago called the Sunrise Pearl. Apparently, it glints only in the morning light.
In the morning, a small white speck is visible up and right of the bakery. This is the Sunrise Pearl. Show it to her at night. She will give you the MD MOON TRIPS.
1 Love.

The Castle

North of Castle Town is the Castle, within which the King, his Minister, the two royal guards, and Noge can be found. You can now enter the hallways on the left and right, even if they look like they’re blocked by the guards. In the room these doors lead to, the rooms of the King, the Minister, the guards, and Noge can be found. The balcony can also be accessed from here. Near the balcony entrance, a card can be found left by someone going by Eco who supposedly stole the Minister’s treasure. The drawbridge to enter is closed at night, however if you try to walk up to the castle it will open and allow entry. The Minister will immediately come outside to scold you if you touch one of the shrubs outside the castle.

Castle Story 1

Enter the castle during the day and enter the middle room just past the entrance. Talk to the King once he enters in the afternoon.
He will tell you his kingdom’s custom is to trade business cards with new friends, and will give you his. Business cards (or equivalent items,) when used on characters, will cause them to give you their thoughts on the character the item corresponds to. Try using the card on the king to see how it works. He will suggest you ask the people in town about him.

Show Yoshida the King’s business card.
He will inform you that he has one too, but yours has text on the back: “Secret plan!! Come to my chambers at nightfall. I must tell you something in private… The Minister must absolutely not know. –King” Enter the King’s room at night and show him his business card.

The King wanted to speak with you where the Minister would not hear. The King wants you to help with *his* world reformation plans, not the Minister’s. His plan, “Operation: Fly Us To The Moon” requires the help of Dr. Hager to develop a “lunar-surface research vessel” but the King has recently lost contact with him. He then gives you The King’s Letter and tells you that Dr. Hager’s laboratory is in Tropical Fields.

Next in story: Rainbow Rocks Story

Castle Story 2

Show a Hager Badge to the King during his afternoon audience in his throne room.
He will be jealous that yours is a different color than his and ask to trade.
Agree and your Hager Badge will be traded for a Hager Gold Badge. Now you can enter the main area of Dr. Hager’s Lab. It’s a good idea to check what’s in there before progressing the story further.

Next in story: Path to Mushroom Forest Story


Bilby Love: On Solardays, Bilby practices with toy airplanes on the balcony.
Talk to him on three Solardays in a row while he is practicing.
On the third time, Noge will appear and make the plane fly for several seconds and inform Bilby of how to make the plane fly best.
2 Love

Fred Love: If you show Bilby’s card to Fred, Fred will imply that he’ll do something when Bilby leaves.
Fred will leave his room on nights that Bilby goes to Wanda’s bar. Follow him to his destination. He will hurry back if he sees you. It is best to stay behind him and move slowly.
His destination is the throne room.
Fred will then do a musical performance.
6 Love

King Love: The King will talk with Shambles in the courtyard in the morning every now and then, but you can’t hear what they’re saying.
After giving his letter to Dr. Hager, the King and Shambles may appear differently than usual.
This is because they have switched places, and they need help switching back.
The Minister will kick “Shambles” (the King) out of the courtyard every time he tries to come to switch places, which occurs before afternoon on Crescenday, Tearsday, and Coinsday.

Talking to Yoshida during the day will reveal a hint: “Green Cat.”
If you check the cat shrub in the courtyard, the Minister will come and scold you.
Check the cat shrub when the Minister comes to kick the King out, and he will get distracted by you, allowing the King and Shambles to switch back into their usual clothes and roles.
2 Love

Minister Love: If you show the Minister’s card to Noge, he will mention reading the Minister’s books. If you show Noge’s toy to the Minister, he will mention that Noge tends to steal his books.
Thoroughly check the paths Noge takes in the castle.
Checking along the left wall of the left hall, an item can be found. Noge has dropped this book.
After finding the Minister’s Book, he will be on the balcony. Give him the book.
The response you give to the question does not matter.

2 Love

Noge Love 1: When speaking with Noge, tell him you like video games, then answer “Y’know… like GameStation?” He has never heard of it, and will ask to borrow yours. Respond “Oh, uh. Sure” and he will give you Noge’s Toy.
You must complete Mushroom Forest Story 2 to continue this Love.
Catch a GameStation from the Mushroom Forest fishing spot, and give it to Noge.
1 Love

Noge Love 2: There are three prerequisites for this Love. You must complete Noge Love 1, Bilby Love, and hand over 5 rocket parts.
At night on Solarday, Tearsday, and Blazeday nights, enter Noge’s room.
He will remark that he now understands humans’ hearts more from humans like Bilby, and his father will contact him, telling him he is ready to come home.
Noge’s father’s ship will come into the castle courtyard at night when Bilby goes to Bar Wanda on Crescenday, Tearsday, and Coinsday.
Noge will say goodbye to Bilby and get on the ship with his father, and depart.
2 Love

Rainbow Rocks

This is the area south of Gramby’s House and Castle Town. A sign near the way you first come in explains the history of Rainbow Rocks, the rainbows, and the Shyrocks. It serves to help you keep in mind the order of the colors of the rainbow on the sign (Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, indigo, violet) and to inform you that Shyrocks, creatures that resemble the boulders in the area, will move aside when it senses a human presence for too long. Continue down as far as you can go, then to the right. A stamen can be found near the rocks that the hero destroyed, leading to the main area. Tao will run through at night on his way to his destination.

Tao’s destination

Tao runs through Rainbow Rocks every night to a certain area.
This is Tao’s Hideout. It is located up and to the right of the alcove where the Rainbow Generator is located.
Between two trees at the upper left of this area where there appears to be no way to progress, there is a hidden path. Walk through here to Tao’s Hideout. Tao will dig here for most of the rest of the night, and leave the hole.

Rainbow Rocks Story

Travel down through the rocks broken by the Hero after he killed Slymy. Move down to the boulder, which is actually a Shyrock. It will turn red and move aside when you stand near it long enough. The way you need to go is the path at the far bottom right leading up, but the Shyrock there refuses to move. For now, head to the path that leads up reached from the lower middle area of Rainbow Rocks and move the Shyrock there out of the way. Enter this little area and go to the left to a large red machine. Interact with the panel visible on it to see a screen with buttons of 7 different colors.

The correct order to press them in is red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, indigo, violet. After pressing the buttons in this order, the Rainbow Generator will activate, creating a rainbow over the left pathway of Rainbow Rocks. The Hero is seen stopping to wear lingerie as the rainbow appears over him. You receive 1 Love for this. The Shyrock that previously blocked the right exit will now move out of the way and you can proceed.

Next in story: The Two Houses Story


Slymy: “A mollusk which jiggle-hops up and down as it moves. Greatly enjoys when you pinch its little tippy-top part with your fingers.” Can briefly be seen alive when first exiting Gramby’s House. Its body can be found in the open, where the Hero killed it.
Catching: Very simple, just walk up and catch it as it bounces along. Most likely the first soul you will catch.
2 Love
100 Yenom

Drakey: “A new species of bat evolved from the pink bat. Nocturnal. Snoozes during daylight hours. Uses supersonic waves primarily during important family events.” Slain by the Hero shortly after he kills Slymy. Its body can be found near the tree on the left, where the Hero killed it.
Catching: Its soul appears only at night, near its body.
It fades in and out of visibility at different positions. Catch it when it appears.
2 Love
150 Yenom

Gluttandra: “Beautiful only-daughter of the owner of the Kuida Restaurant. A loyal customer called her beauty an ‘advertisement’ for the shop. She mistook the compliment and now wishes to become a literal billboard.” Her body can be found near the first Shyrock the player encounters, near the upper left of the main area of Rainbow Rocks.
Catching: Her soul is found behind the sign informing the player about rainbows, fading in and out of visibility. Catch her when she appears.
2 Love
150 Yenom

Thworm: “According to ancient legend, one thousand worms amalgamated into one.” Its body is found near the lower left of the main area of Rainbow Rocks.
Catching: Move the first Shyrock back into place to block the soul from escaping, then catch it.
4 Love
160 Yenom

Elmo: “A modest doggy. Extremely conscientious of others’ turf, yet claims no territory of his own.” Its body is found in the lower middle area of Rainbow Rocks, near two trees.
Catching: Its soul appears near a tree shortly after Tao marks it. Catch it when it appears.
2 Love
140 Yenom

Semimaru: “Perching on trees and screaming is its way of letting out the stress that builds up during its long life underground.” Its body is found in the lower right area of Rainbow Rocks.
Catching: The soul will appear on a random tree in the lower area of Rainbow Rocks during the day.
You may hear it first, as it makes loud rattling chirps. Walk up to it and catch it.
2 Love
200 Yenom

Goddog Mai Mai: “A deified canine. With each bark of a dog, its prayer continues.” Its body is found in the middle of Rainbow Rocks.
Catching: When Tao runs through Rainbow Rocks, he will bark if you manage to interact with him.
This will cause Goddog Mai Mai’s soul to appear right next to its body. Walk to it and catch it.
2 Love
80 Yenom

Slime: “A bashful girl. They say she blushed one too many times and has been completely red ever since. Goes by the nickname ‘Bess’.
Catching: She will bounce and vanish if she sees you, and you will have to move out of view for her to reappear.
Wait until she is facing the tree, then hurry over and catch her.
2 Love
180 Yenom

Ovon: “The adult form of ‘Kovon’. Is usually quite docile, though becomes an active parent when searching for lost young.” Its body is found near where Tao goes.
Catching: Ovon will appear looking for Kovon after Kovon is caught. Catch Ovon when it appears.
2 Love
300 Yenom

Kovon: “Serves as a sacred riding vehicle accommodating spirits, conforming its outward appearance to match local vegetation.” Its body is found near where Tao goes.
Catching: The body and soul are in Tao’s Hideout.
Kovon’s soul will appear both at the beginning of the day, and later on, about halfway through the daytime. It will walk by from right to left, and this is your chance to catch it.
2 Love
3 Yenom

Your House

This house is going to belong to you after a cutscene where it is given to you. It’s essentially a hub to access the major areas of Moon World. You can sleep and view the World Map here, just like in Gramby’s House. There is also a television to watch Dolottle’s broadcast, Love and Animal. After sleeping here for the first time, the Gramby Love 2 event will begin and you will be unable to sleep in her house or obtain cookies until you complete it.

Getting the house

When you first arrive outside the house, a man will be standing in the doorway and will refuse to talk to you. When you try to walk past the house, he will stop you.
Say yes when he asks if you have time to talk to him. This man is N i k k a, a former construction foreman.
The response you give does not matter- N i k k a decides to leave and start digging. He then leaves the house to you.

Love & Animal
This is the show broadcast by Dolottle, at all times. It can be viewed on the television in your house. It will tell you how many animals you have saved, and how many are left in the world.

