This Is the President How to Cheat Money, Stress, Rating and More

If you want to just modify your Money, Stress or Rating in This Is the President, this guide will show you how to change your save file to cheat.

Prep Work

You need something that can open json files, your notepad would work, but you can also use Notepad++.

The save is located at C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\LocalLow\MyMottoMe\This Is the President\Saves\Profiles\0

Pick which ever save file you want and open it with the software you chose.


Ctrl+F the number of money you have, there should be about 3 numbers. Just to be on the safe side, change them all.

Stress Management

Search for this string piece:
Go through all of them and change the number after it to 0 if you want everyone to work.


Search for the following thread
Change the number afterwards to 100.0 to achieve full approval, or to whatever you want.
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