Suzerain How to Pass the New Constitution

For Suzerain player, this guide is about how to pass the new constitution, since whatever your constitution is its all about the factions.

Reformists 🕊️

➔Even if your constitution gives you wide ranging powers, reformists will accept it.

➔How? Easy, bribe Calvin.

➔Promise him you are gonna make him the next VP.

➔He will give you the votes.

Oligarchs 🎩

IF in a capitalist run . Take the bribes and accept what Tusk wants. ( both in the office and in the restaurant ) ( Bailout businesses and tax cut to large companies)

➔Just before privatizing or nationalizing the companies Marcel Koronti will ask you about how much of the shares will you privatize.
Tell him i am not thinking about privatizing.I am going to nationalize these companies.

➔Then say i wont touch the HOS (?).

➔Then say don’t meddle me in oligarch affairs.

➔When giving the shares dont accept Marcel’s gift and give the shares to both equally [insider trading]

Conservatives & Centrists ☀️

💬Gloria Tory doesn’t accept what i say or offer so idk how to convince her but you can get the conservative votes anyway without her.

➔You need to check the guide on what each bill does. Keep the public unrest low with your decisions

➔When talking to party ORDER THEM TO VOTE and always talk about how it will increase the popularity of the party and how the USP is losing popularity throughout the run.

Old Guard ⚖️

DO NOT DECLARE EMERGENCY if you want to change the constitution.

➔You need to convince Justice Edmonds and Heron.
➔Bribe Heron. If you dont have that option send Nia to convince him.
Check this guide for Justice Edmonds.

💬If you are playing the Dictatorship run Nia won’t like you.

Opposition Parties 🗿

➔Again if you are playing a dictatorship run the NFP leader will come talk to you and demand te increase of threshold. If you say i cant change it. He will ask to accept the unified language act. Accept the unified language act and have an alliance with NFP. (you dont need them after the election dont worry.)

➔If you are not playing dictatorship run you dont need an alliance when passing the constitution.

When casting the votes make MPs vote faster.

That’s all we are sharing today in Suzerain How to Pass the New Constitution, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author ers

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