The Pistil
A talking pistil is outside of your house. By giving it an item given by stamens (the curled-up plants you may see around the world) it will offer to eat you, sending you through the stamen that gave you that item. This is essentially the game’s fast-travel system.


Mino: “President of the United States of trash. The United States of trash, by the way, is in some house cranny, or perhaps under a bed.” Its body is found in your house near the World Map.
Catching: Use an item in the TRASH Stock category when its soul appears in your house.
The smaller Minos will then reform into one large Mino, and you can catch it.

2 Love
150 Yenom

N i k k a’s Love: Talk to N i k k a when prompted to when trying to leave the house area. After the cutscene, he will give you the house as thanks for your advice.
1 Love

Pistil’s Love: Give the pistil all three items from the three stamen.
One is found in Rainbow Rocks next to the rock destroyed by the Hero, one is found in Tropical Fields, and one outside of the Mushroom Forest exit to the Haunted House.
1 Love

Pokka’s Love: Ask him what is in all three directions.
1 Love

Yoshida Love: Talk to Yoshida at night after completing Bali Bali Island Story.
He will tell you he is considering going to college. Agree to go with him. He will say that when he is about to go to a class, he will come to your house to get you.
When you go to bed at night in your house (not Gramby’s), Yoshida will come bring you to class outside. After doing this four times, Midnight University will end. Reportedly, the final class will not occur until you have reached Love level 28.
1 Love

Path to Mushroom Forest

The path to Mushroom Forest is up from your house. It leads to the Mushroom Forest, along with Adder’s temple. When you enter you will be in Burrn Hall, where you can purchase most of the Moon Discs in the game. Proceeding through here leads to an area where Adder lives, and the path further up to the Mushroom Forest.

Path to Mushroom Forest Story

During the daytime, enter the large building past Burrn Hall. You need to go up to enter the Mushroom Forest, but the body of Sid Vitness blocks the way.
In order to catch it, you must participate in Adder’s worship within his building. Adder is only present during the day.

He believes you are ill due to your invisibility. He says you need not worry because the Divine Messenger he believes in has the power to make the invisible visible. Agree to hear a divine message.

Adder will say that yesterday, an armor-clad person in armor appeared, bringing thunder and swinging a metal stick, and that animals Adder had never seen were fluttering about. Adder believes this armored person was God, dispatching the animals. Adder claims you must undergo his spiritual training to be ready to meet the Divine Messenger. Agree to train.

First training session
The first training session, “The pOem of God”, works like this: Adder will say a sentence (with fluctuating capitalization, as he normally speaks) and you must choose which exact variation he said from a list of three. The variation that he says appears to be random each time. It is best to memorize two or three notable characteristics about the line (For instance, unusual spelling or use of many letters in a row) to help you remember which is the correct variation.

Second training session
In the second training session, “The VoiCe of God”, Adder will make a noise. Three duplicates of himself will then make three different noises. You must choose the one that made the same noise as the real Adder. Like before, each round always includes the same variations, and the correct answer appears to be random. If you are unable to hear the noise, you will unfortunately have to guess for rounds 1-4, as there is no reliable visual indicator as to which Adder made which noise. For round 5, you can also judge the correct Adder based on how quickly it opens its mouth and for round 6, based on how long its mouth is moving. Which Adder is the correct one is random. There are 6 rounds.

Third training session
The third and final training session is “The FaCe Of God”. Adder will turn around and have a randomly chosen face each round. You must choose the correct face from a set of three. The key is to focus on his eyes and mouth. Like the previous sessions, each round uses the same three variations with one random option being correct.

After training, you are given the prompts “Thank you.” and “Thank yOu.” Choose the second for a Moon Tear. Adder deems you are ready to meet the Divine Messenger. The soul of Sid Vitness will descend and Adder will prompt you to pray to it.
Choose “Touch” to catch Sid Vitness. Adder will head outside after it. You will automatically head outside as well.
Adder will implore Sid Vitness to stay, and lament over not having more time to learn about and meet God. Adder then declares himself to be named “God” and Sid Vitness will be taken by the UFO. Adder will be pleased that he believes he has transcended God and head back into his house. You will get 2 Love for catching Sid Vitness after this cutscene. Continue up the path that is no longer blocked.

Two small, silver humanoids will be dancing around a third, collapsed humanoid. The dancing ones will flee up into Mushroom Forest when you come by. The third, if interacted with, will say “Baama… Sutonte…ka…kakunte…” The Kakunte Stone provides a hint for how to help it.

If you have completed Past the Valley of the Wind Story, Florence will fade in and out of visibility (and accessibility) around the fallen being. He’ll remark that it’s still collapsed if spoken to. Walk up into a small cave, where you’ll see the two small humanoids from before walking through. To the left is the Mushroom Forest.

Next in story: Mushroom Forest Story 1

Adder’s House

After completing Path to Mushroom Forest Story, the function of Adder’s House will change.
Adder will offer to give you a hint for obtaining non-animal Love (after first briefly visiting space) in exchange for 33 Yenom.

Burrn Hall
Each of the four boxes contains 9 MDs available for purchase for 100 Yenom each. You may choose to hear a brief review of each song and whether or not to purchase it. To see the MDs available and their reviews, please read the List of Moon Discs.

Heyboy: “A green and yellow creature. Works as a band manager. ‘The sight of the happy faces of hard-rocking performers brings me joy. Oh, is this Jimi’s demo tape? That’ll be a G-note, please.’ (Actual Quote)” Its body is found in the right part of Burrn Hall.
Catching: When you enter Burrn Hall during the daytime, Burrn may be playing his guitar trying to complete a riff. He will stop if he sees you. The amount of times it takes for him to play it all the way without starting over appears to be random.
When he completes it, Heyboy’s soul will briefly appear in the right of the hall, where its body is. The most efficient way to catch it is to enter Burrn Hall from the right during the day and wait for Burrn to complete his riff and make Heyboy’s soul appear. Catch it when it appears.
4 Love
80 Yenom

Sid Vitness: “One might presume his divine shape is worthy of worship, though his diet of leftover food scraps makes him more often pitied.” Its body is blocking the upper path from Adder’s House.
Catching: See Path to Mushroom Forest Story
2 Love
No Yenom

Wavio: “Friend of water fleas. Bobbingly rises to the surface from the depths each morning seeking light.” Its body is found in the small cave to the right of Mushroom Forest.
Catching: When morning comes, it will rise from the abyss. Catch it when it is high enough to reach.
2 Love
180 Yenom

Adder’s Love: Complete Path to Mushroom Forest Story and talk to Adder again. He will start his new business.
2 Love

Burrn’s Love: After you’ve talked to Burrn at least once before, talk to him again. Respond with “I know my stuff”. He will play three brief snippets of MDs and he will ask you to identify each from a list of three titles. The songs played appear to be random. If you fail, you can try again by talking to him again.
He will say that you both know a lot about music, and are like “Music club member buddies” and then realize he means “friends” apparently not having had a “real friend” before.
1 Love

Mushroom Forest

The Mushroom Forest is a mysterious, otherworldly location filled with giant mushrooms that fade in and out of visibility.


It is important to talk to everyone in the forest to figure out how to progress the story here. Here is a list of the dialog from the Kakunte in Mushroom Forest.

“Kakunte! I know some your words. I learn them. Maybe you want learn some Kakunte words.”

“Kakunte! A clanky-crashy dekakunte came here. He made thunder with finger! He make Tottoteruri move no more!”

“Kakunte! “Kakunte” mean “friend”. You me Kakunte.”

“Kakunte! Tottoteruri… no move no more… is very sad.”

“Kakunte! Suutora Baama tona Sonho Kurunte Baama tona Kanta.”

“Kakunte! Kokunte Baama tona Ponta Rurinpa Baama tona Monta Paranka Baama tona Tanpa.”

“Kakunte! Domansa Tottoteruri Poi Poi chakunte Homeh Baama. Suutora Kokunte Kurunte Rurinpa Paranka Tero.”

“Kakunte! Dekakunte is, has sword, make a danger!”

Mushroom Forest Story 1

When you first enter the Mushroom Forest, you can only access a tiny bit of rock. However, if you check the topmost part of this small rock area, you will find a red Myshroom.
It’s a good idea to complete Kakunte Love now. (You will have to at some point to progress the story.)

Eat a red Myshroom to cause a path to appear in front of you.
Head up and to the right to a yellow mushroom, up past green and red mushrooms to red and yellow mushrooms, up and right to a green mushroom, and left until you reach a large blue mushroom.
Go up to a red mushroom, left to a three-way intersection, up to a red mushroom, up and left to a yellow mushroom, up and left to a green mushroom, left to red, green, and yellow mushrooms, down and left to yellow and green mushrooms, up to three mushrooms and then left to the exit.

Next in story: Haunted House Story

Mushroom Forest Story 2
This requires completing Kakunte Love. You need to catch Tottoteruri’s soul in order to progress this part of the story. In order to figure out how, you will need to decipher the dialog that is in the Kakunte language.
Two Rumroms will help with this.
The Kakunte Stone and the Star Souvenir contain some translations for Kakunte words.
When translated using these items, the Kakunte language dialog looks like this:

“Kakunte! Suutora Mushroom tona Black Kurunte Mushroom tona Red.”

“Kakunte! Kokunte Mushroom tona Gold Rurinpa Mushroom tona Green Paranka Mushroom tona White.”

“Kakunte! Night Tottoteruri Poi Poi chakunte Ritual Mushroom. Suutora Kokunte Kurunte Rurinpa Paranka Eat.”

Two of these messages contain an unknown word, then refer to colors of mushrooms. One of them mentions a mushroom ritual at night, followed by the words from the other two messages.
Put the mushroom colors in order, following the order the unknown words appear in in the message hinting about a night ritual.


The solution is to eat the myshrooms at night in the following order to start a ritual to revive Tottoteruri: black, gold, red, green, white.
You will warp to the large blue mushroom with Tottoteruri’s body on it. Answer “Kakunte!” to the Kakunte who asks if you will perform the ritual with them.
You and the Kakunte will walk in circles around Tottoteruri’s body. One of the spectral fishlike beings from Tropical Fields will fly in, but Tottoteruri will not be revived yet. His soul has been split into pieces. Respond “Kakunte!” again when asked to gather them. You will be warped to the right entrance of Mushroom Forest.

Now, when you touch the fragments of Tottoteruri in Tropical Fields, they will fly away. You must find and send away every fragment.
The fragments are found as follows:

A group of 8 near the upper entrance into Tropical Fields
A group of 7 left from Shellwhale Cove
A group of 8 near Cave Guy’s Cave
1 down from the group of 7

Perform the mushroom ritual again.
The pieces will come together and Tottoteruri will be revived.

