Qualcomm takes another step toward integrating AI into smartphones

Artificial intelligence (AI) in smartphones is on the rise, and observers expect Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 AI chip solution to be a big step forward in the field.

The decade of 2020 can be called the decade of artificial intelligence. Currently, AI is mostly deployed in outsourcing-focused applications, such as sales and marketing.

The AIs that average consumers are most exposed to, such as Google’s and Apple’s virtual assistants, aren’t really AI yet—they’re narrative interfaces to existing internet search engines.

That’s why the experiences developers offer about interacting with AI on smartphones fall short of expectations.

But like AI in most technical fields,

Qualcomm is working on new AI that will dramatically improve the functionality of most smartphones, from modem performance to optimizing voice and telecom networks to imaging, display and efficiency improvements. overall energy.

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