Soldat 2 Server Hosting Guide

For Soldat 2 players, this is a guide for for hosting servers, if you are interested into hosting a server, this guide will show you how.


This is a simplified guide for hosting servers for Soldat 2. The server package is only available for Linux-based systems. For this guide, (based) understanding of the Linux-based operating system you’re using, specifically the command line, is highly advised.

This is not a noob-friendly guide, one may or may not be created by the community. This is a simplified, barebones guide to serve as a guideline for Soldat 2 server hosting.

If you run into any major issues or errors, related to for example a specific OS or library support, please post below so it can be looked at. If you need personal (real-time) assistance, you’re better off joining the official Discord instead of asking around in the #help channel:

Port forwarding
The default port for Soldat 2 is 33073. If you are running the server behind a firewall (e.g. a server at home, rather than an external dedicated server or vps) make sure to port-forward this port TCP & UDP.
If you wish to use another port, you set this in the config later in the guide.

Setting up the server

You can run a server on the release version or on the test version. Choose one of the packages below.


The following commands assume you’ve downloaded the release version. If you downloaded the test version, change the file naming accordingly.
Decompress the package, navigate to the server folder, and run the server.

tar -zxf soldat2-linuxserver-release.tar.gz
cd soldat2-linuxserver-release/

Once the server has started, you may close the server (CTRL+C) so you can access the newly-generated config file.

Changing config

Now that the server is closed we can access the config file. Open it with your preferred text editor.

nano autoconfig.ini

Most of the config is self-explanatory. Highlighted a few important ones below:

Name – sets the server name
Port – in case you want to change your port
MaxPlayers – set the maximum of players on the server
AdminPlayfabID – your Playfab ID to be admin automatically
ServerPassword – password for private servers

To find your Playfab ID, start the server and join with your client. Your Playfab ID will show up in the server logs.

1 YOUR_NAME joined the server [YOUR_PLAYFAB_ID]

Common issues

SSL errors

sudo apt install -y apt-transport-https ca-certificates curl software-properties-common


That’s all we are sharing today in Soldat 2 Server Hosting Guide, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author Maz


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