Talk to the Kakunte by the green mushroom up from the right entrance.
It will lead you to a new pathway, leading to the Mushroom Forest fishing spot.

The Octopus Slate provides information on which items need to be obtained here:
A refrigerator, and a Gamestation.
These are the materials for a cooling system and a power console.

Rockboy: “Rockboy has the heart of a rock.” Its body is found on the right side of Mushroom Forest.
Catching: Rockboy’s soul will rise from the depths of the forest slightly up from its body every now and then. Simply catch it when it appears.
2 Love
200 Yenom

Tottoteruri: “The Kakunte Tribe have a song whose lyrics include the phrase, “Tottoteruri has flown to us~”. Historians believe that Tottoteruri might have flown to them sometime in the ancient past.” Its body is found on a large blue mushroom out of your reach, but you can check its animal file by standing on the bridge next to it.
Catching: Complete Mushroom Forest Story 2.
8 Love

Florence Love: Talk to Wanda after Past the Valley of the Wind Story. and Wanda Love.
Tell her Florence has returned. Wanda will ask you to return the Sunrise Pearl to him, saying she still has “an adorable memento of that man”.
Give the Sunrise Pearl to Florence.
He will take the ring and briefly talk about his relationship with Wanda being over.
1 Love

Kakunte Love: A Rumrom provides a hint for this Love.
The Kakunte stone will tell you that the word Baama means mushroom.
Give a Myshroom to the fallen Kakunte. It will happily get up and go into the cave. Follow it into the Mushroom Forest.
If you have not already, pick up another red Myshroom by the entrance and eat it. A pathway will appear in front of you, and a group of Kakunte will appear to talk to you. (If you ate the Myshroom before giving one to the Kakunte, this cutscene will occur after you enter the Mushroom Forest from the cave after helping the Kakunte. It is not a missable cutscene.)
Talk to the Kakunte on the bridge and it will say that you helped a Kakunte. This will cause the Kakunte to trust you and they will be present in the Mushroom Forest to talk to instead of fleeing in your presence.
1 Love

Haunted House

The Haunted House is past the Valley of the Wind. There is a stamen near where you first enter the path to the Haunted House.
The house contains an entry floor, a basement, and a top floor. The top floor contains a central room, a left hallway leading to a bathroom, and a right hallway that leads somewhere different depending on the player’s progress.

Haunted House Story

When first entering the path to the Haunted House from the Mushroom Forest, you will see the Hero walk up to the Haunted House. Follow him.
When you try to enter the Haunted House he will emerge and push you out of the way. You will enter and hear a voice calling for you, saying that they are in a jail cell downstairs. Go down the stairs.
A man will be trapped behind bars in the basement. If you ask who he is, he will exclaim that he is Dr. Stein Hager. He will claim that he will pay you if you free him. (He will not.) He insists that you find a white ghost and make it release him. Go back upstairs.
In the hallway to the left on the top floor, there is a machine. Interact with it to activate its Anti-theft alarm. Go back to the basement.
Dr. Hager will realize you must have touched his robot, and only he knows how to turn off the anti-theft alarm. He will demand you catch the ghost to free him, but the ghost will appear and reveal that the switch to open the jail door is inside of the cell and demand that Dr. Hager stop the sound. The ghost says that the tone-souls were scared out of the clock, and he is busy helping the souls of the animals killed by the Hero. Hager will use the switch to free himself and tell you not to expect payment since he operated the mechanism by himself. He will then retrieve his walking robot and return to his laboratory.

Next in story: Tropical Fields Story


All souls except Cyclolyphant’s listed here require completing Whisper Love first.

Cyclolyphant: “Loves high places. Has wings that allow it to glide, though cannot fly for long periods of time.” Its body can be found near the exit from Mushroom Forest.
Catching: Its soul will land on different points on the screen, out of reach.
While it’s flying near the lower right corner, you have a brief window to catch it. It seems to move more during the day than at night.
2 Love
160 Yenom

Gajiro: “Pure of heart, pure of body. According to legend, only one who is pure of heart and pure of body can touch Gajiro.”
Catching: Its soul appears in the bathroom doorway, but initially can’t be caught.
You must wash your hands in the bathroom first. Gajiro can now be caught.
2 Love
140 Yenom

Pampoo: “Loves to soar about carefreely, observing others. However, hates being observed.” Its body can be found in the yard outside of the Haunted House.
Catching: Pampoo is flying too high above the ground to be caught. You must observe it another way.
There is another place in the world where you can observe the Haunted House.
Use the binoculars on the castle balcony, and find the Haunted House with them.
Pampoo will notice you watching, and fly over to the balcony where it can be caught.
2 Love
500 Yenom

Rocque: “Loves the smell of freshly dug-up earth and has the eccentric habit of secretly sniffing it at night.” Its body can be found in the basement.
Catching: Its soul appears in the basement at night, sniffing the dirt dug up by N i k k a. Catch it when it appears.
2 Love
160 Yenom

Stompkins: “Noisy stampy rowdling. Annoyed downstairs neighbors in previous apartment.” Its body can be found on the top floor of the house.
Catching: Its soul will stomp down from the ceiling in a few places around the room. You must catch it when it is on the ground briefly.
Find a place where it tends to land or hurry over to it as it does, then catch it.
2 Love
150 Yenom

Two-oh-clocky: “Was a train conductor long ago. Still a train enthusiast. Goes bonkers when its train is about to depart.” Its body can be found in the right room of the top floor of the house (when it does not lead to Whisper’s room.)
Catching: Two-oh-clocky’s soul only appears at a certain time.
When the red line on the clock is at around where 2 is on an analog clock, Two-oh-clocky’s soul will appear and can be caught.
2 Love
120 Yenom


Whisper Love: After completing Haunted House Story, the tone-souls will be wandering the central room of the top floor.
Go to the top floor and the ghost will explain that the tone-souls embody the sound of the broken clock, and ask you to help them find their way home.
When you walk near a tone-soul, it will hop in a direction away from you. You must use your walking to move each tone soul into the broken clock in the upper right corner of the room. After moving them all into the clock, the ghost will call you into the hallway on the right.
The hallway will now extend much further than it did before. Go to the end and enter the small hole in the wall.
The ghost will be in the room, along with the souls of the animals in the Haunted House area. This is the threshold between the lands of the living and dead, and you can most likely enter it because your body is invisible. He will ask if you saw the painting at the top of the stairs, and after you answer will say that it encapsulates his happy memories of being alive. However, his memory is incomplete, but he knows that he ate much and enjoyed his time alive. He cannot move on to the afterlife unless his memories are completed.
Now, when you stand in front of the painting, a hole will open in it. Move away and it will suck you in.
You will be in a strange area where a young boy will appear. He will say he needs to eat a lot to get strong. He wants to eat something sweet. You will have to give him a certain food. If you give him the correct item, then you will advance this event. Whether you give him the correct item or not, you will be forced out afterward through the toilet. You will have to re-enter the painting to advance.
The correct item is a Homemade cookie. Use it and he will thank you, eat it, and you will be forced out through the toilet.
Enter the painting again.
This time a teenager will ask you for tasty bread.
Give him freshly-baked bread. He will thank you, eat it, and you will be forced out through the toilet.
Enter the painting again.
This time an adult will ask you for something like caviar.
If you order Black Caviar from the Wildcat House, you’ll be told Florence helped to invent it, and hear a noise that sounds like a frog ribbiting. This is a hint as to where to find the next item and what it is.
To obtain the item, you must first complete Mushroom Forest Story 2.
Find a tadpole by fishing here, and give it to the man.
You will be taken back to the room Whisper is in with the animal souls. He will remark that he was unable to eat, thank you, release the animal souls, and leave. You will go back into the right hallway. Once you exit, it will go back to normal, with Two-oh-clocky’s body accessible.
2 Love

Valley of the Wind

The Valley of the Wind is to the right of your house. It’s a large, sandy area with many animal souls to catch. There are brown cacti that grow tall at night, and return to being flat on the ground during the day. To the right of the Valley of the Wind is the Twilight Canyon. A fishing spot can be found in the cliffs to the left, accessible by standing on cacti before it grows.


Fighting Fish (named “Fighter Fish” in dreams): “It’s a fish AND a fighter plane. High-speed-flies at a fixed altitude of 5 meters.” Its body can be found in the upper area on the sand.
Catching: Its soul will fly through the desert at high speeds at the same elevation as the cliffs. You cannot catch it on the sand.
You will have to get onto a cliff it flies over to catch it.
You can get onto the cliffs by going on top of one of the growing cacti during the day and waiting until they rise at night, then climbing onto an adjacent cliff.
You can then wait until it flies past and quickly catch it when it is in reach.
3 Love
200 Yenom

Molio: “Migratory underground creature. Much dislikes sunlight’s brightness.” Its body can be found in the lower left area of the valley, on the sand.
Catching: Molio’s soul is the lump that can be found burrowing around the sand.
It will only emerge at night.
It will emerge in the lower left area that is blocked by cacti at night. Enter here during the day so that you are not blocked off from Molio.
4 Love
170 Yenom

Mr. Droll: “Loves high places. Curious about the nightly growing cacti.” Its body can be in the general middle area on the sand.
Catching: During the daytime, it will appear on certain clifftops where it cannot be accessed.
It will briefly appear on the cactus near the left entrance to the valley at night.
To catch it, you must wait on this cactus while it is flat until it grows, and Mr. Droll appears.
Catch it before it vanishes.

3 Love
200 Yenom

Shocky Catfish: “Electricity energizes it. Can reportedly summon electricity.” Its body is found in the lower left area on the sand.
Catching: Its body is initially trapped in stone. It needs to be freed with electricity first.
This will happen during a certain story event.
During the cutscene when flying to Bali Bali Island for Bali Bali Island Story, lightning will be summoned. This will free Shocky Catfish’s soul to be caught.
Its soul can be found in the lower area of the Valley on a cliff, requiring you to stand on a growing cactus to reach it.
3 Love
150 Yenom


Flower Love: Several wilted flowers can be found in the Valley of the Wind.
The flowers in Flora’s shop have hints for getting this Love.
The Bloomlingual can help you understand them.
Provided is a list of each flower and its dialog.

