Toram Online How to Farm Spinas

For Toram Online players if you want to farm some more spinas, this guide will show you how to earn Spinas, let’s check it out.

How to Earn Spinas

If you had a question or a hard time to earn spinas in game there are 3 things that is known from the community.
1. Farming
2. Blacksmith/Synthesis
3. Gem Run
Basic Farming
The simpler way is to earn is through farming materials and selling them to other players (via Consignment Board [CB] or Shout).
Always check prices of stuff in your bag before discard/processing. Things to farm for Spina can be catergorize by: arm/weapon apps
items such as books/pet dyes/special mats for land furniture
and crystas or “xtals” <— (code word in toram for crystas)
Tip: Learn Process Material Skill (Smith/Alchemy Skill Tree, minimum level 1) to be able to process items faster, instead of discarding.

Farming Material
Material farming means that you farm for mats that players usually process for material points.
Material points (Which can be viewed from Stats -> Production) is used for stuff like stattiing, smithing & synthing.
Examples for new players would be Nisel Wood, Slender Branch, Bird Wing, Flower Nectar

Farming Quest / EXP Items
These items are used for doing quest with NPCs (Usually need some completion in Main Quest to unlock)
Doing these quest will mostly give EXP and the quest reward (Such as Anti-Degradation or Training Gem)
Examples of such items are Minotaur Skin, Lapin’s Soul, Bitter Nut

Farming Event
Event items are limited items such as arm/weapon apps items, books, pet dyes, special mats for land furniture, and crystas
It can be sold on a good price base on rarity, popularity and, dificulty in game.
Blacksmith is another way to earn spinas in game due the important role they have in end game.
They come in some ways from refinery to stating or crafting equipment.
Depending on what they made it can be sold from low to high price.

Blacksmith Refinery
Refinery is one of the ways blacksmith(BS) earns Spinas by refining equipment from +0 to +S (+15)
For Refining, the stats required is TEC from Personal Stats.
TEC BS can refine up to +B (+A is possible at skill 4 but it is expensive)
To refine +B and above, a LUK BS is highly recommended – for lesser chance of Degrading (as it’s cheaper and from +A to +S both smiths is still 1% chance of success).
You can sell your refine service to others via Shout or to Guildmates/Friends as a start.
The price for refining service will vary based on item slots (No Slot[NS] being cheapest).

Note: Untradable items cannot be refined by others, only by yourself

Blacksmith Statting
Statting refers to adding stats to an item.
As a start, the highest stats you can add is based on the statter character level
Example: A level 148 statter can add up to +14, but at level 150, can add up to +15 stats

A statter’s stats is also based on TEC (see the link?, meaning a TEC BS can do several things)
Based on the crafted item potential (the number shown on an unstatted gear), the final step of statting can have various success rates
Do read up the included link with regards to statting formulas.

Blacksmith Crafter
Crafters can make equipment by getting the required materials to craft them.
There are some equipment that are locked behind level so i suggest you invest or level your black smith proficiency.
To get more potential points is base on player stats Example: (10 vit stats = 1 more point for armor potential) the more specific stats you put the more potent you can give to that specific equipment.
Regarding to 1 slot or 2 slots they also RNG in the game you might get a chance to have one there is no boost luck or anything for that it is still RNG.
Synthesis is a way for people to earn spinas by making potions or lock service.
Thats about it they make specific potions and change any appearance of your armor or color of your armor.
Note: TEC stats is needed to increase your efficiency on making potions so please keep it on your mind

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Synth is where they get materials and make potions there are some that cost something but not much as blacksmith.
Investing on potion making will cost alot of grinding for proficiency (I recommend you make alot of healing potions/revita)

Lock is a kind of system where your allowed to change the equipment’s appearance at the same time have the same stats of the equipment. To be able to get 4 lock in toram you must invest on proficiency similar to Synth’s work leveling progress.
5 lock do exist in the game but there are ways to perform 5 lock by using 4 lock.
Note: even if you did have 5 lock its still an 80% chance of success so there is a 20% chance you will fail while 4 lock is 100%

Again you can sell your lock service to others via Shout or to Guildmates/Friends as a start.
Gem Run
Gem run is a system where the drop rate is increased at the same time strengthen the boss. (during boss match making or boss fight)
The drop rate can go as far from 1% to 100% (25%, 50%, and 75% only).
Gem run can sell on a good price if you know how much is its worth.
I would recommend you sell this on the discord community like Toram Nova or Phantom’s Library
because it is much safer to progress.
Remember they cant buy your gem they have to trade request and send the spinas to you during this method.

That’s all we are sharing today in Toram Online How to Farm Spinas, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author FiendDer

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