Risk of Rain 2 How to Fight Void Boss (Find New Survivor)

The new DLC of Risk of Rain 2 is here and a new Boss is available to fight, a Void Themed Boss, and this guide will explain how to beat it an how to get new survivor.

Why is this made?

Well right now information on the DLC is quite limited as it just released not too long ago, so until the youtubers start throwing tutorials at the community, nobody really knows what’s going on.

So here is a short guide on how to find the boss, and get the Void Fiend Survivor.

Is this guide 100% accurate and perfect in every way?
yes, i mean no very much not good

This is how I unlocked the Void boi, so it should work for you if ya really want it now and can’t figure out on your own.

ok good luck

How to Reach new Void lands


Step 1 : Go into Newt’s Shop, and go into the Void Fields ( by jumping off where the portal is and going to the secret entrance )

Step 2 : Either complete the Void Fields, or just leave right away through the portal

Step 3 : On the next normal stage you will be on, you can see there will be a Purple Orb on the teleporter

Step 4 : Complete the TP event as usual, and then go into the Void Portal

You are now in the new void place

How to Reach Boss


Step 1 : Once in the new void spot, the boss won’t be there, you need charge pillars like on the moon

Step 2 : Charge the pillars, watch out, a lot of void enemies are there, and they be hard

Step 3 : Once a few pillars are charged a portal in the center will open, go in there.

That will be the point of no return.



Once you arrive at the boss arena, you will meet the new boss
Killing it once will make it “run away”
at which point you must follow it into a rift it open, jump on some platforms
And then kill it again, It will run away a second time

After killing it like uh 3 times, sorry it might be 4 I lost count.
It will finally die for real, and you will have completed the game

Attack Notes :
Big crab have many different attacks, if you can move fast, go fast,
if slow, hide behind terrain.
It being a Void enemy, some void explosion can insta-kill, like the smaller void crab
When it looks like it’s charging something big, run.

This counts if playing on Monsoon as winning the game, so you can unlock skins this way

That’s all we are sharing today in Risk of Rain 2 How to Fight Void Boss (Find New Survivor), if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author E G G

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