Quiet Flower
“Ah, Straw Lamp… These rumors of yours frighten me completely… That in some far-off place I might have unbeknownst friends… We should consider ourselves blessed… Because we can hear Flora’s song every day…”

Straw Lamp
“I am a wise Straw Lamp… In the faraway Valley of the Wind… There, some surviving members of our soon-extinct species live… A faint melody floats by on the wind… Rumor has it their lives are linked…”

Great Rose
“O~hohohohoho The secret to preserving beauty clearly lies in the music made by humans~ May your beautiful melodies forever nutrify us~ Ho~hohohohohoho”

“…A flower’s life is a flicker. …Their whole lives, it’s almost time to die. However, if they could just hear Flora’s melody… …Ah, forget it. It’s not possible. It’s just not possible. Because no one can even hear our voices…”

The flowers express a desire for faraway flowers to hear Flora’s melody, and inform you that there are flowers in the Valley of the Wind.
A Moon Disc with the same melody as the song that plays in Flora’s shop can be found in Flora’s bedroom.
Play Flower Waltz and walk past all flowers in the Valley.
3 Love

Past the Valley of the Wind

Twilight Canyon

The Twilight Canyon is to the right of the Valley of the Wind. The path you can walk on overlooks the canyon, where birds often fly over. Birdman can be found here, hosting a gambling minigame. The right exit leads to Sunbeams Road.

Birdman’s game
During the day, a man sitting on the edge of the cliff hosts a game where you can bet on which color of bird will fly past next. You can bet 50, 100, or 300 Yenom at a time. Time will pass while you wait for a bird to appear. The odds are written on the sign next to him:
Blue birds are the most common and give you 2 times the betted Yenom
Yellow birds are the second most common and give you 3 times the betted Yenom
Red birds are the third most common and will give you 5 times the betted Yenom
Black birds are the least common and will give you 10 times the betted Yenom

Sunbeams Road

To the right of Twilight Canyon is Sunbeams Road. It’s a short path leading to the Wildcat Restaurant to the right.

Wildcat House
The Wildcat House is a restaurant that only serves one person per day. It is the workplace of Kenji and Clis. You can purchase the following food there:

Sand Cactus Salad: 100 Yenom
Kirikiri bug Sautee: 300 Yenom (makes fish bite your rod more frequently)
Black Caviar: Market Value (500 Yenom)

After Past the Valley of the Wind Story, you will be served a special wine with your meal that allows you to hear the ingredients. This may be a hint to a certain puzzle.

Past the Valley of the Wind Story

Enter the Wildcat House and agree to dine in.
Clis will show you to a table, recognize you, and ask what you would like to order. You can only order the Sand Cactus Salad the first time, as they are out of ingredients for the other two items. Kenji will cook it and it will be served to you.

Kenji will describe the Sand Cactus as having a “mushroomy texture”. This reminds Kenji of a story of a time when he went to the Mushroom Forest. You will now be playing as Kenji as he explores the Mushroom Forest in search of ingredients. The following is the path to take:

Take the bridge that goes up and to the right from the green mushroom near the starting point to a yellow mushroom.
Take the bridge up from the yellow mushroom to a green mushroom and a red mushroom.
Take the bridge up and to the left from the red mushroom to a yellow mushroom.
Take the bridge up and right from the yellow mushroom to the green mushroom.
Take the bridge left from the green mushroom and go up at the intersection to a red mushroom.
Take the bridge up and to the right from the red mushroom to a yellow mushroom.
Take the bridge up and left from a yellow mushroom to a green mushroom.
There is now only one path to take. Follow it to the end.

Continue along the path until you reach a man eating. This is Florence, who is eating mushroom soup. Florence asks if Kenji is looking for ingredients, and Kenji shows him the Golden Mushroom. Florence recognizes it and asks to have it. Kenji gives it to Florence and Florence vanishes.

Back in the restaurant, Kenji says it has been a long time since Florence disappeared. A loud rumbling will occur and Florence will barge into the restaurant. Florence does not know where he has been but followed the sound of Kenji talking about him and ended up there. Florence will mistake Clis for Kenji’s wife, prompting her to introduce herself and state that she is waiting for her debut as an idol. She also introduces you to Florence, who will now return to the Mushroom Forest. You will finish eating.

Next in story: Two Houses Story


Birdon: “A big-bodied, bumbly bird. Its cerulean feathers serve to camouflage it in flight. However, its bright red comb stands out.” Its body is found on the leftmost part of Twilight Canyon.
Catching: The first time you correctly guess that a blue bird will appear next, Birdon’s soul will fly past in the sky and come next to its body.
After the birdman remarks that the first bird he saw was pale blue, and that cerulean brings reason and logic, he will give you your earned Yenom. You can then catch Birdon’s soul which will now be next to its body.
2 Love
150 Yenom

Chairby: “When it sees someone sitting, it can’t help wanting the person to be sitting on it. Can’t relax until the person stands in front of it in an about-to-sit pose.” Its body is found on the left area of Sunbeams Road.
Catching: Stay idle near it so that your character sits down.
Chairby will appear next to you and slowly approach. Stay still until it stops next to you turned around. When it does, catch it.
2 Love
150 Yenom

Koma-chan: “A popular pet-creature covered in bushy body hair. Popular with young girls. However, prefers young men with sloping shoulders.” Its body is found near Chairby’s body on Sunbeams Road.
Catching: Koma-chan’s soul will appear in one of a few random locations on Sunbeams Road for a few seconds before vanishing again.
These locations are: to the right of the middle tree, on a rock at the lower right of the road, and on the large flat rock near the left side of the road. You can catch it when it is visible.
2 Love
130 Yenom

Mr. Nacky: “Sometimes feels like it; sometimes doesn’t. Lives his life blowin’ in the wind.” Its body can be found near the right end of Sunbeams Road.
Catching: Every now and then, its soul will pass through Sunbeams Road at an extremely fast speed. He can be caught when he’s nearby, but he will only ever be near you for an extremely short window.
The easiest way I’ve found to catch him is to listen for his approach (a sharp windy noise) and wait as far down as you can under the middle tree, then catch him as he speeds by.
2 Love
150 Yenom

Sadmile: “‘On the night the Blackbird of Death appears, Sadmile shall creep up from the depths of heck.’ (Book of Sadmile Revelations, 2:6)” Its body is found in Twilight Canyon, near the birdman.
Catching: The night after you see a black bird during the day (whether you guessed it would appear or not) Sadmile’s soul will rise from below the cliff where its body is. Catch the soul before it disappears with the daylight, as if it does you will have to wait for another black bird to appear before trying to catch it again.
2 Love
80 Yenom


Birdman Love: Correctly guess all four colors of birds.
He will congratulate you and turn to face you, then give you love and his regards to Yoshida.
2 Love

Clis Love 1: You must hand over 4 rocket parts to Dr. Hager before this event will begin.
After handing over 4 rocket parts, signs will appear across the land announcing that the Hero has gone missing. Find him.
The Hero will be in the Wildcat House, drinking heavily and making a mess of the place. Clis quit and is currently outside, apparently having recorded a song on MD. She says she just needs a cute outfit to hold a fan-meet. You will have to find her something to wear.
Give Clis the Frilly dress and she will change into it and hold her fan-meet.
She will host Clis’s Game to win a free MD. Challenge her game.
This is a game of two rounds of rock-paper-scissors followed by a game of Look This Way. Choose the sign you think will beat her in rock-paper-scissors, and guess the direction she will look. Win three times for 2 Love and MD 35, KERA-MA-GO. She will then go look for somewhere to perform.

Kenji Love: The Hero will leave Wildcat House after handing in the final part.
Talk to Kenji after completing Clis Love 1, Clis Love 2, and handing in the final rocket part.

1 Love

Tropical Fields

The Tropical Fields are down from your house. It is a large grassy field with exits to several smaller areas. A stamen can be found near Dr. Hager’s laboratory entrance. On crescenday, tearsday, and coinsday, Kirikiri bugs can be found up from Shellwhale Cove. Gamakatsu will also go to catch them.

Donation Box
On Solardays, Blazedays, and Leavesdays a donation box will appear along with an announcement that The Hager Innovation Institute is accepting applications for members. If you donate 1000 Yenom, you will receive a membership- and therefore, a Hager Badge.
If you donate 10,000 Yenom, you will receive a Gold Hager Badge, allowing you entry into Hager’s laboratory.

Dr. Hager’s Lab
Dr. Hager’s Lab can be found up from the center of Tropical Fields, however, you cannot enter without a Hager badge.
Additionally, you cannot actually enter the main part of the laboratory without a Hager Gold Badge specifically. You can enter here if you have one by checking the red box in the upper part of the room you can enter with the standard badge.
In the main lab area, there are a few points of interest:
A Rumrom on the ground
A bookshelf
“Above Top Secret Hager File” on a desk in the lower left corner
A Decryption Device in the upper right corner for translating Rumroms
And finally, the entrance to Technopolis in the lower right corner.

Shellwhale Cove
To the right of Tropical Fields is a small area called Shellwhale cove, which houses a fishing spot. Gamakatsu the fisherman spends most of his time here.

Tropical Fields Story
This section cannot be completed until you have completed Castle Story 1, Haunted House Story, and have obtained the Hager Gold Badge (see The Two Houses Story and Castle Story 2 for a cheap way to obtain it).
Show Dr. Hager the King’s Letter in his laboratory. He will read it.
The letter will say that you can be the pilot for the probe vessel to the moon. He will only let you pilot the rocket if you help finish building it. He will explain the details.
He has designed a rocket that will fly to the moon, but five components are still missing:
For navigation, an old 32R-1 circuit
Materials to develop a cooling system
For rocket propulsion, materials for an MCM engine
100 liters of HR103% strength alcohol
Materials to develop a power console

Pay close attention to the shapes of each component.
In order to complete the game, you must complete the rocket. The story from this point on will entail the steps to obtain the rocket parts. They do not have to be obtained in any particular order. Additionally, certain events only occur after a certain rocket parts have been given to Dr. Hager. Some Rumroms found throughout the game will help with finding them.

The Laboratory Slate and the Octopus Slate tell where to find these items.
Complete all of the story events listed below to obtain the rocket parts.

Laboratory Item List
This is a list of the items you’ll need to gather after completing Tropical Fields Story. (Dr. Hager will not accept parts while at his desk.)

And old 32R-1 circuit (Robi’s Electrobrain)
Obtained: Technopolis Story

Cooling system materials (Refrigerator)
Obtained: Mushroom Forest Story 2

MCM engine materials (Heikichi’s Firework)
Obtained: Between Tropical Fields and the Houses Story

100 liters of HR103% strength alcohol (Signal Liqueur)
Obtained: Bali Bali Island Story

Power console materials (GameStation)
Obtained: Mushroom Forest Story 2

Once you have completed all of the above story events and have given Dr. Hager all rocket parts, proceed to The End of the Game.

These events seem to be linked to the Rocket progress:

Giving the King’s letter to Dr. Hager: King Love
4 parts given to Dr. Hager: Clis Love 1, Clis Love 2, Saike Love
5 parts given to Dr. Hager: Noge Love 2, Kenji Love

Despite what other guides may say, it is not possible to permanently miss any Love in the game by handing in rocket parts.


