Space Station 14 Ultimate Chemistry Guide (Making Pills)

For Space Station 14 players, this guide will teach you how to cook useful items like explosives, drugs, poison and healing pills, let’s check them out.

How to start

1. Cuztomise your character

2. Select job and put chemist to high priority.

The important tools and machines of a chemist

ChemMaster 4000 – Used for creating pills, potions.
Space Station 14 Ultimate Chemistry Guide (Making Pills)

Chemical dispenser – Used for getting chemicals
Space Station 14 Ultimate Chemistry Guide (Making Pills)


Hand labeler- To place a label on the pill box

Beaker – Used to store liquids and transfer them between stations.

Healing pills

Healing pills are really useful when saving lives.

Healing pill

Carbon + glucose + oxygen / second beaker: potassium + nitrogen + silicon

  • Heals overall damage
Rad pill

Dexalin + Water + Oxygen
Silicon + Nitrogen + Potassium

  • Heals radiation damage
Air pill

Dexalin + Carbon + Iron

  • heals air damage
Heat pill

Kelatone + Oxygen + Phosphorus

  • heals heat damage
Brute pill

Inaprovaline + Carbon

  • heals brute damage
Poison healing pill

Silicon + Nitrogen + Potassium

  • heals poison damage


Wana have some fun?

Space drugs

Glucose + Mercury + Lithium

  • the most common drug

Oil + Hydrogen + Sugar + Diethylamine / second beaker: Ephedrine + Carbon + Iodine + Phosphorus

  • 2 seconds of speed + 2 poison damage per 1u



The boom

Potassium in one beaker / Water in the other

  • creates a big explosion depending on the amount of the subsistence
    can be used in a bottle, or in pill forms.
    – Throw the bottles at each other to create an explosion
    – Eat both pills to become a bomb

Iron + Aluminum + Oxygen

  • will cause a fire when ignited

Dont like someone?

Poison pill

Lithium + Glucose + Water

  • deals 3 poison damage per 1u
Easy way out pill


  • easy to make
  • can be used in pills or in liquid form
The real deal

Mercury + Lithium+ Glucose

  • works within a minute, depending on the dose

Use only when you are the antagonist, this mixture may cause a temp ban.

That’s all we are sharing today in Space Station 14 Playtest Ultimate Chemistry Guide (Making Pills), if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author Douro

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