The Hundred Year Kingdom Structure Upgrade Paths


Just a basic overview of which structures to build, and which upgrades are available from them. The game does a decent job of showing you how to choose a spot of land and build something on it, and upgrade it from there, but eventually I found myself trying to remember — which thing did I need if I wanted more food? Or how did I get to watermills again? — so this is a little chart to help with that.

Upgrade chart

The name of the structure is followed by a parenthetical note that lets you know what it produces: F for food, P for production, and C for culture. Legacy structures which give varying production based on how many other structures of a type have a notation of what they produce, and what it’s based on, but _not_ the specific numbers at this time.
After each structure, look to the next column of the list to see what it can be upgraded to.

Plains (0)
Farmland (F:5)
Pasture (F:5, P:5)
Windmill (P:20
Amsterdam (F: Windmills)
Kinderdijk (P: Windmills)
Orchard (F:10, P:10)
Chichen Itza (F: Farmlands)
Cevennes (F: Orchards)
Farm Estate (F:10)
Water Wheel (F:5, P:15)
Lighthouse (P: Water Wheels)
Hanging Gardens (C: Water Wheels)
Winery (F:15, P:5)
Palace of Versaille (P: Wineries)
Saint-Emilion (F: Wineries)
Mine (P:5)
Quarry (P:10)
Coal Mine (P:20
Pyramid (F: Quarriess)
Sand Mine (F:10, P:10)
Himeji Castle (P: Sand Mines)
Taj Mahal (P:Quarries)
Workshop (F:5, P:5)
Factory (P:25)
(no legacy structure)
Library (P:15, C:2)
(no legacy structure)
Settlement (C:1)
Village (C:2)
Town (C:3)
City (F:10, C:3)
(no legacy structure)
Temple (C:4)
(no legacy structure)
Fortress (P:10, C:2)
Castle (P:10, C:3)
Forbidden Cityt (C: Castles)
Citadel (F:20, C:2)
Alhambra (F: Citadels)
Hagia Sophia (P: Citadels)

Future Thoughts

So this is for the first world and goddess; once you complete the game the first time, there’s a library that unlocks which shows a number of new building options, not represented on these trees. Some are possibly new evolutions, or legacy options that here – this guide may or may not get updated to include them, depending on how I feel as I continue to play.

Similarly, this chart doesn’t show upgrade costs, because I wasn’t tracking them as I played, just waiting to build stuff up as it was available.

Other nice-to-haves would be images, but that’s not likely. Sorry. 🙂

Let me know if this is helpful though, or any other thoughts that might be good for getting started building!

That’s all we are sharing today in The Hundred Year Kingdom Structure Upgrade Paths, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author Ben.TMoore

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