Hanachan: “A slightly domineering Rafflesia plant. Makes a squeaking sound as it runs around.” Its body is found near the entrance to Cave Guy’s Cave.
Catching: Its soul will move around the area near its body. It will try to evade you, but you are faster and can easily catch (up to) it.
2 Love
200 Yenom

Master Leaf: “Master Leaf seldom appears. Only happy and lucky people have seen Master Leaf.” Its body is found in the lower area of Tropical Fields by a tree.
Catching: Its soul will float around the entirety of Tropical Fields at all times of day.
Follow it until the whirling leaves form into the shape of Master Leaf’s body and catch it.
2 Love
80 Yenom

Tommy: “Nocturnal animal. Subsists on a diet of kirikiri bugs. Runs away with a bizarre cry when frightened.” Its body is found down and to the right of Hager’s Lab, near where the donation box sometimes appears.
Catching: At night, Tommy’s soul appears near the small path to the right of its body. It will vanish if you come too close too quickly.
The trick is to take very, very small steps toward it at a time. Catch it when you manage to get close.
3 Love
150 Yenom

Shadowbird: “You can only see this precious bird at noontime. Rotates in circles while waiting for prey.” Its body is hidden in Tropical Fields.
Catching: Its body can be found in the bushes next to a red tree with red feathers by it, down and left a bit from Dr. Hager’s Lab. Check here to pull out its body.
During the day, a bird’s shadow is present circling not far from where Shadowbird’s body can be found. Sit still near the shadow.
Its soul will descend near you. Once it has landed, catch it.
3 Love
250 Yenom

Shellwhale: Its body is in the water in Shellwhale Cove where the player cannot check it.
Catching: At night, a spray and sound will emit from the water. Successfully catch a fish during this time, and it will be Shellwhale’s soul.
2 Love
200 Yenom


Dr. Stein Hager’s Love: Complete Haunted House Story and Tropical Fields Story.
Give Dr. Hager all pieces of the rocket. Upon its completion, you will receive love.
3 Love

Gamakatsu’s Love: On Solarday mornings after catching Shellwhale, he will hold a fishing contest in Shellwhale Cove. To get this Love you must catch at least 5 fish within the time limit (about 100 seconds). It costs 100 Yenom to enter.
You should enter the contest once to get the cutscene and Rumrom out of the way, as it is unlikely you will win if you catch the Rumrom and it may be annoying to watch the cutscene every time you want to re-attempt the contest.

This is largely luck-based, as you have little control over how frequently fish bite your rod. You may have to try many times to win. I recommend sleeping in your house right when night falls on Echoday to wake up early on Solarday morning, and hurry to Shellwhale cove through the pistil to arrive as soon as the contest begins. Eating the Kirikiri Bug Sautee from Wildcat House will increase the frequency of fish biting your rod, so I highly recommend eating it before attempting the contest. I do not recommend trying to obtain this Love unless you are trying to get all the Love in the game.
1 Love

Umi’s Love: The first time you enter the Fishing Contest, Umi will appear.
He will scold you and Gamakatsu, then he will flee.
1 Love

Between Tropical Fields and the Houses

Left of the Tropical Fields, through a cave entrance, is Cave Guy’s Cave, which leads to further landmarks.

Cave Guy’s Cave

This is where Cave Guy can be found. He’s having trouble sleeping. If you manage to help him, he will sell you Octolips for 30 Yenom, useful for getting back to a bed quickly.

Tamaya’s Launcher

A large white tube with Japanese characters on it is found on a small road to the left of Cave Guy’s Cave, and to the right of the American House. Every day in the late afternoon, a firework will be thrown out in a random direction from the tube. If you touch it during the very short period of time before it explodes, you will blown into the tube.

Between Tropical Fields and the Houses Story

Go to Tamaya’s Launcher (the large white tubelike structure) and wait for a firework to come out. Stand in the center, as it will come out of the left or right side. You need to walk up to it before it explodes. It will be thrown out right before nightfall.
You will be blown into Tamaya’s Launcher. Refuse to leave when he tells you to.
Say that you can put together an amazing firework.

You will be taken to a screen where you must select a numbered ball for each slot. You must enter the correct combination.
If you enter a different combination, you will get a trash firework.

The correct combination is found elsewhere in the game. Look for something with a similar circular pattern.
The solution is found by solving Tao’s Slate. (See Tao’s Slate in the items section for how to solve it.)
By correctly solving Tao’s slate, you will get the following number order to enter:

5 7 4 8 2 1 3 9 4

After entering this combination, you will be informed that you have perfected his firework, receive 1 love and Heikichi’s Firework, and exit.


Dream Alien: “It’s an alien who eats peoples’ dreams!? What’s worse is, people with eaten dreams can’t sleep.” Its body is found in Cave Guy’s Cave.
Catching: You need to help Cave Guy sleep before its soul will appear.
After Cave Guy falls asleep, Dream Alien’s soul will be to the left of him. Catch it when it appears.
2 Love
100 Yenom

Gentlemister: “A hard-headed, snobby individual. Particular about etiquette. Gets angry at nearby firestarting and noisemaking.“ Its body is found on the right side of the Tamaya’s Launcher area.
Catching: When the firework thrown explodes, Gentlemister’s soul will appear right next to its body. Catch it when it appears.
2 Love
80 Yenom


Cave Guy Love: Cave Guy needs help sleeping.
You can give him an item to do this.
Use the Chloroform on him and he will sleep.
After catching Dream Alien, talk to him again to receive the Love. You can now talk to him to purchase Octolips.
1 Love

Tamaya Heikichi Love 1: Complete Between Tropical Fields and the Houses Story.
1 Love

Tamaya Heikichi Love 2: This event occurs after at least 14 days have passed since completing Between Tropical Fields and the Houses Story.
Walk by Tamaya’s Launcher.
Tamaya Heikichi will be angrily shouting about his failure to create a firework like you did, and announce he is giving up. This will upset Utako. There is a slapping noise, and Tamaya will apologize to Utako and declare he will do his best.
1 Love

The Two Houses

To the left of Tamaya’s Launcher are two houses, the American House and the Windmill Hermitage.

American House

The American House is found to the left of Tamaya’s Launcher, and to the right of the Windmill Hermitage. It is the home of Papas, Mamas, Darlia, and Perogon. The living room contains a fireplace that will burn you if checked, and a television that Pappas likes to watch. The kitchen is left of the living room and is where Mammas spends most of her time. To the right is the door leading to Darlia’s room, and to the right of her room is the parents’ room.

Windmill Hermitage

An old man lives here in a small wooden house with a large windmill on top. He will allow you in once, but after this time he will kick you out and never allow you in again.
However, there is still a way inside.
During this conversation, he will mention being haunted by “three colorful ghouls” whose voices apparently “disrupt the calm of his bath” blathering about fridges and dressers.
You can enter at night when he is asleep and the loud windmill is turning. You can only move inside and check objects when it is turning. Otherwise, he will wake up and you will have to enter again.

Hidden area

A hidden area is accessible from the Windmill Hermitage area.
The Old Man mentions hearing voices when taking his bath.
Enter the tub of water outside the house and you will hear voices.
They will say that to access the elevator, “It goes Frid, Dre, Frid, Frid, Dre…” and will repeat this order if you re-enter the tub.
This refers to the refrigerator and dresser inside of the Windmill Hermitage.
You must check them in the order given (Fridge, dresser, fridge, fridge, dresser) without being kicked out of the house. If you are kicked out, you must start the order over.
If you do this correctly, the water will drain from the tub and you can enter.
This is the Eco Club headquarters.

The Ecology Siblings will introduce themselves. Umi focuses on water, Femi focuses on gender, and Momi focuses on trees.
On the ground, a Rumrom can be found. The Eco Club stole it from the Minister. Upon checking it, the siblings will decide that your first mission is to find a way to dispose of it (and insist that you take responsibility for stealing it should anyone ask). This is the Minister’s Treasure.

If you enter after listening to all of their lectures, you will overhear a conversation revealing the location of a Moon Tear:
in the trees by the red tree near the top entrance to Tropical Fields.

The Two Houses Story

You need to enter Dr. Stein Hager’s laboratory in Tropical Fields, but you need a Hager Badge to enter. You can obtain one by donating 1,000 Yenom to the Donation Box, but there is another way to receive one- for free.
When Mammas is in Darlia’s room or the parents’ room, check inside the fridge.
Mammas will appear and tell you that she got it by donating a lot of money, but did not have the Hager Gold badge needed for him to make her a maid robot. You will then get the Hager Badge.
Now you can get past the security system in front of Hager’s Lab… however, you still need a Hager Gold Badge to actually enter the main area of the laboratory.
You can obtain one by donating 10,000 Yenom to the donation box, but once again, there is another way to get one for free.

Next in story: Castle Story 2


Block of Tofu: “Tofu makers wake early. This block lives in the tofu shop attic, watching over the day’s makings.” Its body can be found in the upper right corner of the Windmill Hermitage exterior.
Catching: Its soul will appear early in the morning to the left of the house. Catch it when it appears.
2 Love
80 Yenom

Gigar: “Rarely shows his feelings. Patient and enduring. Shows no weakness.” Despite having an Animal File, it’s not dead and can be found living in the front yard of the American House.

Snowbuddy: “Has stood vigil as a guardian deity since ancient times. Loves to listen, transfixed, to sutras warding against evil spirits.” Its body can be found in the lower area of the Windmill Hermitage.
Catching: Check the paper on the door of the Windmill Hermitage.
You will read it, revealing that it is a sutra warding against evil spirits. Snowbuddy’s soul will appear next to its body. Catch it when it appears.
2 Love
160 Yenom

Value Boy: “Amazing low price! Just 500 Yenom. (plus tax)” Its body is found in Darlia’s room in the American House.
Catching: Value Boy’s soul will be in the lower left corner of the room. When caught, it will take 525 Yenom from the player.
2 Love
5 Yenom


Darlia Love: A few days after seeing the Perogon plush Mammas is making for Darlia, enter the American House.
Darlia’s parents will tell her to go to her room to see the present, but they will be interrupted by Perogon yelling from outside. Darlia will follow and rush back, saying that someone is messing with Perogon.
Go outside and the Hero will be trying to attack Perogon. If you try to step between them, the Hero will try to strike Perogon and you will be forced back.
Enter Darlia’s room. The finished Perogon plush will be inside.
Wear it like a costume. If you try to intervene in your current state, you will still be knocked back.
Interact with the fireplace to catch on fire. You will run outside.
The hero will then slash the plush in half and the real Perogon will be safe.
4 Love

Mammas Love: Complete The Two Houses Story.
1 Love

Windmill Hermit Love: Try to enter the Windmill Hermitage.
The old man living inside will invite you in, but after the conversation (your choices do not affect the outcome) you will be kicked out and never allowed back in. However, you can still get in.
The old man sleeps through the noise of the windmill. Because of this, you can enter and move inside and check things only when the windmill turns at night.
A book on a table on the right side of his home’s interior includes a hint:
“Beloved shamisen”
You will get the Love by making him hear the sound of a shamisen.
Trying to enter the home while playing Moonlit Jongara Road or AWA UTA will cause the Old Man to enjoy the music before insisting you leave.
2 Love

Pappas Love: After the Darlia Love event, Pappas will be inspired to make a comic about “Youshamen” from the Japanese word for “hero” and a fire attack.
About one week later, enter the parents’ bedroom and he will have finished the comic.
Check his desk and read through the comic.
1 Love

Technopolis (rooms and story)

A faraway, technologically advanced city. Many robots live here. It is accessible from a machine in Dr. Hager’s laboratory.


