Toram Online How to Fix Game Freeze & Crash

Where is the Problem?

The reason why your game is Freezing isnt just bec. you are in Sofya City! The Problem is that you are in Sofya City on a Mobile-Phone Server.
With the new Release there are 2 new Servers:

  • Global World 2
  • International World 4

Toram Online How to Fix Game Freeze & CrashToram Online How to Fix Game Freeze & CrashYou need to be in one of these Servers and your Game will not crash in Sofya City.

How to Fix!

Like i said to fix this Problem you need to be in one of the Pc-Servers. But i had the issue that i couldnt even change my Server without getting kicked out of the Game. It is very easy to fix.

  • Download Toram Online on your mobile phone
  • Log-in with your Account
  • Go to a diffrent map like rakau plains (next to Sofya City)
  • Log-off on your Mobile Phone
  • Log-in on your Pc
  • you will start the game not in Sofya City so the game will not crash
  • Change the Server to World Channel 2 or International World 4
  • Then you are good to go to Sofya City without getting a Freeze
  • Give this Guide a Like so many people can see this <3 thx for your support
That’s all we are sharing today in Toram Online How to Fix Game Freeze & Crash, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original article here, all the credits goes to the original author KybA_64

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