Risk of Rain 2: How to Unlock Every Achievement Directly

1) Navigate to your steam userdata folder [C:\Program Files\(x86)\Steam\userdata\[Number]\632360\remote\UserProfiles]

2) Edit the file in the folder with notepad++ (Or notepad)

3) Find the line near the top that says [achievementsList]

4) Remove all text inside it

5) Type in the space where the text was

KillBossQuick KillEliteMonster CompleteTeleporter
CompleteTeleporterWithoutInjury MajorMultiKill AttackSpeed StayAlive1
CompleteThreeStages Discover10UniqueTier1 MoveSpeed LoopOnce Discover5Equipment
FailShrineChance TotalMoneyCollected RepeatFirstTeleporter
CompleteMultiBossShrine Die5Times Complete20Stages Complete30StagesCareer
CompleteUnknownEnding KillTotalEnemies FreeMage HardHitter MaxHealingShrine
TotalDronesRepaired LogCollector Discover5Equipment RepeatedlyDuplicateItems
CarryLunarItems CompleteUnknownEnding Die5Times ChargeTeleporterWhileNearDeath
CompleteThreeStagesWithoutHealing RepeatFirstTeleporter KillElementalLemurians
CompletePrismaticTrial CompleteMultiBossShrine HardEliteBossKill FindDevilAltar
FindTimedChest FindUniqueNewtStatues TotalDronesRepaired SuicideHermitCrabs
Written by Sanjay

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