The Residence area of Technopolis is operated using an elevator found on the upper right area of the entrance room of Technopolis. You can enter a 3-digit number from 000 to 999, or press the Entrance button to return to the entrance room where you can reach the other areas of Technopolis or return to Dr. Hager’s Lab. Only a few residence rooms are of interest- the rest are all empty.
You can learn about certain rooms of interest by checking the desk in Dr. Hager’s Lab.
These rooms are 302, 871, 199, and 113.

Notable residence rooms (from Hager Lab documents)

Room 113:
This is the room where Robi recharges. Re-Men sometimes come through here.

Room 199:
This is the room where the Re-Men rest. They come in at night and hang upside down to sleep, and cannot be talked to in this state.

Room 302:
This is where Lady Techno lives. It has a stereo that can be played using a remote.

Room 871:
This is where Robo Mayor lives. He goes to Club Techno on the nights of Crescenday, Tearsday, and Coinsday.
When he does, Re-Men will leave a document on his desk. It reads as follows:
Victim: Re-men Drones
Perpetrator: Lady Techno

Notice of illegal occupancy #369

Victim: Lady Techno
Perpetrator: Re-men Drones

Victim: Lady Techno
Perpetrator: Re-men Drones

Notice of illegal occupation #895

Re-men Drone.
From Group B to C”

Club Techno

Saike runs a club accessible from the middle elevator in Technopolis, Club Techno. It is open at night, except for Solarday when it is closed all day.

Rocket room

Accessed through the left elevator in the entrance room, this is where the rocket that Dr. Hager is working on is located. A computer near the rocket will inform you that the estimated time of arrival to the moon is 4.5 days. The game XINGISKAN is also located here.

Technopolis Story

If you look at the documents on Dr. Hager’s desk, you will find a diagram of a robot with the text “Old 32R-1 circuit”. You will also find a document with certain rooms of interest in the Residence area of Technopolis labeled on it.
You need an old 32R-1 circuit, so you must find this robot and get the 32R-1 circuit from it.
His name is Robi, and he spends most of his time in the lobby of Technopolis charging the Re-Men. However, there are times he also has to charge. He can’t give you the 32R-1 circuit on his own.
On Echoday, he will go to his room (113) to charge and stay there until Crescenday. There will be a meter indicating how much charge he has, and he will be unable to interact with you. If you interact with him, you will have the option of opening a door in Robi’s chest. Open the door.
This will activate the Chip Defense System, and you will have to play a Simon-like game. Watch carefully for the order the lights light up in, and select them in that order. You must play one round with 3 lights, one with 4, one with 5, and one with 6. (The order they light up in is random each time.) If you make a mistake, you must start over from the round with 3 lights.
When Robi’s battery is lower in charge, the lights will flash more slowly, making it easier to see the patterns.
Once you release the lock, Robi’s Electrobrain will be removed and you will receive 1 Love.
This is the old 32R-1 circuit needed to complete the rocket.

Technopolis (animals and love)


Beck: “Nocturnal. A member of the Sacrifice Animals.” Its body is found in one of the residence rooms.
Catching: According to a document left by Re-men, someone is illegally occupying a certain numbered room.
Room 369 is where Beck’s body and soul are located.
Its soul appears at night. Simply catch it when it is present.
2 Love
120 Yenom

Bonzo: “Expert impersonator of humans. Member of the Sacrifice Animals.” Its body is found in one of the residence rooms.
Catching: Its body is found in Room 871. Its soul will also be found here.
It will be impersonating someone who enters the room.
Re-men should all be in groups of three, but there is a group of four.
One of these is Bonzo. Talk to the Re-men in this group and one of them will exclaim that they want to eat crawfish. Its soul will then take its normal form and you can catch it.
2 Love
130 Yenom

Erik: “Dances wildly when in the presence of loud music. Member of the Sacrifice Animals.” Its body is found in one of the residence rooms.
Catching: Its body is found in room 302.
By turning on the stereo on the right side of the room and selecting “play” on the remote on the table, music will play from the stereo.
After about two minutes, the music will suddenly increase in volume. Erik’s soul will appear, giving you a chance to catch it.
2 Love
120 Yenom

Jimi: “Unusually for a musician, he enjoys the daylight. His specialty is shredding. A member of the Sacrifice Animals.” Its body is found in one of the residence rooms.
Catching: According to a document left by Re-men, someone is illegally occupying a certain numbered room.
Room 895 is where Jimi’s body and soul are located.
Its soul appears during the daytime. Simply catch it when it is present.
2 Love
120 Yenom

Keith: “In contrast to his appearance, he’s quite shy. Plays sax, and really gets into it. A member of the Sacrifice Animals.” Its body can be found next to the elevator in Club Techno.
Catching: Its soul will appear near its body when Club Techno is open and playing music. Catch it when it appears.
2 Love
100 Yenom

Philip: “Loves the sound of a telephone. Nocturnal. A member of the Sacrifice Animals.” Its body can be found near the entrance to Technopolis.
Catching: A telephone sound plays when you enter Technopolis through a transporter.
When you enter Technopolis through the transporter at night, Philip’s soul will briefly emerge from behind the left machine and quickly hide back.
Catch Philip’s soul, which is behind the left machine at night.
2 Love
100 Yenom


Clis Love 2: After completing Clis Love 1, go to Club Techno on any night other than Solarday.
You will see Clis’s live performance.
2 Love

Lady Techno Love: On Crescenday, Tearsday, and Coinsday nights, Robo Mayor can be found in the VIP Room of Club Techno on the right side. Talk to him.
Robo Mayor will mention being jealous of Lady Techno.
On another one of these nights, talk to him again.
The group will discuss the Re-Men being replaced with the same model as Lady Techno.
Talk to him on a third of these nights.

A Re-Man will express concern that Lady Techno hates them, and Robo Mayor will express that it’s odd to have a club in a town full of robots.
After this time, you will have to talk to Lady Techno about what you’ve heard in these conversations when she is sitting in the club. She will be there during the daytime on Echodays.
Talk to her and say yes when she asks if you are asking if she is a robot.
She will dance to try to prove that she is not a robot, and then short-circuit.
You and her will be in her room where she will ask what happened. The answer does not matter.
She will explain what it feels like to dance: Her mind goes blank and she can feel energy within her, and she goes to Club Techno to experience it. She will explain that she felt the other residents of Technopolis were losers for having to recharge, but now realizes that she recharges by dancing and asks you if she is a robot.
Regardless of the answer you give, she will show you a tattoo on her back of Dr. Hager’s logo and explain that she doesn’t remember getting it, then decide that her life as a dancing robot isn’t so bad.

2 Love

Re-Men Love: This Love can be obtained when all of the Re-Men are in their room at night but are not asleep.
The moment all 12 of them are present and not asleep, talk to one of them.
He will mention that cell phone usage in the room is becoming an issue among them and ask you to ask each Re-man what his thoughts on banning cell phone use in the room are.
If you manage to talk to the other 11 Re-men before they leave and then talk to the one who asked you to talk to the others, you will get the Love.
4 Love

Robi Love: Complete Technopolis Story.
1 Love

Robo Mayor Love: Complete Lady Techno Love first.
Talk to Robo Mayor once more at Club Techno, and he and the Re-Men there will discuss how Lady Techno recharges and realize this is why there is a club in Technopolis.
1 Love

Sacrifice Animals Love: A sign outside Club Techno advertises an upcoming Sacrifice Animals concert, provided all the members can be found.
Enter Club Techno on a night after all members of the Sacrifice Animals (all the animals in Technopolis) have been found.
The Sacrifice Animals will perform a live concert.
After receiving Love for this event, Erik will give you MD 36.
2 Love

Saike Love: Talk to Saike after completing Clis Love 2 and Sacrifice Animals Love.
You will be told to choose whether Clis or the Sacrifice Animals are the headlining act. Afterward, you will receive 1 Love.
1 Love

XINGISKAN Love: To play this game, you must pay 10 Yenom per play. In this game, you control a missile moving from the left side of the screen to the right side. Your goal is to destroy the sphere in each level by hitting it with the missile. To control the missile, press Z to propel it upward. It will fall down when Z is not pressed. There are 5 levels.
Each level, the sensitivity of the button pressing is changed. The rocket will rise and fall more quickly with each level. Additionally, the velocity from the end of the previous level is carried over to the next.
A good idea is to start each level holding Z if the rocket moved down into the sphere, and hold Z immediately after the level starts if it moved up into the sphere. Generally, each level, releasing the button causes the rocket to fall more quickly than the previous level, and the button must be held longer to keep it up. However, holding the button also increases its upward velocity more with each level. This is why it gets quite challenging to keep a balance to allow one to hit the sphere.
For levels 1-4, you should release the button if the rocket is about to touch the top green area, and press it when it is just about to fall to the bottom half of the screen. For level 5, you should briefly release Z after the missile has just barely passed into the top green area. If you end level 4 by moving down into the sphere, you may lose level 5 immediately because even holding Z may not provide enough upward momentum to stay up.
1 Love

Bali Bali Island
Bali Bali Island Story

This section requires having at least a day and a half of an Action Limit to complete. You will not be able to eat once you have departed. You will be unable to exit this story event once you start it until it has completed.
Go to Yoshida’s house (a birdcage) behind Bar Wanda at night and talk to Yoshida.
He will tell you that he started his travel business three years ago after getting a letter from the King, then he will offer to take you on a trip. Accept the offer.
Wait outside of his house until sunrise. Eat food to keep your action limit above a day and a half, if necessary.
Yoshida will then take you abroad through the sky in his house, flown by many birds. You will see some sights along the way, as Yoshida talks to you.
These include: An owl, the constellation “Seven Dragon Stars” about which Yoshida will tell you a legend, an Unidentified Flying Octopus, and a thunder god who will summon lightning.
You will then arrive at Bali Bali Island, where Yoshida will drop you off to pick you up later.

After walking around the island for a bit, someone will come out of the ship, surprised. This is MadeSuma. He came here to learn the gyamlan, an instrument played by the signal monkeys living here. He will then make you try the gyamlan, so he can watch you fail.

