SynCo 2321 Basic Guide For Beginners (Tips & Tricks)

For SynCo 2321 new players, you will find some useful information about gameplay as well as additional lore and information to help you navigate SynCo 2321.

General Controls

When playing SynCo 2321 it is important to know how to handle yourself and get around. Players can navigate SynCo 2321 using different methods of input from keyboard & mouse, to a variety of game controllers.

During Early Access players will be able to see most common controls displayed directly on their screen in the upper right hand corner as pictured here.

SynCo 2321 Basic Guide For Beginners (Tips & Tricks)

Exiting SynCo 2321

To exit SynCo 2321 you need to access the options menu by pressing I, then navigate to Options and select Quit using the Left Mouse Button.


Players can walk, jump, climb, roll, and crouch using traditional keyboard and mouse key bindings for third person perspective. When plugging in a controller to play please reference the buttons there by their associated keyboard keys.

  • Move Forward – W
  • Move Backward – S
  • Strafe Left – A
  • Strafe Right – D
  • Jump – Space
  • Crouch/Stand – C
  • Climb Ladder – E
  • Roll – Q (Must be in motion)

Players will find that many objects in SynCo 2321 are designed to create enhanced locomotion by enabling the player to hop or climb over automatically. For a demonstration of this do not jump over the barrier when you first approach the road in Chapter 1.

Camera Control

Changing the view angle is easy and can be accomplished with the players mouse or the associated pad on any controller. Users who want to invert the camera and aim controls can do so by opening the inventory and navigating to the Options menu.


Players can fire and aim any weapon using the mouse. Players can take hip shots or aim for better accuracy.

  • Fire – Left Mouse Button
  • Aim – Right Mouse Button

Players can fire from the hip at any time by pressing the Left Mouse Button. Hip firing offers less accuracy than when aiming. Players can aim by holding down the Right Mouse Button and clicking the Left Mouse Button to fire.


To access or put away your journal press “J”

The journal will offer small reminders to help direct players who might have missed some information.


Controls for the conversations are temporary currently and are subject to intended change.

  • Select Choices – Left/Right Arrow Keys
  • Confirm Response – Up Arrow Key
  • Speed Up – Up Arrow Key (While text is scrolling out – does not work when player has to make a decision.)

Inventory & Options

Players can view and use inventory items like med packs in the inventory display.

  • Open/Close Menu – I
  • Navigate Menu – Left Mouse Button

Selecting the Options menu will allow players to exit the game or invert the camera controls by using the mouse to Left Click the desired option.

That’s all we are sharing today in SynCo 2321 Basic Guide For Beginners (Tips & Tricks), if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author Mohobie

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