Prison Simulator Cookie Monster Achievement Guide

For Prison Simulator players who are hunting the Cookie Monster achievement in game, this guide will explain how to unlock it.

Cookie Monster Guide

Everything in this guide is based on what I know from having spent the time to figure this out on my own. I have spent many hours playing this game and I’ve discovered a few things in that time so let’s go over them.

First before anything else I highly suggest either doing this in freeplay mode or beating the story so that you unlock freeplay mode at the end of it. Also don’t do this while you are trying to get the 100% prisoner respect because you will just make it harder on yourself. You will know why shortly.

Okay so that being said let’s jump into it. This first thing should be completely obvious, but a red outline on something means it has illegal contraband contained inside. Cookies are totally legal and should have a green outline. So you will want to check places that are green or yellow.

Prison Simulator Cookie Monster Achievement Guide
I know of only 4 places that cookies can spawn. I have searched the prison high and low and have only found it worth while to check in Toilet Bowls, Mattresses, Cafeteria tables/benchs, and searching prisoners.

Keep in mind that buying the cookies does not count. You MUST find the cookies on people or in hiding places.

Prison Simulator Cookie Monster Achievement Guide
So now my tactic is to get the skill that allows you to use your radio to tell another guard to take over a task for you. Then just choose laundry or parcel duty and no other tasks for the day. Then walk to death row and search each toilet bowl and mattress there. Don’t wory about bed frames or tolet seats. They are a lost cause. Just toilet bowls and mattresses.

Then go to Cell block B, search the prisoner, the toilet bowl and the mattress in each cell. Don’t worry about cafeteria tables. It’s just extra time spent with little reward. Once You have tossed Cell block B you can radio the guards to take over your shift then run back to the briefing guy and start the whole routine over again. This achievement is tedious and takes forever. You will want to be willing to spend a few hours on it.

Finally there is one other thing that will speed up the process and it’s hitting prisoners who get in your way. This is where you will lose a bunch of respect with them so be ready to lose it.

Prison Simulator Cookie Monster Achievement Guide

If a prisoner is sitting on the toilet or bed that you need to search, hit him once with your nightstick. Hitting a prisoner once will not cause them to attack you. They give you one free hit. When you hit them they stagger and while they stagger you will have a quick moment to click the toilet or mattress to search it. This is much faster than patiently waiting for them to move.

If you happen to hit the prisoner a second time they will attack you so try to just hit them once and quickly click the object. Sometimes they can be pretty quick about laying or sitting back down.

That’s all we are sharing today in Prison Simulator Cookie Monster Achievement Guide, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author -PEves-

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