This begins a gyamlan minigame, which works like this: Five gyamlans are arranged in a row, and you will be playing the third. Listen to the tape MadeSuma offers. You will then be prompted to copy the song with the signal monkeys.
You must play note 3 with the correct timing. Each song plays two notes per second.

Here are the solutions for each round:

Gyamlan solution 1:
1 2 3 4 5 4 3 2 1

Gyamlan solution 2:
1 1 2 3 4 4 3 4 5 4 3 2 1

Gyamlan solution 3:
3 2 3 5 3 2 3 4 3 2 3 1

Gyamlan solution 4:
5 4 3 2 4 3 2 1 3 2 1 3 2 3 1

After completing each gyamlan puzzle, talk to MadeSuma. He will give you 2 Love, and the signal monkeys will bring Signal Liqueur, and MadeSuma will reveal that he knew you were coming because it was written on a stone he found. He will give you this rumrom, Story Of A Fallen Boy. You and the signal monkeys will then drink the Signal Liqueur as Yoshida comes back to pick you up.
You will have a dream, and then wake up in the last place you slept in. Signal Liqueur will be left for you in your house (if you woke up in Gramby’s house, you must go to your house to pick it up.)
Signal Liqueur can be handed to Dr. Hager for use in the rocket as HR103% strength alcohol.

MadeSuma Love: Complete Bali Bali Island Story.
2 Love

Items B-M
Bilby’s Card: Bilby’s business card.
Obtained: Show Bilby a card
Use: Bilby’s business cardBloomlingual: An item to understand flowers.
Obtained: Nighttime shop
Use: Understand the flowers in Flora’s shopBullfrog: A fish.
Obtained: Fishing in Mushroom Forest fishing spot
Use: Sell for 75 Yenom

Chloroform: An item that puts people to sleep.
Obtained: Nighttime shop
Use: Putting Cave Guy to sleep

Croissant: Croissant sold at the Bakery for 40 Yenom.
Obtained: Bakery
Use: Refill 1/16 to the Action Limit.

Crown: A treasure.
Obtained: Beehav’s Love
Use: Sells for 900 Yenom

Doll: A doll.
Obtained: Fishing in Mushroom Forest fishing spot
Use: Sell for 7 Yenom

Fishing bait: Required for fishing. One bite uses one bait.
Obtained: Daytime shop for 10 Yenom; crescenday, tearsday, and coinsday in Tropical Fields up from Shellwhale Cove
Use: Automatically used when fishing.

Fishing rod: Required for fishing.
Obtained: Daytime shop for 400 Yenom
Use: Fishing

Flora’s Card: Flora’s business card.
Obtained: Show Flora a card
Use: Flora’s business card

Flora’s Reply: A letter by Flora for someone.
Obtained: After giving Shambles’ Love Letter to Flora
Use: Give to Shambles for Shambles Love

Fred’s Card: Fred’s business card.
Obtained: Show Fred a card
Use: Fred’s business card

Freshly-Baked Bread: Bread sold at the Bakery.
Obtained: Bakery for 50 Yenom
Use: Refill ⅛ to the Action Limit, functions as the Baker’s business card.

Frilly dress: A cute white dress.
Obtained: Night store
Use: Give to Clis during Clis Love 1

GameStation: A video game console.
Obtained: Fishing in the Mushroom Forest fishing spot
Use: Power console for the rocket, Noge Love 1

Gold Hager Badge: A badge to get into Dr. Hager’s laboratory.
Obtained: Donation box for 10,000 Yenom, Castle Story 2
Use: Enter laboratory

Gramby’s Photo: A photo of Gramby.
Obtained: Behind the table on the left side of her house interior
Use: Functions as Gramby’s business card

Hager Badge: A badge for Hager members.
Obtained: Donation box for 1000 Yenom, Two Houses Story
Use: Get past the scanner in front of Dr. Hager’s laboratory.

Heikichi’s Firework: A firework.
Obtained: Complete Between Tropical Fields and the Houses Story
Use: MCM Engine for rocket

Hero Bromide: A poster of the Hero. Functions as his business card.
Obtained: Daytime shop for 2000 Yenom
Use: Show to characters for their thoughts on the Hero.

Homemade cookie: A cookie from Gramby.
Obtained: From Gramby once daily (unless otherwise specified)
Use: Refill 1/16 to the action limit, sell for 37 Yenom.

Ironfish: Found by fishing.
Obtained: Fishing in Shellwhale Cove
Use: Sell for 202 Yenom

King’s Card: The king’s business card, and a sign that you are an honorary citizen.
Obtained: Talking to the king during his afternoon audience
Use: Ask people about the king, obtain the Minister’s Card, show to Yoshida to progress the story

Magnifying Glass: An item to take a closer look at very small things.
Obtained: Nighttime shop
Use: Beehav Love

Merperson: A fish.
Obtained: Fishing in the Mushroom Forest fishing spot
Use: Sell for 75 Yenom

Monkfish: A fish.
Obtained: Fishing in Shellwhale Cove
Use: Sell for 112 Yenom

Moon Tear: Uncut Yenom. Sells for a lot of money.
Obtained: Second option after completing Adder’s training, revealed by Eco Club after joining and listening to all lectures
Use: Selling for a lot of Yenom

Myshroom: A mysterious mushroom that comes in five colors. Found in the Mushroom Forest.
Obtained: Red: Beginning area of Mushroom Forest on the right side
Green: On a yellow mushroom left of the right entrance
White: On a yellow mushroom to the right of the large blue mushroom
Gold: On a green mushroom down and right of the blue mushroom
Black: On a red mushroom in a three-way intersection, up and right from the three-way red mushroom intersection directly next to the blue mushroom

Use: Mushroom Forest Story 1 and Mushroom Forest Story 2

Items N-Punctuation
Noge’s Toy: A toy of Noge’s.
Obtained: Promising to bring Noge a GameStation
Use: Functions as Noge’s business cardOctolips: An item that returns you to the place where you last slept.
Obtained: Cave Guy’s Cave
Use: Return to the house you last slept atPollen bun: Given by a stamen.
Obtained: Talking to the Tropical Fields stamen
Use: Give to the pistil to unlock fast travel from your house to Tropical Fields

Pollen dumpling: Given by a stamen.
Obtained: Talking to the Rainbow Rocks stamen
Use: Give to the pistil to unlock fast travel from your house to Rainbow Rocks

Pollen mochi: Given by a stamen.
Obtained: Talking to the Mushroom Forest stamen
Use: Give to the pistil to unlock fast travel from your house to Mushroom Forest

Ratty Shoe: Garbage from fishing.
Obtained: Fishing, possibly in the hole in Tao’s Hideout
Use: Catching Mino

Refrigerator: For keeping things cool.
Obtained: Fishing in the Mushroom Forest fishing spot
Use: Cooling system for the rocket

Robi’s Electrobrain: A robot’s brain.
Obtained: Technopolis Story
Use: Old 32R-1 circuit for the rocket

Sand eel: A fish.
Obtained: Fishing in the Valley of the Wind fishing spot
Use: Sell for 300 Yenom

Sandzilla: A fish.
Obtained: Fishing in the Valley of the Wind fishing spot
Use: Sell for 600 Yenom

Shambles’ Junk: Trash from Shambles.
Obtained: Showing Shambles any business card or equivalent
Use: Functions as Shambles’ business card, catching Mino

Shambles’ Love Letter: A letter written by Shambles to someone.
Obtained: Checking the compost bin during Shambles Love
Use: Show to Flora to advance Shambles Love (show to Shambles to have him eat it and you will have to wait until tomorrow to get a new one)

Signal liqueur: An alcoholic drink ingested by signal monkeys.
Obtained: Bali Bali Island Story
Use: HR103% strength alcohol for rocket

Stonefish: Found by fishing.
Obtained: Fishing in Shellwhale Cove
Use: Sell for 300 Yenom

Sunfish: Found by fishing.
Obtained: Fishing in Shellwhale Cove.
Use: Sell for 90 Yenom

Sunrise Pearl: A ring.
Obtained: Near the Bakery in the morning
Use: Wanda Love, Florence Love

Tadpole: Frog’s offspring.
Obtained: Fishing in the Mushroom Forest fishing spot
Use: Whisper Love

Tao’s Favorite: A bone that Tao loves.
Obtained: Daytime shop for 10 Yenom, in trash can outside Wildcat Restaurant, possibly in the hole in Tao’s Hideout
Use: Train Tao (6 needed in total)

Television: An item found through fishing in a certain area.
Obtained: Mushroom Forest fishing spot
Use: sell for 7 yenom

Tire: An item found through fishing.
Obtained: Mushroom Forest fishing spot
Use: Sell for 7 Yenom

The King’s Letter: A letter from the King to Dr. Hager.
Obtained: Talking to the King in his chambers at night after showing the King’s Card to Yoshida.
Use: Show to Dr. Hager to progress the story

Trash Firework: A failed attempt at making a firework.
Obtained: Outside Tamaya’s Launcher, failing to make a firework
Use: Catching Mino

Wanda’s Card: Wanda’s business card.
Obtained: Show Wanda a card
Use: Wanda’s Business Card

Water Flea King: A fish.
Obtained: Fishing in the Valley of the Wind fishing spot
Use: Sell for 675 Yenom

White-Feathered Arrow: A white-feathered arrow.
Obtained: Checking the hole in Tao’s Hiding Place
Use: It can be shown to certain characters, under certain circumstances.
Checking a bookshelf in the Minister’s room will reveal that a “White-Feathered Arrow” ritual was executed.
Showing it to Bilby when he is at Bar Wanda will have him reveal information.
The Hero was made to wear cursed armor that sealed away his heart and forced him into the fury of battle for the rest of his life.

Haunted Stone
Obtained: Haunted House basement, after completing Whisper Love
Translation: This ancient slab, called a Rumrom on Moonworld, describes a secret art for flying past the ceiling of the world. However, little more can be learnt from it.
Purpose of Translation: It appears to be referring to the rocket.Kakunte Stone
Obtained: See Curio Love
Translation: “This ancient slab, called a Rumrom on Moonworld, is inscribed with traditional Kakunte language.
Homeh = Ritual; Bomaana = Morning
Domansa = Night; Tero = Eat
Baama = Mushroom”

Purpose of Translation: By using this translation as a guide, you can decipher what certain Kakunte words mean.
This is used for Mushroom Forest Story 2.Laboratory Slate
Obtained: Dr. Hager’s Lab
Translation: “This ancient slab, called a Rumrom on Moonworld, seems to be describing a hidden place. However, little more can be learnt from it.”
Purpose of translation: The image is the important part here.
It shows where certain items can be found.
It shows where to find an old 32R-1 circuit and HR103% strength alcohol.
The alcohol can be found by visiting the Signal Monkeys on Bali Bali Island, and the 32R-1 circuit can be obtained from Robi in Technopolis.

