Stash Fast Leveling Guide

For Stash players, this guide provides you the optimizing leveling method. if you want to level up fast, this guide will help you out.

First and foremost: QUESTS

Stash Fast Leveling Guide
You see these big sprites here? No? Well me neither. They are just invisible citizens in need of help though. And not only because they’re invisible. Get ALL the quests from them and be sure to check these out:Stash Fast Leveling Guide
These are non-repeatable quests which give you an astounding 1500 exp each and some money aswell. You can do these right away, without tools or fighting or anything. Just follow what they need to do, use the right quest item (press Tasks, on the bottom right corner dropdown menu, and right click on quest items to use them until something activates) and then go back to the NPCs.
Hello and welcome, level 2!In case you still need some exp, or you want to actually level-up, you should indeed grab a weapon and some armor and go fighting. Refer to Carazan’s awesome guide to do that, and follow her example of bashing poorless animals. Ooohh! Your first dungeons! Is that a rotting corpse there? Uuuhhh… HYPE!

Stash Fast Leveling Guide

The magical list for Zero-to-Hero

(such a boastful lass I am)

  1. Until level 5 you can’t get XP Debt. You get a free renewal once every 60 minutes which revives you on the spot, with full hp and mana. This is way better and faster than buying food, since until Level 5 all your stats are maxed out and you don’t get stat growing from food. Don’t feel death, embrace it, becomonwitit.
  2. If you’re in party, press P and change the loot method to “Grab n go”, items get randomly divided between party members as soon as the last blow is delivered and you can trash things you don’t need later, so save some time doing that 😀 
    about party

    Contrary to popular mmos on the market, having a huge party in Stash may not be the most efficient way of leveling. The bonus exp formula goes like this:

    Party size
    Bonus Exp

    However, you have to take into account that moving around with larger parties may cause:
    – slower turns: everyone takes their time to decide the move, and not everyone should/could be able to just faceroll turns. You can lower turn time in the Party window, risking to skip other member’s turns. We’re in a hurry, we can’t let you jeopardize the mission with all this thinking stuff, what are you? A human?
    – there are various types of monsters and they have added XP rewards, being a lot more difficult than normal ones:

    Type of monster
    XP Reward

    These baddies show up more often the higher the party level is, and the higher the number of members in the party. Anything above Lieutenant hits like a truck, and Hunter monsters have buffs activated on them aswell. So you want to consider that while traveling.
    For the most efficiency I would advise to travel in 2-3, max 4, one of the members being an healer to play safe with stuns and heals at hand. Also, try to not break mez with unrequested attacks (looking at you, Hunters ˵ •̀ ل͟ •́ ˵ ).

  3. High risk, high gain: the following is a table for bonus exp given to each encounter color:
    Encounter Color
    XP Bonus
    No XP and Loot
    Default XP


  4. Boss farming: bosses right now are not a big deal in Stash. They drop magnificent loot, and give high exp. However, most of the time you can’t solo them unless your damage is very high and your hp pool large/huge (or you have means to replenish it). If you’re in a party of 2, totally consider killing the boss once every 20 minutes by flanking it and planning your turns well. Most efficient parties can take down the boss in 4 turns, roughly 40 seconds, and get back to killing monsters. Or take a sip of delicious blood of a slaughtered giant. Exquisite.
  5. Flee: use this whenever you feel the battle is not in your favour, or in ambushes. No penalties. Stash Fast Leveling Guide Looks like you have higher chances to flee if you’re distant from mobs, but in my testing it seemed like a little boost.It takes someone brave to try to outrun monsters, don’t be ashamed of yourself, Usain.
  6. Invest in some quality gear: take some time to buy yourself (or if you’re lucky, watch out for loot drops) some high quality stuff. An higher damage means a faster leveling, and a faster leveling means more money and easier things for you.
    Press that CTRL+N and start buying. (tips: Recipes, Boss, House! is the best stall, just sayin’)
  7. If you’re soloing, do not attempt anything beyond Red. Actually, if your gear isn’t atleast 90% quality and you’ve got some good armor on you, you’re probably also going to waste a lot of time on yellows, so focus on whites first.
  8. After Level 5 is done. Do. Not. Die. XP debt takes a chunk of your gained xp, so you get reduced xp. I had to workout 24k of xp debt and it must have taken ages. Atleast 2 days. I won the sympathy of a lot of parties, attaching myself to them constantly, though.

Exp zones

Yeah, well, sort of. Just some suggestions to how to level up efficienty.
Always remember that pressing P and changing the difficulty means you can actually continously exp in a private dungeon with yellow/red/purple monsters, then relog when you’ve finished the dungeon, and continue exping non-stop. Up to you.

  • Until lv5: stick around Askagard: on east you’ll find 1-3 Dungeons (do them until you’re level 3) and on the east you’ll find Mossy Runes, near the mountains (3-5 World Dungeon): go there. Or just keep resetting the 1-9 Private Dungeon. However, if you’re in a party it’s cool to kill the boss.
  • Level 6-8: go to Ruined Barracks, south of BOO. Stay there until lv9 or 8 if you’re a Warrior/Healer. Use private dungeons if the world dungeon is crowded. Go in parties of max 3 people, monsters are not hard at all.
  • Level 9-10: throw yourself into the Gobbo Hole (8-12), West-south of Askagard, accross the bridge. Until 4 party members, it’s all cool. You’ll fight a lot of Elites and LTs, occasionally hunters/champions.
  • Level 10-13
  • Level 13-15
  • Level 15-17
  • Level 17-20
  • Level 20-23
  • Level 23-25
  • Level 25-27
  • Level 27-30

Potions and buffs

Following, some cool items/buffs you can get to exp a bit faster:

  • Xp pots: (toadd: from Shop, from players, from leaderboard rewards)
  • Founder’s cloak bonus exp
  • Mounts, on the medallion shop: they speed up how fast you move, useful for getting back to town and returning to your exping
  • Greediness: being a lot less greedy and ignoring the drops could be good. Just place some stackable items you really DON’T want to miss in your inventory (such a single shingle, or planks, or seeds, or such) and then go grab n go. Stackable items will be salvaged from the endless loot being thrown into the Void!

IMPORTANT: To get rid of XP Debt you can buy a Lemon Cookie from the Medallion Shop. It chunks away some of your XP Debt, roughly the amount of one death.

That’s all we are sharing today in Wobbledogs Console Commands Guide, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author Gnagnao

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