Minister’s Treasure
Obtained: Eco Club
Translation: Cannot decrypt ??????????
Purpose of translation: The image is the important part.
It does not contain any information necessary for game progress or obtaining Love, but it does provide a hint towards the game’s story.

Octopus Slate
Obtained: On a random night sleeping in your house, a UFO will leave this with Pokka. Talk to him to receive it.
Translation: “This ancient slab, called a Rumrom on Moonworld, seems to be describing a hidden place. However, little more can be learnt from it.”
Purpose of translation: The image is the important part here.
It’s a diagram showing where certain items can be found.
It shows where to find materials for a console, a cooling system, and an engine.
The console and cooling system can be found by fishing in the Mushroom Forest fishing spot after completing Mushroom Forest Story 2. The engine can be found in Tamaya’s Launcher.

Star Souvenir
Obtained: Talk to Florence repeatedly in the Mushroom Forest. He will teleport away each time. On the final time, he will say that the Queen told him to give you a souvenir. This is the Star Souvenir.
Translation: “This ancient slab, called a Rumrom on Moonworld, is inscribed with chromatic Kakunte language.
Kanta = Red; Sonho = Black
Ponta = Gold; Tanpa = White
Monta = Green”

Purpose of Translation: By using this translation as a guide, you can decipher what certain Kakunte words mean.
This is used for Mushroom Forest Story 2.

Story Of A Fallen Boy
Translation: Cannot decrypt ??????????
Purpose of Translation: The image depicts a figure falling from a screen to Moonworld, and a rocket going to the moon.

Tao’s Slate
Obtained: Checking the hole in Tao’s Hideout
Translation: “This ancient slab, called a Rumrom on Moonworld, seems to be describing a magic circle for summoning something. However, little more can be learnt from it.”
Purpose of translation: The image is the important part here.
It is incomplete, but by using logic, one can determine what the rest of it looked like.
The circle consists of an outer ring with numbers represented by dots within cells, an inner ring with math symbols within cells, and the number 4 represented by 4 dots in the center.
A number on the outer ring will interact with a +, -, ÷, or x symbol to perform an operation on the 4 in the middle, followed by a = on the opposite side to complete the equation.

Here[] is a link to an image of the solution.
This solution will be used on a screen that allows you to enter numbers in a similar circular formation.
This Rumrom provides the correct order to enter numbers in when making a firework in Between Tropical Fields and Houses Story.

Obtained: Fishing in Shellwhale Cove during the fishing contest
Translation: “Cannot decrypt ??????????”
Purpose of Translation: The image is the important part.
It depicts three figures underneath a building with a windmill on it.
This is a hint to the Eco Club’s location, underneath the Windmill Hermitage.

List of Moon Discs

Moon Discs 1-32 are all obtained by purchasing them in Burrn Hall for 100 Yenom each. He offers a review of each MD he sells.

Burrn’s review: “The work of a hip-hop DJ using two turntables. Quite good earfeel on the scratching.”

2: yakisoba by Image Soul
Burrn’s review: “Funky bass, electric sound. Ambitiously incorporates a drum’n’bass texture.”

Burrn’s review: “A tricky rhythm comprised of complex programming. The unpredictability is the true art here. Obviously?!”

Burrn’s review: “Ninja-like wandering bass. Spaghetti western beat. Changed the landscape of Western dance floors.”

Burrn’s review: “Funkadelic, pronounced hip-hop entangled with bass, female vocals, and earthy horns.”

Burrn’s review: “A heavy, abstract industrial groove scores a devastating direct hit on your ears.”

Burrn’s review: “A throbbing energy and direct emotion stimulates listeners. Listen with your digital heart! Feel it!”

8. SIMONE by U.M.A.
Burrn’s review: “High-flyin’ sax and growlin’ slappy bass. The soul-shocking sound seeks to break down the wall of technology.”

9. Water Scene by KINTAII
Burrn’s review: “Use this ambient tune as a relaxation tool; vivid scenery of water floats into your imagination.”

10. MISTY ISLAND by Kirikae Masamichi
Burrn’s review: “A sensible blend of bossa nova and swanky lounge flavor.”

11. Hole In Your Sock by Asunaro Boys
Burrn’s review: “The sensational Creole mix brings to mind a great expanse of land.”

Burrn’s review: “Lend your ear to these formal classical phrases. Hear that? It sounds like grace.”

13. Heads in Clouds by MORIKAWA HiROTOH
Burrn’s review: “A newly discovered beautiful melody. This ambient minimal music delivers unto you a fleeting refreshment.”

Burrn’s review: “A jaunty rhythm announced the awaited arrival of summer. Do you hear it sprinting toward us?”

15. 226 W. 46th St. by Sonoyama Mitsuhiro
Burrn’s review: “Orthodox jazz fusion is good for the ears and body. Precise technique elevates an abundantly sentimental sax.”

16. Silver Thread Spinning Song by Sano Tomoco
Burrn’s review: “Flute and oboe ride on a celtic breeze, weaving together a perfect silver thread.

Burrn’s review: “A Pandora’s box of cheap-thrilling pop glitter. How about some sweet caramel music?”

18. EMOTION 2 by Tsutomu Imagawa
Burrn’s review: “Weeping guitar emotion elevates a cold machine beat. Momentary flashes of intelligent passion.”

Burrn’s review: “This brisk, upbeat track will remind you of spy movies. To where has MADAM CAR disappeared…”

Burrn’s review: “The effective guitar and whispery voice paint a distinct picture of a fleeting world.”

21. I’m Waiting for the Night by KINGLET
Burrn’s review: “Cute voice and cloudy-headed sequencing. Effusive hotness ripplingly palpable behind gracefulness.”

22. BUBBLE STAR by Thelonius Monkees
Burrn’s review: “Space is cluttered with bubbles. The collage of stars twinkles in and out of sight. Spelled: “Life in Space”. Pronounced: “Cosmo Zone”.”

23: THE OTHER JET by Venus Fly Catcher
Burrn’s review: “Let the eternal nostalgia of this medium-tempo union of new and traditional intoxicate you.”

24: MANON MA VIE by Kida Minoru
Burrn’s review: “A sensible cinematic jazz arrangement satisfies you with its French fragrance.”

25: Moonlit Jongara Road by Dai-Chan
Burrn’s review: “Cross moonlit Jongara Road to the sound of traditional Tsugaru-jamisen.”

26: Father, Give Me God’s… by Inauini Riverside People
Burrn’s review: “A sacred song of an Amazon village ritual, recorded on location. A direct transmission from the forest and the planet.”

Burrn’s review: “Aggressive sax and bass inhabit unbudging improvisation standoff.”

28: BLUE by Dioramic Phono Odor
Burrn’s review: “Idiosyncratic genreless sound. The 16 chord, Rumrom-powered artisanry is also defies genre. [sic]”

Burrn’s review: “Nagauta-Style shamisen passes along to us this song of Eastern gods. The gods dwell within the reality-altering power of the ancient words.”

30: The Day Of the Space Festival by N-Guage
Burrn’s review: “Glittering funny voiced acid-folky rich-textured happy-carnivalesque festival song.”

31: Scherzare a Notte by MELAGRANA
Burrn’s review: “No sound heats blood like Latin rhythm. The percussion becomes the sound of a lady’s shaking hips.”

32: Moonfish by Sakamoto Hiromichi
Burrn’s review: “Overlapping layers of cello submerge you in a profoundly mysterious world.”

33: MOON TRIPS by Usin
Obtained: Complete Wanda Love

34: FLOWER WALTZ by Thelonius Monkees
Obtained: Found in the attic of Bar Wanda, around the middle of the right wall

35: KERA-MA-GO by Clis-chan (real credits: Thelonius Monkees and Krysta Ashley Shulze)
Obtained: Clis Love 1

36: 2001 by NYANTARAS
Obtained: Complete Sacrifice Animals Love


Good Morning Gramby: Wake up after going to sleep for the first time.

First Love: Reach Love level 2 or higher.

Lucky Homeowner: Complete N i k k a Love.

The King’s Secret: Complete Castle Story 1.

witH a pUre sOul: Complete Path to Mushroom Forest Story.

Tao’s Treasure: Check the hole in Tao’s hideout. See Tao’s Destination for how to reach it.

An Old Man’s Fury: Try to enter the Windmill Hermitage for the first time and go through the cutscene there.

Arrival on Balibali Island: Complete Bali Bali Island Story.

My First XINGISKAN: Play XINGISKAN for the first time. It is located in the rocket room in Technopolis.

The Giant Fish Reborn: Complete Mushroom Forest Story 2.

Master of XINGISKAN: Complete XINGISKAN Love.

Completed the Rocket: Give all rocket parts to Dr. Hager.

Space, the Great Infinity.: Reach the moon in the rocket.

Caught All Animal Souls: Watch “Love & Animal” in your house after catching all animals in the game.

Good Ending: Watch all the way through the credits.

Secret Message: There is a secret message after the credits, if you wait long enough. Wait after the credits until the achievement is obtained.

Make Love Not War: Go to sleep after obtaining all Love in the game.

Plausibly Asked Questions

When do you have all Love?

The maximum Love Level is 30. Once you reach this level, you have obtained all the Love in the game.

I need more Yenom. How do I get it?

A good way to get Yenom is by fishing in the Valley of the Wind, if you have the action limit to stay there and/or Octolips to escape. You could also save, go to the bird game, and reset if you do not win.

The End of the Game

Once you have completed all story events and handed over all rocket parts, you can reach the end of the game. You must board the rocket with at least 4 and a half days of action limit to survive the trip.
The game does not save after reaching the ending, so the next time you load the file you will be back to before you boarded the rocket.
Go to the rocket room in Technopolis and tell the Re-Man there you are boarding the rocket.
The rest of this section contains spoilers for the end of the game. Do not read it unless you want to see spoilers for the ending of moon!This will begin a long ending sequence where you go to the moon.
You will not have to actively do anything on the way there. It is essentially a long cutscene. Some events will occur along the way to the moon.
You will reach the moon, where everything is made of clay.
Dolottle will prompt you to go to the castle. You can also go to the door, and check around it.
Enter the castle.

Here you will meet the queen and the dragon- who share a body. They will remark that they are unsure which Rumroms tell the true ending: The one where [player] the invisible boy, opens the door, or where [PLAYER], the Hero, slays the dragon. They implore you to open the Door of Light, which is unopenable due to being buried in Rumroms.
Go to the Door of Light and talk to Dolottle, then press A repeatedly to try to open the door.
Return to the castle and go through the cutscene there.

You will be told to open the door the next time you see it.
After the ending events, you will be prompted with a choice.
Choose YES to abruptly end the game.
Choose NO view the credits.
Wait until after the credits for a hidden message.
That’s all we are sharing today in moon 100% Walkthrough Guide, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author shinyangelghost

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